Crazy Harry's social media project


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Final project for my social media marketing class

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Crazy Harry's social media project

  1. 1. Saif NewazSocial Media Marketing Teri Thompson
  2. 2. Crazy Harry’s BarVast Beer and Wine selection • 30 different beers • New beer every weekGourmet bar food • Jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon • “Best burger in the valley”Friendly/ knowledgeable staffSmall, cozy atmosphere5 star rating on Yelp
  3. 3. Competitors• Yard House  Huge beer selection Neighborhood Bars  Extensive menu  TVs EVERYWHERE • Instant Replay  Strong Social Media – Hard liquor presence – Cheaper prices – Loyal customers • Stovepiper Lounge – Dance floor/Jukebox – Accommodates up to 100 people
  4. 4. Social Media Assessment• No Twitter Presence!!! • Facebook page – 140 million active users – 161 likes – Free! – 300 check ins – Listen in on – Updates about once a conversations week • Announce new menu items • New beers on tap • No other Social Media presence
  6. 6. Listening CampaignHootsuite Searches • People share details of beer they drink- the type, taste #Beer • Check in location #Gastropub • Sentiment is very casual • Spike in activity over weekend, #Happy hour during sporting events #Bar • Tag friends #Pub #CSUN
  7. 7. Social Media Campaign • Target Demographics – Mostly men age 21-33 – Somewhat educated – Mid to higher income levels – Mostly White/Latino – Pierce College and CSUN students • 98% of college students use Facebook • 84% of college student have a Twitter account • Opportunities – Recession forcing many people to go back to school (CNN Money) – Baseball season/NBA Playoffs begin ws/economy/job_retraining/index.htm
  8. 8. Social Media Campaign • Instagram – “Instagram has become a vital form of expression to users in the college community and beyond because of its easy and fun way to post photos.” – USA Today • LivingSocial – College students are notoriously known for wanting to save money • Foursquare – With over 15 million people in the foursquare community, it’s a great way to grow your business. erchants/specialsm-provides-unique-form-of-expression
  9. 9. Social Media Strategy Objectives o Gain 300 likes on Facebook• 4 month Summer Campaign o Increase mentions by 20% on – Supplement Traditional Marketing Twitter plan o Increase number of retweets and • Magazines/newspapers/flyers @replies on Twitter by 20% o Acquire 300 followers on Twitter• Goal and Instagram – Increase store sales by 25% o Identify top 5 influencers on through social media platforms Twitter – Become #1 bar at CSUN o Successfully launch LivingSocial – Offer customers Food and drinks promotion they like o Announce 2 Foursquare specials
  10. 10. o Offer $20 of goods for $10• Post at least 3 original updates per o 87% of users plan to return again month o Members are younger, richer and• Tweet and RT about beer and wine better educated (LivingSocial)• Take polls, ask questions• Announce specials and promotions• Semi-social persona• Follow beer advocates and determine influencers: @DrinkCraftBeer @BeerAdvocate @BeerMag @BeerUniverse @MicroBrewGuru
  11. 11. o Check-in specials unlock every check ino Can be customizedo Rewards users for routine check-inso Newbie Special unlock on user’s firstvisito Drives new traffic to business(Foursquare Support) foursquare-specials
  12. 12. • Increase posts to at least 3Include tags such as#beer, #pub, #Harrys times a weeketc. • Post photos of drinks, food, customers (with permission), tag them • Take polls, ask questions, use humor
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy June July August SeptemberSocial MediaFacebookTwitterInstagramLivingSocialFoursquareTraditionalFlyersMagazine AdNewspaper Ad
  14. 14. Social Media Persona• College guy who speaks on behalf of Harry• Harry is an older guy who knows a lot about beer and wine• Doesn’t really know how to use a computer• He does funny, silly things
  15. 15. Content Calendar 8-Jun 2-Jul 9-Aug 1-Sep Message Link 8:30am 3:30pm 8:30am 3:30pm 8:30am 3:30pm 8:30am 3:30pmModerate drinkingcan be good for you.Harry is a very healthyman. Medical Xpress x x x xHarry doesn’t knowhow to use aSmartphone, but youdo. Download theFoursquare app. Foursquare page x x x xDownload theFoursquare app andtake Harry’s money. Foursquare page x xHarry wants to arm- Instagram photo ofwrestle you. Harrys lack of biceps x xHarry isnt working onLabor day. But thenagain Harry hasntworked in 25 years. x x
  16. 16. Hootsuite AnalyticsBuild Customized Reports • Twitter• Facebook insights – Track followers – Track likes – Clicks by region – Study demographics – Top referrers – Page activity – Post feedback 5.99/Month
  17. 17. Questions?Feedback? Thank you