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Ssf members-meeting-2011-interop


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Interoperability Project Proposal 2011 Sahana Software Foundation Annual Meeting

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Ssf members-meeting-2011-interop

  1. 1. Interoperability Project●A result of the 2011 Bar Camp●Has support of the SSF software project leaders.●Establishes a new set of goals for the Standards and Interoperability Committee ● Sets up a new project and product ● Requires funding and dedicated project s 2011 Members Meeting Chad Heuschober,
  2. 2. Interoperability Project●Three types of interoperabiltiy ● Data Federation ● Integrating Functionality ● Consistent User Experience ● user activities and tasks ● visual design ● consistent ontology 2011 Members Meeting Chad Heuschober,
  3. 3. Interoperability Project●Ontology defines the terms by which other forms of interoperability may be implemen●More than just aligning terminology●Specifically avoids focus on data standard but may be informed by them●Produces both an ontology and a path for certification of SSF applications. 2011 Members Meeting Chad Heuschober,
  4. 4. Interoperability Project●Path to Success ● Find a project leader (and funding) ● Find a project team (potentially academi ● Create the ontology, starting with what already exists in SSF applications ● Publish 2011 Members Meeting Chad Heuschober,
  5. 5. Interoperability Project●Provides value as its own product of SSF●Might provide revenue chains for certificat●Enables SSF to participate as a meaningfu peer (not just a consumer) in groups like OASIS●Additional interop can follow implementati of the ontology 2011 Members Meeting Chad Heuschober,