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Associate membership aiesec india


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AIESEC India - associate membership

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Associate membership aiesec india

  1. 1. Associate Membership – the shift ahead 2013 • Re-vamp plan • Minimums • EwA & MoS • Standard projects – Campus Units , Delivery & Caliber
  2. 2. Step 0 Goal Setting :- Project Delivery : ( MoS would involve number of realizations delivered , number of intern project report prepared , number of AM converted into ELD ) Project Campus Unit : ( MoS would involve number of oGCDP realisation facilitated with OGX team in all campus units , number of AM themselves converted into oGCDP ) 1. 25% should be the minimum delivery handled by the AM 2. 10% should be the minimum conversion that means AM to oGCDP realisations 3. 70% of members should be converted into core membership during recruitment cycle
  3. 3. Step 1 Know the membership needs of your local chapter through backward planning For example :- Your LC needs 300 members in year 2013 So ideally as VP TM you should have 40-50 % of reserve membership via EwA project you are handling Hence AM should be 150 members
  4. 4. Step 2 Set up OS & Synergy points 1. Every VP TM to have 2 AM managers 2. Have OGX responsible campus unit project 3. Have GCDP – ICX responsible for delivery project
  5. 5. Associate manager 5 AM project wise 5 AM project wise ICX responsible Associate manager 5 AM members EP from the college OGX responsible per campus
  6. 6. Recruitment of Associate membership :- 1. Recruit member which register online during intervals 2. Engage all EP with associate membership project 3. Rejected application after another level of screening The selection process for AM should involve a short interview where you need to check & select an applicant considering whether AM experience will help him/ her get converted to ELD Plan your recruitment cycle like in the next page accordance with your reality
  7. 7. Step 3 :- Standard Induction 1. Make sure every AM covers EwA principles 2. Divide all associate members into 3 projects 3. Ensure project closure in 8 weeks and then recruit into core membership accordance to recruitment cycle and convert into o-GCDP as per OGX cycles
  8. 8. Step 4 Induction into 3 projects :- 1 Project Delivery ( Key activities :- basic delivery , intro of intern to city culture , prepare volunteer report , volunteer at NGO for 14 hours ) 2 Project Campus Unit ( Key activities :- OC for all leads , promote internship in campuses , internal branding , social media proportion & engagement ) 3 Project Caliber ( Key activities :- event support team , virtual promotion team , support during client events , blogging etc. ) * Notice – this is just for understanding all project details will be sent soon