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One Click Deploys using Rundeck

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Rundeck is an Ops swiss army knife
by Sai Kothapalle

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One Click Deploys using Rundeck

  1. 1. One-Click Deploy using Rundeck An Ops Swiss army knife tool By Sai Kothapalle
  2. 2. Rundeck Introduction • Open source automation tool • Helps automate ad-hoc & routine procedures in datacenter or cloud environment • Simple User Interface • User Management with AD
  3. 3. Why Rundeck should be part of your OpsTools Box • Can do advanced deploys not possible by config management tools • Build automated CI pipeline with Rundeck • Self service teams with jobs that automate tasks • Trigger Incident based jobs • Easy manage deploys – rolling or parallel on different environments, retry failed nodes • Authorized central access through rundeck • User trackabality, log executions • Ship the job execution logs to your logging engine – elk, fluentd etc
  4. 4. Where config mgmt. tools fail for deploy • Good for config management of infrastructure but fail for custom deploy scenarios • Chef, Puppet etc fail to trigger an immediate change in infrastructure • Cannot have chef-client and puppet apply deamonized in all environments, example prod and critical environments. • Many environments require rolling deploys. • Fail to do ad-hoc deploys on multiple nodes
  5. 5. Rundeck integrates with CM tool • Rundeck can be loosely coupled with Chef, etc to trigger chef- client runs on parallel nodes • Allows rolling deploy of chef-client so you don’t bring down prod or stage environment • Rundeck + chef/puppet/Ansible
  6. 6. Rundeck integrates with CI tools • Rundeck supports plugins to integrate with existing ops tool box • Integrate rundeck with Jenkins • Integrate rundeck with Artifactory • Integrate with Hipchat/slack • Build complex pipeline beyond regular CI pipeline
  7. 7. eToolchain with Rundeck
  8. 8. Rundeck ties into cloud • Deploy to your EC2 nodes, with project based access • Plugins being developed for openstack • Fetches node inventory from your config mgmt tools too
  9. 9. Self-Service QA/Test and Devs • Enable QA teams to start/ stop cloud environments • Enable QA teams to do their own upgrades • Enable QA/Devs to trigger CI/CD pipeline • Centralized access point for authorized access • User traceability
  10. 10. Centralized access point for authorized access
  11. 11. Sample Jobs that control your ELK stack
  12. 12. Rolling Deploy built into Rundeck • Automate Runbooks • No more SSH into nodes
  13. 13. Complex Workflows • Can be customized to do any repeated task/job • For example, on a set of nodes - stop a service - Run a chef client/ puppet apply - Do custom checks - Start service - Trigger notification – slack/hipchat
  14. 14. Rundeck deploys based on environments
  15. 15. Trigger jobs from Slack
  16. 16. Trigger jobs based on Incidents • Respond to incidents on cloud by triggering jobs
  17. 17. Demo
  • bhalothia

    Sep. 7, 2017

Rundeck is an Ops swiss army knife by Sai Kothapalle


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