Sahiba chandhoke flipbook final


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Sahiba chandhoke flipbook final

  1. 1. Facebook: Helping or Hurting Us?By: Sahiba ChandhokeFlickr: meg.reilly
  2. 2. There are 18 million Canadianmonthly Facebook usersFlickr: _rogersSource: Carys Mills, Toronto Star
  3. 3. Google Images: AliTech110Source: Carys Mills, Toronto Star
  4. 4. due tothe hypersharing andhigh engagementrequired.Flickr: linkedmediagrpSource: Christine Erickson, Mashable
  5. 5. Self-Image:how we defineourselves, andpresent for othersto see. MorgueFile: claritaSource: Christine Erickson, Mashable
  6. 6. scrutinized ispresentFacebook has created anenvironment in which fear oflooking vainand beingFlickr: Nghi LaSource: Christine Erickson, Mashable
  7. 7. Because of this,MORE people areinteracting through aprotected andanonymous filterFlickr: VanForkum PhotographySource: Christine Erickson, Mashable
  8. 8. CreatingMoreInsecuritiesFlickr: ansy
  9. 9. Making Self-esteemFlickr: GolgySource: Christine Erickson, Mashable
  10. 10. MorgueFile: arrowpedigreeSource: Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
  11. 11. Facebookhas createdpressuresfrom familyand friendsto stay in arelationshipwhen PDFAare shownMorgueFile: taliesinSource: Allison McCann. Buzzfeed
  12. 12. Flickr: batmooSource: Tom Jacobs, Pacific Sta
  13. 13. Graph Search: the third pillarof Facebook, along withNews Feed and TimelineFlickr: Frank HammSource: Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes
  14. 14. Another toolfor users,OR a solutionfor marketers?Flickr: Dukky.comSource: Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes
  15. 15. Flickr: faroog.ariesSource: Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes
  16. 16. Harassment: to disturb, constantlybother someone Flickr: Amanda Mabel
  17. 17. 160,000students ayear skipschool toavoid beingharassedGoogle Images: Rita RamsaySource: e! Science News
  18. 18. FacebookGoogle Images: corbis images
  19. 19. Creating confusion, as towho our “real” friends areMorgueFile: virginiamol
  20. 20. As cyber-aggression occurs largelyamong friends, former friends, and formerdating partners. Flickr: @Doug88888Source: e! Science News
  21. 21. So,is Facebook helpingor hurting us?Google Images: Chris Jackson (Getty Images)
  22. 22. Human relationshipsare rich;they’re messy anddemanding. – SherryTurkle Flickr: korycheerSource: Sherry Turkle, New York Times
  23. 23. We should NOT let......dictate our lives.Flickr: rishibando