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  1. 1. SAI NARAYAN NATARAJAN ​(614) 966 – 1389 Programmer and Technical Artist ​@nightmask3 TECHNICAL SKILLS​: ● Game Engines: Skilled in the use of Unreal 4 and Unreal 3, basic knowledge of Unity ● Gameplay Programming: Character movement, animation and input systems, AI, Procedural generation ● Physics Programming: Fluid simulation, Rigid body physics, constraints, splines, springs ● Languages: Tools, gameplay, physics in C++, Python, Blueprints. Shaders in HLSL, GLSL, UE4 Materials ● Source control: Perforce, SVN and Git ● Technical Art: Houdini and Blender for modelling, FX and simulation work, Quixel Suite with Photoshop for texturing, xNormal for baking, 3DS Max for animation, shaders in Unreal 4 Materials, HLSL, GLSL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE​: Technical Artist, ​‘​Bebylon Battle Royale’ ​January – May 2018 Kite & Lightning, Remote work ● ‘Bebylon Battle Royale’​ is a VR fighting game in Unreal 4 ● Created tools for artists using Python and C++ such as rigs for animating, build tools, generic property manipulators, animation retiming and curve extraction tools, data validation tools, static asset analysis tools ● Also worked as a tools programmer to expand the Python functionality that could be used for scripting tools Gameplay Programmer, Technical Artist, ​‘​Starship Commander’ ​May – November 2017 Human Interact, Remote work ● ‘S​tarship Commander​’ is a VR sci-fi action game in Unreal 4 ● As a programmer, made enemy AI using behavior trees, flight systems using splines and other spline based tools to control player and enemy movement ● As a tech. artist, created art tools like asteroid field spawners, designer tweakable electric/lightning effects ● Wrote shaders and created art assets for player attacks & shields VFX, UI elements for targeting systems PROJECT EXPERIENCE​: Gameplay/Tools Programmer and Technical Artist, ​‘The Village’ May 2016 – May 2017 DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond ● Led a team of 7 to create a third person exploration game using Unreal 4, was the sole artist ● Implemented systems of player movement, player interaction, quests, AI behaviors, and scripted events ● Created all art assets for environmental/characters/prop models, made all Materials, animations and VFX Physics Programmer, ​‘3D Physics Engine’ January – May 2017 DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond ● Implemented a 3D physics engine using Observer pattern and an Entity-Component system ● Collision detection using GJK+EPA and collision resolution with constraints using Sequential Impulses EDUCATION​: Master of Science in Computer Science May 2017 DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Washington Bachelor in Computer Science May 2015 SRM University, Chennai, India