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Tally 9-voucher-entry-questions


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Tally 9-voucher-entry-questions

  1. 1. 1Enter the following transactions in the voucher entry of Idhayam of Kumbakonam1.1.2010 Commenced business with cash rs.180000 (F6.Receipt)3 Depostied into Indian bank rs.55000 (F4.Contra)4 Purchases goods for cash rs.22000 (F9.Purchase)5 Bought goods of Siva rs.72000 (F9.Purchase)8 Cash sales rs.16200 (F8.Sales)11 Cash deposited into Bank rs.23000 (F4.Contra)14 Purchased furniture for cash rs.4000 (F5.Payment)16 Sold goods to Ram rs.12700 (F8.Sales)17 Received cash from Ram rs.12446Allowed him discount rs.254 * (F6.Receipt)Cash a/c Dr 180000 Cash in handTo capital a/c 180000 CapitalBAnk a/c Dr 55000 BankTo cashl a/c 55000 Cash in handPurchase a/c Dr 22000 PurchaseTo cash a/c 22000 Cash in handPurchase a/c Dr 72000 PurchaseTo Siva a/c 72000 Sundry creditorsCash a/c Dr 16200 Cash in handTo Sales a/c 16200 SalesIndian Bank a/c Dr 23000 BankTo Cash a/c 23000 Cash in handFurniture a/c Dr 4000 Fixed assetsTo Cash a/c 4000 Cash in handRam a/c Dr 12700 Sundry DebtorsTo Sales a/c 12700 SalesCash a/c Dr 12446 Cash in handDiscount allowed a/c 254 Indirect expensesTo Ram a/c 12700 Sundry Debtors
  2. 2. 218 Paid Siva Cash rs.12000Discount allowed by him rs.240 * (F5.Payment)20 Paid Wages rs.1800 (F5.Payment)21 Sold goods to Raj rs.35000 (F8.Sales)22 Paid cash for trade expenses rs.150 (F5.Payment)24 Sold goods to Roja rs.23280 (F8.Sales)25 Received from Raj rs.21000Allowed him discount rs.525 * (F6.Receipt)26 Paid Siva cahs on account rs.24000 (F5.Payment)28 Sold goods for cash rs.9000 (F8.Sales)29 Paid cash for stationery rs.180 (F5.Payment)30 Paid cash for miscellaneous expenses rs.150 (F5.Payment)Siva a/c Dr 12240 Sundry CreditorsTo cash a/c 12000 Cash in handTo Discount Received a/c 240 Indirect IncomeWages a/c Dr 1800 Indirect expnesesTo Cash a/c 1800 Cash in handRaj a/c Dr 35000 Sundry DebtorsTo Sales a/c 35000 SalesTrade expneses a/c Dr 150 Indirect expensesTo Cash a/c 150 Cash in handRoja a/c Dr 23280 Sundry debtorsTo Sales a/c 23280 SalesCash a/c Dr 21000 Cash in handDiscount allowed a/c 525 Indirect expensesTo Raj a/c 21525 Sundry DebtorsSiva a/c Dr 24000 Sundry CreditorsTo Cash a/c 24000 Cash in handCash a/c Dr 9000 Cash in handTo Sales a/c 9000 SalesStationery a/c Dr 180 Indirect expensesTo Cash a/c 180 Cash in hand
  3. 3. 331 Bought goods from Sri rs.17870 (F9.Purchase)31 Withdrew Cash for private expenses rs.1480 (F5.Payment)31 Depreciation on Machinery@ 10% for machinery rs.50000 (F7.Journal)31 Create Bad debts @ 5% on Sundry Debtors rs.25000 (F7.Journal)Result : GATEWAY OF TALLY ʹ DISPLAY ʹ DAY BOOK ʹselect Alt+F2 ʹ give DATE from & to 1.1.2010 to31.1.2010 (Refer Voucher type, Number, amount, narration etc.,)Result : GATEWAY OF TALLY ʹ DISPLAY ʹ ACCOUNTS BOOKS ʹLEGER - select EACH ACCOUNTSLEGER(example. refer to sundry debtors/creditors accounts)***Miscellaneous a/c Dr 150 Indirect expensesTo Cash a/c 150 Cash in handPurchase a/c Dr 17870 PurchaseTo Sri a/c 17870 Sundry DebtorsDrawings a/c Dr 1480 CapitalTo Cash a/c 1480 Cash in handDepreciation a/c Dr 5000 Indirect expensesTo Machinery a/c 5000 Fixed assetsBad Debts a/c Dr 1250 Indirect expensesTo Sundry Debtors a/c 1250 Sundry debtors