Deeper guided imagery and liquid centers 1.4


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A deeper Guided Imagery Tool Kit : A Guided Imagery tool for deepening healing awareness through a visual palette using the elements.

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Deeper guided imagery and liquid centers 1.4

  1. 1.
  2. 2. A Storyboard Tool Kit: Centers of liquid light Prepared by: Said Osio for The Guided Imagery Collective March 2011 Your guided Imagery collective Pattern Language exercise tool kit Liquid Palette is the language of visual healing imagination of a deep guided imagery. A fluid landscape, healing pools of echoes, patterns, oscillations, shifting, drifting, and ringed tides.
  3. 3. etc . DEEP SEEING IS WHOLE SEEING, WHOLE SEEING IS HOLY SEEING! THE GOAL of this material: Expanding our healing energy. Learn the language of water. Learn how we can advance our wellbeing by observing a re-forming of our visual intelligence through a deeper guided imagery which is at the core of healing consciousness - becoming the healing breath. Learning to work with this material is quite simple. Follow the map in story board form for embracing and being in communion with that which is all around us, nature’s palette embedded in the elements. This guide is for the element water. We can adjust our vision to small wonders and allow these wonders to transport our consciousness into the state of “ paying attention and intention”. Navigating these wonders into healing waters. SO DANCE IN YOUR PERSONAL GARDEN OF HEALING MIRACLES! .
  4. 4. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc Patterns of tangles of feedback, feed-forward, and feed-around loops: loops that promiscuously criss-cross the boundaries of brain, body, and world. . Or : Imagine centers as loops The rhythm of nature seems to conform to a definite pattern. Rivers flow in a timeless deepening reforming obstacles creating reservoirs. Or : Imagine a bio-dance Walking on water is, in the language of the alchemists, opus contra naturam, an action that goes against nature .Trust is the primary state of mind and quality of character. . Or : A tale - a parable Human intelligence is not a fragmented and independent process, but rather a biological and social one. Meaning is constructed by matching new learning with existing patterns, creating new networks of internal and external connections. Healing may be defined as a miraculous unfolding of consciousness for one’s being in the world. “ Health is harmony, and harmony has no meaning without the fluid movement of interdependent parts. Like a stream that becomes stagnant when it ceases to flow, harmony and health turn into disease and death when stasis occurs. We are called to return to the concept of the bio-dance, the endless streaming of the body–in–Flux.” L Dossey M.D. A thought impulse starts from the silent creative center within, as the bubble starts from the bottom of the sea. Idea : Imagine a centric ring Tapping into deeper levels of being through the patterns of water!
  5. 5. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc Centering rings hold the senses directionally either inward or outward systematically deepening intentions into attention into the pure field of creative intelligence. Centering rings Water formed as ice to crystals and embeds as landscapes of snow or plains of floods or beads gracing webs, as beds of lace as morning dew. Beads and beds Intelligence is not a fragmented and independent process; networks of order are emerging within the ecological, human, pattern–seeking, living network. Co-evolution One’s guided Imagery is embedded in fields of intelligence awaiting cultivation. So looking attentively and deeply to the patterns of the element water is seeing at an elemental organic eco-system level. Finding deeper levels of the element water then harmonizing with water essence potentially immerses our spirit mind-body consciousness into healing energy. When a wave of the ocean makes contact with deeper levels of water, it becomes more powerful. Likewise, when the conscious mind expands to embrace deeper levels of thinking, the thought–wave of attention becomes more powerful. A flowing water and as a spring inside you, It is a larger stream called the river of life. Echoes are repeating impressions reformulated by a timely dance and can be seen in most forms in nature from a pool to an ocean. Echoes can be surfed on as vibrations. A drop releasing echoes Listening-in to the voice of the water element
  6. 6. 5 9 etc . This form of deep guided imagery is intentional centering , a kind of all- seeing vortex formulated as patterns, and accessible when we participate in our environment as an observer, as when one is on a field trip, we enter into fields of visual sensors (the pattern language of water). Our use of applying a palette that is impressed with the core essence (here it is the element water) of the stuff of living systems deepens our healing consciousness. We re-learn a healing language. Once we integrate these fluid forms such as centers, boundaries, echoes, wholes, we begin to recover our own personal vitality as a living system. Tapping into this imaginal landscape is a function of a deep sensing aligned with a rhythmic breath (this is a calm modulated inhale and exhale). We begin by applying our concentration on a object then recalibrating our focus into a micro field which is a form of deep imagination. We imagine our field of vision to be engulfed in the element of water which allows us then into being called in all living matter, either cellular as rings and beads, neural pathways as rivulets or reflections, which then allows us to be engulfed in healing as in a lotus pond, which then allows us to swim in the ocean of spirit mindbody healing. We access this consciousness through the oneness of the particular form we engage which then re-forms our energy. . “ Awareness is a mirror reflecting the four elements” Thich Nhat Hanh
  7. 7. <ul><li>How long has it been since we prayed in celebration in a cell, in each drop in the ocean? How long? </li></ul>How long has it been since we sang in celebration of the life of a great spring? How long has it been since we danced in celebration of the life of a flower? How long has it been since we chanted in celebration of each & every part of life? How long has it been since we danced in the circle of life to attend to the wholeness , the holy? How Long? How long ? Oh how long? In preparation for my journey, an elder once asked “How Long?” parables re-imagining a world in which to live
  8. 8. Storyboard: 18 images a catalyst for cultivating your healing water garden . A Liquid Palette is a form of visual yoga. Each pattern is in union (Yoga) combining with another. Centers become wholes, wholes drift into a landscape of echoes, repetitions, oscillations, shifting, puddles, and ringed tides re-entering into centers. A holistic loop, a gene pool. Inside each is a story and we journey in a sacred drift in these eco-systems deepening a visionary like interplay into spirit mindbody – a celebration , a purification in a collective cellular healing field. Our minds have no real or absolute boundaries; on the contrary, we are part of an infinite field of intelligence Image1: Mirroring Image 4: Meditative Black moon grammar Image 2: Reflective Image 3: A sub atomic particle, creating a single large wave Image 5: poetic and artful Image 6 : Seeing beneath the surface into states of holism
  9. 9. Storyboard: A liquid Palette. A landscape of echoes, patterns, oscillations, shifting, drifting, puddles, ringed tides. Isak Denisson says the cure for everything is salt water...sweat, tears and the sea. Image 7 : Liquid centers Image 10: Rivulets Image 8 : Echoes Image 11: Rings Image 9: Swirls Image 12: Beads
  10. 10. Sidebar : the human body is 70% water, the human brain over 90%. Results of a resent pilot study regarding water formation from intentional prayer are consistent with a number of previous studies suggesting that intention may be able to influence the structure of water. Intentional guided imagery using healing landscapes is a nurturing imaginal field, a potential healing force. Our minds have no real or absolute boundaries; on the contrary, we are part of an infinite field of intelligence Image 13: We are both the weaver and the web Image 16 : See beneath the surface Image 14: Essence lake Image 17: A lush radiance emanated from boulders Image 15: Tide pools, collections Image 18: One gets there , only through extremity, by way of abandonment
  11. 11. It is now our time for entering the Liquid landscape; by our listening to the pattern language reflected in nature’s systems . To advance in deepening our guided imagery healing energy. Plop! The guided imagery collective committed to awakening our collective healing consciousness one breath at a time AIR
  12. 12. Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire.
  13. 13. A DEEP GUIDED IMAGERY EXPEDITION INTO CENTERS OF LIQUID LIGHT Prepared by: The Guided Imagery Collective Images: by Said and from Veer The guided imagery collective committed to awakening our collective healing consciousness one breath at a time FIRE AIR WATER EARTH