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Session no 3 bzu

  1. 1. Chapter 3 Application Software
  2. 2. Chapter 3 Objectives Define application software Understand how system software interacts with application software Identify the role of the user interface Explain how to start a software application Identify the widely used products and explain key features of productivity/business software applications, graphic design/multimedia software applications, home/personal/educational software applications, and communications software applications Identify various products available as Web applications Describe the learning aids available with many software applications Next p. 3.2
  3. 3. Application Software What is application software?    Programs that perform specific tasks for users Also called a software application or an application Several reasons to use application software To assist with graphics and multimedia projects To facilitate communications Next p. 3.2 As a productivity/ business tool To support household activities, for personal business, or for education
  4. 4. Application Software What are the categories of application software? Next p. 3.2 Fig. 3-1
  5. 5. Application Software What is a software package? A specific software product, such as Microsoft Word  Available through retail, shareware, freeware, and public-domain  Next p. 3.2
  6. 6. Application Software What is system software?   Programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices Serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer's hardware Next p. 3.3 Fig. 3-2
  7. 7. Application Software What is an operating system?   A type of system software Contains instructions that coordinate all the activities among computer hardware devices Start the computer and the operating system (usually found on the computer’s hard disk drive) is loaded, or copied into memory Next p. 3.2 The operating system tells the computer how to perform functions While the computer is running, the operating system remains in memory until power is removed from the computer
  8. 8. Application Software What is a utility program?    Next p. 3.3 Also called a utility A type of system software that performs a specific task Usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs
  9. 9. Application Software What is an antivirus program?    A utility that prevents, detects, and removes viruses from a computer’s memory or storage devices A virus is a program that copies itself into other programs and spreads through multiple computers Some viruses destroy or corrupt data Next p. 3.3 Fig. 3-3
  10. 10. Technology Trailblazer Paul Allen Co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates  Became head of research and new product development  Serves as a senior strategy adviser to top Microsoft Click to view Web Link executives  then click Paul Allen Next p. 3.5
  11. 11. Application Software What is a user interface? Controls how you enter data or instructions and how information displays on the screen  A graphical user interface (GUI) combines text, graphics, and other visual images to make Next software p. 3.4 easier to use 
  12. 12. Application Software What is the desktop? On-screen work area that can display graphical elements • Icons • Buttons • Windows • Menus • Links • Dialog Next boxes p. 3.4 Fig. 3-4  Pointer Small symbol on the screen To click an object, you move the pointer to the object and then press and release a button on the mouse Icons Small images that display to represent a program, a document, or some other object Buttons Graphical elements that you can activate to cause a specific action to take place
  13. 13. Application Software What is a menu?  A menu contains commands you can select  A command is an instruction that causes a computer program to perform a specific action A submenu is a menu that displays when you point to a command on a previous menu  Next p. 3.5 Fig. 3-5 Start button Start menu Programs submenu Accessories submenu command Paint program command
  14. 14. Application Software How can you start an application?  Click its program name on a menu or submenu  Instructs the operating system to start the application Transfers the program from a storage medium into memory  Next p. 3.6 Click a program command name
  15. 15. Application Software What are features of an application window?   Next A window is a rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, and/or information A title bar is a horizontal space that contains the window’s name p. 3.6 Fig. 3-6 Paint window title bar toolbar
  16. 16. Application Software Print dialog box What is a dialog box?  A special window a program displays to provide information, present available options, or request a response check box text box option buttons Next p. 3.6 Fig. 3-7 command buttons
  17. 17. Productivity Software What is productivity software?  Software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities Presentation Graphics Word Processing Personal Information Manager Spreadsheet Software Suite Database Project Management Next p. 3.7 Fig. 3-8 Accounting
  18. 18. Company on the Cutting Edge    Click to view Web Link then click Microsoft Next p. 3.7 Supplies top-rated software for personal computers Ninety-five percent of personal computers run at least one Microsoft application The world’s leading productivity software developer
  19. 19. Productivity Software What is word processing software?   Allows users to create and manipulate documents that contain text and graphics One of the most widely used types of application software Next p. 3.8 Fig. 3-9 printed document document displays k in word k processing window
  20. 20. Productivity Software What is clip art?  A collection of drawings, diagrams, and photographs that you can insert into documents Next p. 3.8 Fig. 3-9
  21. 21. Productivity Software What are some word processing features? Specify margins The portion of the page outside the main body of text Word wrap Software automatically positions text at the beginning of the next line when it extends beyond the right page margin Next p. 3.8 Scrolling Process of moving different portions of the document on the screen into view
  22. 22. Productivity Software What is a major advantage of using a word processor? You can easily change what you have written  Insert, delete, or rearrange words, sentences, paragraphs or entire sections  Next p. 3.9 The house was deep in a secluded secluded part of the remote woods. The trees surrounded the porch in a protective circle. Small clusters of pink and white flowers lined the walk leading up to the door. find or find or search search replace replace
  23. 23. Productivity Software What is a spelling checker?  Next p. 3.9 Reviews the spelling of individual words, sections of a document, or the entire document reviews the reviews the spelling of spelling of individual words inividal inividal words
  24. 24. Productivity Software What are headers and footers?  Header • Text that appears at the top of each page  Footer • Text that appears at the bottom of each page  Next p. 3.9 May include • Page numbers • Company names • Report titles • Dates header Productivity Software Productivity software is software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities. Productivity software includes applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, personal information manager, software suite, accounting, and project management. footer Page 3.9
  25. 25. Productivity Software What are other popular word processing features? autoformat autocorrect grammar checker columns collaboration tables macros mail merge thesaurus tracking changes templates Next p. 3.9 voice recognition Web page development
  26. 26. Productivity Software What are the stages of developing a document? editing process of making changes to a document’s existing content formatting creating changing the appearance of a document developing the document by entering text or numbers, inserting graphical images, and performing other tasks using an input device saving printing process of copying a document process of sending a file to a from memory to a storage printer to generate output on a Nextmedium such as a floppy disk or medium such as paper p. 3.10 hard disk
  27. 27. Productivity Software What is the clipboard?  A temporary storage location used for cut, copy, and paste Copy Cut Click to view animation Next p. 3.10 Remove a portion of the document and store it on the Clipboard Duplicate a portion of the document and store it on the Clipboard Paste Place items stored on the clipboard into the document
  28. 28. Productivity Software What is a font?   A name assigned to a specific design of characters Font size specifies the size or the characters in a particular font in points • A single point is about 1/72 of an inch in height Font style adds emphasis to a font Next such as bold, italic, p. 3.10 Fig. 3-11 and underline  font size font Font styles
  29. 29. Productivity Software What is a file?     Next p. 3.10 A named collection of data, instructions, or information file name on Each file has a file name file name on title bar title bar A file name is a unique combination of letters of the alphabet, numbers, and other characters that identifies the file The title bar of a document window usually displays the file name
  30. 30. Productivity Software What is voice recognition?  The computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words Step 1: 6: 5: 4: 3: 2: Say,Say, “Dictation” and tothen say, the Say, “Forty Eight” and instruct Say, “Algerian” to instruct the “Voice Command”then say, Say, “Green” and then say, Say, “Font”. program youyou Color”. issuing program willwill dictating. Say, “Font Size”. “Font be be “End”. commands.for sale”. “Car Say, “Center”. Next p. 3.11 Fig. 3-12
  31. 31. Productivity Software What is spreadsheet software?    Allows you to organize data in rows and columns Performs calculations on this data Rows and columns collectively called a worksheet Click to view Web Link then click Spreadsheet Software Next p. 3.12 Fig. 3-13
  32. 32. Productivity Software How is a spreadsheet organized?  Data is organized vertically into columns identified by letters  Data is organized horizontally into rows identified by numbers  columns columns A cell is the intersection of a column and row identified by the column letter and row number • ex. A19 Click to view animation Next p. 3.12 Fig. 3-13 rows rows cell cell
  33. 33. Productivity Software A2 / What can a cell contain? 6)es -B s 6 4n Cpe ,29 ( x3 =E Label 9.00 =A Text that identifies 3*4 the data and helps Tota organize the Value 21% l worksheet Number Next p. 3.12 =C 16 er 4+C b em + Sa ov 5 C v N 6+C ing 7+C s .49 52 $ 8 Formula Performs calculations on the data in the worksheet and displays the resulting value in a cell
  34. 34. Productivity Software What is a function?  A predefined formula that performs common calculations =C4+C5+C6+C7+C8 =SUM(C4:C8) A B S V SU TI E P T T M M DA N E IN AG ER LOG A V R RATE PV MAX E CO O E V PM T U UN MIN RT TD Next N S SU SQ T D p. 3.14 M FV IF NOW LN
  35. 35. Productivity Software What is a macro? A sequence of keystrokes and instructions you record and save  Run the macro to perform the sequence of saved keystrokes and instructions  Next p. 3.13
  36. 36. Productivity Software What is recalculation?   The capability of recalculating the rest of the worksheet when data in a worksheet changes What-if analysis is a process in which you change certain values in a spread sheet in order to reveal the effects of those changes New data New data entered entered Totals Totals recalculated recalculated Next p. 3.13 Projected College Cash Flow Analysis Expenses Room & Board Tuition & Books Clothes Entertainment Miscellaneous Total Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior $ 3,290.00 $ 3,454.50 $ 3,627.23 $ 3,808.59 $ 10,000.00 4,850.00 10,500.00 5,092.50 11,000.00 5,347.13 11,500.00 5,614.48 490.00 514.50 540.23 567.24 635.00 666.75 700.09 735.09 325.00 341.25 358.31 376.23 $ 14,740.00 $ 10,069.50 $ 10,572.99 $ 11,101.63 $ 9,590.00 15,477.00 16,225.86 16,987.15 Total 14,180.32 43,000.00 20,904.11 2,111.97 2,736.93 1,400.79 63,430.01 41,334.12
  37. 37. Productivity Software What is charting?  Allows you to display spreadsheet data in a chart that shows the relationship of data in graphical form line chart line chart pie chart pie chart Next p. 3.14 Fig. 3-15 column column chart chart
  38. 38. Technology Trailblazer Dan Bricklin Developed VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet  Formed the Software Arts company with Bob Frankston  Click to view Web Link then click Dan Bricklin Next p. 3.14
  39. 39. Productivity Software What is a database?  A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data Click to view Web Link then click Database Software Next p. 3.15 Fig. 3-16
  40. 40. Productivity Software What is database software? Also called a database management system (DBMS)  Allows you to create, access, and manage a database  add, change, and delete data Next p. 3.16 sort and retrieve data create forms and reports using the data
  41. 41. Productivity Software What are the parts of a database?    A collection of data stored in tables A record is a row in a table that contains information about a given person, product, or event A field is a column in a table that contains a specific piece of information within a record fields fields Item table Item table records records Click to view Web Link then click Database Software Next p. 3.15 Fig. 3-16 Supplier Supplier table table
  42. 42. Productivity Software How is a database organized?  Records and fields in a table are described by the table structure Item table Item table structure structure Supplier table Supplier table structure structure Next p. 3.16 Fig. 3-17
  43. 43. Productivity Software What does the structure contain? field name field size A unique name The maximum number of that identifies characters that a particular field can contain each field data type The kind of data a field can contain and how the field is used • Text: letters, numbers, or special characters • Numeric: numbers only • Currency: dollar and cent amounts • Date: month, day, and year information • Memo: lengthy text entries • Hyperlink: Web address that links to a document Next p. 3.16 or a Web page • Object: picture, audio, video, or a document created in other applications
  44. 44. Productivity Software How is data entered or modified?    Data is entered using a data entry form Entering individual records is known as populating the table Validation is the process of comparing the data to a set of rules or values to determine if the data is correct Next p. 3.17 Fig. 3-18
  45. 45. Productivity Software How is data manipulated to generate information?   Sort or organize a set of records in a particular order Retrieve information using a query, or request for specific data • A query retrieves data by identifying criteria, which are restrictions the data must meet  Produces reports based on criteria the user supplies Next p. 3.17 Fig. 3-19
  46. 46. Productivity Software What is presentation graphics software?  Allows you to create documents called presentations  Sometimes called a slide show Can be displayed on a large monitor or on a projection screen  Next p. 3.18 Fig. 3-20
  47. 47. Productivity Software What is slide sorter view? Used to help organize the presentation  You can view small versions of all the slides  Next p. 3.18 Fig. 3-21
  48. 48. Productivity Software What output formats are available for a presentation ?  Outline of the text from each slide  Handouts to distribute to audience members  Notes page to help a speaker deliver the presentation Next p. 3.19 Fig. 3-22
  49. 49. Productivity Software What is a personal information manager (PIM)?     Next A software application that includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad, and other features Helps to organize personal information Most handheld computers have PIM functions You can synchronize, or transfer information between the handheld computer and a desktop computer p. 3.20 Fig. 3-23 handheld computer
  50. 50. Productivity Software What is a software suite? A collection of individual applications sold as a single package  You install the entire collection of applications at once  Two major advantages:  ease of use lower cost Next p. 3.20
  51. 51. Productivity Software What is project management software?  Allows you to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the events, resources, and costs of a project Next p. 3.21 Fig. 3-24
  52. 52. Productivity Software What is accounting software?   Helps companies record and report their financial transactions Newer packages support online direct deposit and payroll services Next p. 3.21 Fig. 3-25
  53. 53. What are some popular graphics and multimedia software products? Graphics and Multimedia Software Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Desktop Publishing (Professional) Paint/Image Editing (Professional) Video and Audio Editing Multimedia Authoring Next p. 3.22 Fig. 3-26 Web Page Authoring
  54. 54. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is computer-aided design (CAD)?  A sophisticated type of application software that assists a professional user in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs Next p. 3.22 Fig. 3-27
  55. 55. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is desktop publishing software (professional)?  Enables professional designers to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and brilliant colors Next p. 3.23 Fig. 3-28
  56. 56. Graphics and Multimedia Software What are some features of desktop publishing software? page layout the process of arranging text and graphics in a document on a page-by-page basis Next p. 3.23 color library a standard set of colors used by designers and printers to ensure that colors will print exactly as specified
  57. 57. Company on the Cutting Edge Adobe   Click to view Web Link then click Adobe Next p. 3.23 Produces awardwinning software used to create and deliver the majority of Web images today Products include Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, LiveMotion, PageMill, Streamline, and PageMaker
  58. 58. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is paint/image editing software (professional)?    Click to view Web Link then click Paint/Image Editing Software Next Used to create and modify graphical images Sometime called illustration software Image editing software provides the capabilities of paint software as well as the capability to modify existing images p. 3.24 Fig. 3-29
  59. 59. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is video and audio editing software?  Video consists of full-motion images played back at various speeds  Video editing software allows you to modify a segment of a video, called a clip Audio is any music, speech, or other sound stored and produced by the computer Audio editing software allows you to modify audio clips   Next p. 3.25 Fig. 3-30
  60. 60. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is multimedia authoring software?    Next Also called authorware Allows you to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive presentation Multimedia presentations often are interactive computerbased presentations or Web-based presentations designed to facilitate learning and elicit direct student participation p. 3.25 Fig. 3-31
  61. 61. Graphics and Multimedia Software What is Web page authoring software?  Next p. 3.25 Helps users of all skill levels create fascinating Web pages that include graphical images, video, audio, animation, and other special effects
  62. 62. What software products are available for home, personal, and educational use? Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use Integrated Software Personal Finance Legal Tax Preparation Desktop Publishing Paint/Image Editing Clip Art/Image Gallery Home Design/ Landscaping Next p. 3.26 Fig. 3-32 Reference
  63. 63. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is integrated software?  Software that combines applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database into a single, easy-to-use package Applications use a similar interface and share common features Next p. 3.27 Applications typically do not have all the capabilities of standalone productivity software applications Each application is available only through the integrated software package Less expensive
  64. 64. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is personal finance software? A simplified accounting program  Helps home users and small office/home office users balance their checkbook, pay bills, track personal income and expenses, track investments, and evaluate financial plans  Online banking allows Click to you to transfer money view Web Link then electronically from your click checking or credit card Personal Finance accounts to payees’ Software accounts  Next p. 3.27 Fig. 3-33
  65. 65. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is legal software? Assists in the preparation of legal documents  Provides legal advice to individuals, families, and small businesses  Next p. 3.28 Fig. 3-34
  66. 66. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is tax preparation software?   Guides individuals, families, or small businesses through the process of filing federal taxes Some allow you to file your tax forms electronically Next p. 3.28 Fig. 3-35
  67. 67. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is desktop publishing software (personal)?  Easy-tounderstand DTP software designed for smaller-scale desktop publishing projects Next p. 3.29 Fig. 3-36
  68. 68. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is paint/image editing software (personal)?  An easy-to-use interface, frequently containing simple draw or editing features.  Allows you to draw or modify pictures, shapes, and other images Photo-editing software allows you to edit digital photographs by removing red-eye, adding special effects, or creating electronic photo albums Online print services will send high-resolution printed images through the postal service   Next p. 3.29 Fig. 3-37
  69. 69. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is clip art/image gallery software?  A collection of clip art and photographs Some have links to clips available on the Web  May provide fonts, animations, sounds, video Click to view clips,and Web Link then audio clips click Clip Art/  Image Galleries Next p. 3.30 Fig. 3-38
  70. 70. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is home design/landscaping software?  Assists with the design or remodeling of a home, deck, or landscape  Many will print a material list outlining costs and quantities for the entire project Next p. 3.31 Fig. 3-39
  71. 71. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational What is educationalUse software? Software that teaches a particular skill  Computer-based training (CBT) is a type of education in which students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software Click to view • Also called computer video Next p. 3.31 aided instruction
  72. 72. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is reference software?  Provides valuable and thorough information for all individuals  Includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, health/medical guides, and travel directories Click to view Web Link then click Reference Software Next p. 3.31 Fig. 3-40
  73. 73. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What is entertainment software? Interactive games  Videos  Programs designed to support a hobby or provide amusement and enjoyment  Click to view video Next p. 3.31
  74. 74. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use What software facilitates communication?   E-mail Web browsers  Chat rooms  Newsgroups  Instant messaging Click to  view animation  Groupware Videoconferencing Click to view Web Link then click Groupware Next p. 3.31 E-mail Newsgroup Instant messaging (IM) Videoconference or electronic mail Web browser Also called a discussion Chat of messages Real-time communications A Transmission room or more meetingGroupware between two or browser services that notifies you geographically separated people via area on the network Online a computer Webchat where A softwaremore people Permits or application whena network orto Internet one users area who use Allows localdiscussions such as users with eachaother to of conduct written the the that helps you via groups are online video to transmitparticular subjectdata audio and network orand Internet the view about a access people work together and computer Allowssoftwareon thevideo Homeausers can makeover a E-mail you to exchange You useWeb pagesprogram called software lets a share information you messages or voice chats Some support files with telephone call to participate in a create, send, receive, Internet a newsreader where both parties themand networkthey talk or join a private and video chats see each other as forward, store, print, chat newsgroup room delete e-mail messages
  75. 75. Applications on the Web What is a Web application? A software application that exists on a Web site  Some Web applications store your data and information at their site  To access a Web application, Click to view visit the Web Web Link site that offers then click Web the program Applications Next  Some are free  p. 3.33 Fig. 3-41
  76. 76. Applications on the Web How do some companies charge for a Web application?   Some sites allow you to use the program for free Ask you to pay a fee when a certain action occurs Next p. 3.34 Fig. 3-42
  77. 77. Applications on the Web How do other companies charge?    Click to view video Next Some companies charge only for service and support Sun Microsystems provides an integrated suite on the Web A variety of payment schemes exist for sites that charge for use of a program p. 3.34 Fig. 3-42
  78. 78. Applications on the Web What is Web-based training (WBT)? Typically consists of self-directed, self-paced instruction on a topic  Distance learning (DL) is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations Click to view • Also called Web Link  then click Distance Learning Next p. 3.35 Fig. 3-44 distance education (DE) or online learning
  79. 79. Applications on the Web What is an application service provider (ASP)?   Third party organization that manages and distributes software and services on the Web Allows companies to outsource information technology (IT) needs Next p. 3.35 Fig. 3-45
  80. 80. Learning Aids and Support Tools Within an Application What is Online Help?    Electronic equivalent of a user manual Usually integrated into an application software package Often Help is contextsensitive • The Help information relates to the current task being attempted Next p. 3.36 Fig. 3-46a
  81. 81. Learning Aids and Support Tools Within an Application What is an FAQs page?  Frequently Asked Questions  Often available on a Web site that provides updates and more comprehensive resources to answer your software questions Next p. 3.36 Fig. 3-46b
  82. 82. Learning Aids and Support Tools Within an Application What is a wizard?  An automated assistant that helps you complete a task  Asks you questions and then automatically performs actions based on your answers Next p. 3.36 Fig. 3-46c
  83. 83. Learning Aids and Support Tools Within an Application How can I learn more about a software package?   Many books are available to help you learn to use software These books are available in bookstores and software stores Next p. 3.37 Fig. 3-47
  84. 84. Summary of Application Software Application software  Productivity software  Developing a document  Graphics and multimedia software  Software for home, personal, and educational use  Software for communications  Applications on the Web  Learning aids and support tools within an application  Next
  85. 85. Chapter 3 Complete