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Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Presented By: BOTTA SAIKIRAN Servicejoy
  2. 2. What is Social media Marketing ? • "Social media" is a way for people to communicate and interact online. • This year, we saw a recognizable boom of the social media industry. More than 1 billion people are now using Facebook, and more than 80% of small businesses use social media for their branding and marketing efforts. • Among the biggest global brands, almost 99% have a social media presence. • The big three of social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—are the most prominent platforms for businesses.
  3. 3. To Talk Numbers……………… • India-World's 7th Largest Internet Market growing at 11.2% : ComScore • There are 21 million people in India who are estimated to visit social media sites regularly which is 60.3% of the total active Indian Internet audience • More than 90% of Indian online users belong to 18-45 age group which has high purchase power and high disposable income • A typical Social media site visitor in India spends 110.4 minutes on the site and makes 10.4 visits per month to a social network • The Social Media Websites in India are growing by almost 100% year after year
  4. 4. Why businesses are using Social Media?  Build Reach Users access Social Media content while looking at updates from friends, searching and Ads. Business can get their message delivered through all these channels.  Aggregate Users Social Media is the cheapest to aggregate audience & nurture them before they are sales-ready.  Build Brand Social Media gives an opportunity to create brand advocacy, which ultimately leads to approach most customers.
  5. 5. AGENDA: 1. Facebook at a Glance 2. Facebook Organic Marketing 3. Facebook Paid Advertising 4. Facebook Ad types 5. Facebook Targeting 6. Facebook retargeting
  6. 6. Facebook at-a-Glance Mobile Only ► 400 million mobile only users Reach ► 1.28 billion monthly active users Daily Habit ► 829 million people use Facebook on a daily basis Mobile Reach ► 1.01 billion monthly active users Time Spent ► Users spend on average 18 minutes per day in Facebook – more than any other social media site Ad Revenue Breakdown ► 62% of ad revenue is from mobile ads
  7. 7. More than 18 million business pages are competing for News Feed space on Facebook.
  8. 8. Perfect Facebook Post • Post on Saturdays and Sundays and post after regular work hours. The best window for a work day is 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Posts after hours drive engagement:
  9. 9. Post with image or video
  10. 10. Create Events – Get in News Feed
  11. 11. Add the new Call-to-Action tab
  12. 12. Create an Offer TIP: Boost the offer to your targeted audience.
  13. 13. Facebook Paid Ads Pay to play by boosting your posts or creating sophisticated ads leveraging targeting and databases.
  14. 14. The Difference Between “Boosts” and all other FacebookAds • AFacebook BOOST means taking your organic post and adding dollars and targeting to reach more people. The placement for a BOOST is always in the News Feed. • AFacebook PAID AD means • Choosing one of 10 ROI goals. • Using a higher level of audience targeting than Boosts. • The • The • The ability to see reach increase and decrease as you adjust settings. ability to target custom audiences (i.e. your email list). option to choose between ads that appear on Mobile, Desktop News Feeds, and the Desktop Right Hand Column • Uploading optimized image, title and compelling text. • Scheduling and budget setting.
  15. 15. What’s your marketing objective? • Boost your posts • Promote your page • Reach people near your business • Increase brand awareness 2. Consideration • Send people to your website • Get installs of your app • Raise attendance at your event • Get video views • Collect leads for your business 3.Conversion • Increase conversions on your website • Increase engagement in your app • Get people to claim your offer • Promote a product catalog • Get people to visit your stores 1.Awareness
  16. 16. Goal: BuildAudience – Promote Page
  17. 17. Goal: BuildAudience – Promote Page
  18. 18. TargetAds to Likes that Engage
  19. 19. TargetAds to YourAudience Demographic Male Female
  20. 20. Facebook Ad Types & Format
  21. 21. Three Types of Facebook Ad Placements
  22. 22. • • Is more like an advertisement. Smaller image and does not have native social features of News Feed boosts or ads. Generally costs less than News Feed ads. RHC ads    Reach to massive FB audience Prominent placement Lower cost than tradition News Feed ads • Right-Hand Column (RHC)
  23. 23. Right Hand Column FacebookAd News Feed RHC Ad
  24. 24. Desktop Facebook News Feed Ads
  25. 25. ► Most effective ad unit in engagements/clicks. ► Also costs more than the desktop news feed. ► Can drive traffic to your mobile web site by retargeting desktop site visitors when they browse the Facebook News Feed from an phone or a tablet. Mobile Facebook News Feed Ads
  26. 26. ► Drive mobile app adoption with ads that send users to theAppleApp Store or Google Play where they can install the app with a single click Mobile FacebookApp Install Ads
  27. 27. Format
  28. 28. Single Image
  29. 29. Single video
  30. 30. Slide Show
  31. 31. Facebook Targeting
  32. 32. Target Location, Demographic, Geographic, Behavior, Interests
  33. 33. Target Connections (Like) Status
  34. 34. Target Custom Audiences
  35. 35. Facebook Retargeting
  36. 36. What is Facebook Retargeting? Prospect visits your web site, gets cookied. Prospect then surfs the world-wide-web and sees your banner ad on Desktop and Mobile devices. Prospects surfs Facebook and sees your Boosts and Facebook Ads on Desktop and Mobile devices.
  37. 37. Do it Yourself or UseAdRoll
  38. 38. Twitter Ads Create Engagement Drive Performance • Follower • Tweet Engagement • Video Views • Website clicks or conversion • App Install or re-engagements • Lead generation