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Ssf 2011 annual_meeting


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Master slides from 2011 Sahana Software Foundation Annual Meeting

Published in: Technology
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Ssf 2011 annual_meeting

  1. 1. 2011 Annual Meeting Making Chaos Manageable 7 May 2011 IBM Portugal, Rua do Mar da China, Lote 1990-138, LisboaSponsors:
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Remote Participation via WebexWebex instructions: Go to: Please use VOIP connection if possible, otherwise call, skype or google chat out to US toll free number: 1-866-699-3239 Please mute speakers and microphones in this roomWebex chat is not a part of the official record of the SSF AnnualMeeting. It should be used solely to inform the remote participantmoderators if there is a problem hearing or if they wish to ask aquestion or make a comment at the appropriate time.Our remote participant moderators & liaison is Robby OConnor.We will do our best, but can not be sidetracked by technical issuessuch that there is no time to complete our meeting.
  4. 4. Ground-rulesWe have a full schedule and will observe the strict time limits setout in the agenda.We will follow standard parliamentary rules for such a meeting(Roberts Rules of Order) to the extent possible.There will be specific times when the floor will be open to questionsand comments from any participant, whether present in person orparticipating remotely, whether a Director or Member or observer.Please leave time for questions and discussion during your segmentof the meeting. 4
  5. 5. Agenda all times UTC12:00 OPENING Welcome & Report by Chair of SSF – Brent Woodworth Remote Participation & Ground-rules, Review of Agenda Quorum Call and Convening of Directors and Members12:15 REPORT OF OFFICERS CEO – Mark Prutsalis Secretary – Martin Thomsen Treasurer – Louiqa Raschid13:00 REPORT OF COMMITTEES (30 minutes each) Community Development Committee – David Bitner Sahana Agasti – Chad Heuschober Sahana Eden – Fran Boon Sahana Standards & Interoperability – Chamindra de Silva
  6. 6. Agenda all times UTC15:00 OFFICIAL BUSINESS Changes to SSF Bylaws Review of Nominations and Election of New Members Review of Nominations and Election of Board of Directors15:30 NEW BUSINESS Annual Membership Fees Member Seats on Executive Committees & New Executive Committees Committee Appointments & Volunteer Roles Qualification of Membership Code of Conduct Community Calls Other Topics proposed by Members for discussion17:00 ADJOURN
  7. 7. Quorum Call - DirectorsA majority constitutes a quorum.We have 9 Directors so 5 is required in person orremotely.SSF Directors David Bitner Louiqa Raschid Mifan Careem Martin Thomsen Darmendra Pradeeper Gavin Treadgold Chamindra de Silva Brent Woodworth Mark Prutsalis 7
  8. 8. Members Quorum Call1/3 of Members constitutes a quorumSSF has 29 Members so 10 are requiredMembers:David Bitner Dominic KonigPraneeth Bodduluri Ishan LiyanageFran Boon Greg MiernickiRavith Botejue Glenn PearsonDon Cameron Mark PrutsalisMifan Careem Louiqa RaschidTrishan de Lanerolle Eric RasmussenChamindra de Silva Martin ThomsenRavindra de Silva Gavin TreadgoldDarmendra Pradeeper Pat TresselSudheera Fernando Nuwan WaidyanathaJoseph Fonseka Sanjiva WeerawaranaChad Heuschober Brent WoodworthMichael Howden Tom WorthingtonMahesh Kaluarachchi 8
  9. 9. We are convened 9
  10. 10. REPORT OF THE OFFICERS Mark Prutsalis – CEOMartin Thomsen – SecretaryLouiqa Raschid - Treasurer 10
  11. 11. PrioritiesCommunity Development aggressively grow our membership numbers diversityFund Raising Strategic plan as basis of fund raisingBuilding stakeholder relationships Supporting requirements of major users 11
  12. 12. Branding & Logo 12
  13. 13. New Web Site 13
  14. 14. Making Mayon
  15. 15. The Year in ReviewMajor Accomplishments Emergency Deployments New CustomersFinancial ReportUpdate on Fund Raising for 2011Strategic Plan 15
  16. 16. New Customers & DeploymentsEmergency Response: Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan – 2011 Flooding in Colombia – 2011 Flooding in Venezuela – 2010 Flooding in Pakistan – 2010 Hurricane in Veracruz, Mexico – 2010Pre-Disaster Adoption: City of Los Angeles (RFP) – 2011 IFRC Asia Pacific Disaster Management Unit – 2010 Philippines Red Cross in the Philippines – 2010 SahanaTW, Academia Sinica, in Taiwan – 2010 Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Bangkok, Thailand – 2010 Healthscapes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison – 2010 16
  17. 17. Financial Report Sahana Software Foundation 2010 Income & Expense StatementIncome Totals Direct Public Support Corporate Contributions $11,665.98 Other Contributions $2,488.21 Total Direct Public Support $14,154.19 Contracts $34,057.37Total Income $48,211.56Expense Business Expenses $1,341.49 Contract Services $25,600.00 Operations $4,383.37 Travel and Meetings $17,014.71 Total Expense $48,339.57Net Income -$128.01 17
  18. 18. Financial Report Sahana Software Foundation 2010 Detailed Income StatementIncome Totals Direct Public Support Corporate Contributions $11,665.98 Google Inc. $11,665.98 - GSOC Mentor Payment $5,000.00 - Annual Meeting Sponsorship $5,000.00 - GSOC Mentor Summit Expenses $1,665.98 Other Contributions $2,488.21 Kindei Himeji University (via Dominic König) $791.91 GWOB Hackathon (Fran & Praneeth) $1,010.00 David Bitner $500.00 Other Individual Donations (5 donors) $186.30 Total Direct Public Support $14,154.19 Contracts $34,057.37 World Food Programme $34,057.37Total Income $48,211.56 18
  19. 19. Financial Report Sahana Software Foundation 2010 Detailed Expense StatementExpense Business Expenses $1,341.49 Bank Fees $491.49 Business Registration Fees $850.00 Contract Services $25,600.00 WFP Project (5 persons) $25,600.00 Operations $4,383.37 Domain Registration $107.04 Supplies $296.70 Hosting – WFP $3,068.51 Telephone, Telecommunications – WFP $911.12 Travel and Meetings $17,014.71 Grace Hopper Conference (Tressel & Boon) $2,994.58 RELIEF (Bitner) $489.40 GSOC Mentor Summit (Treadgold & Howden & Bitner) $3,145.52 Annual Meeting (6 persons) $4,663.89 CEO Travel to Conferences & Meetings $5,721.32 Total Expense $48,339.57 19
  20. 20. Financial Report Sahana Software Foundation 2010 Balance SheetASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings JP Morgan Chase Bank Checking $5,581.93 Accounts Receivable Total Current Assets $3,057.37TOTAL ASSETS $8,639.30LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $2,658.58 Other Current Liabilities Loans Payable $100.00 Total Current Liabilities $2,758.58 Total Liabilities $2,758.58 Equity Unrestricted Net Assets $6,008.73 Net Income -$128.01 Total Equity $5,880.72TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $8,639.30 20
  21. 21. Update on Fund RaisingYahoo Employee Foundation Grant (YEF) Sponsored by Employee Champion Avni Khatri $40,000 to support volunteer management requirements of Chicago CERT and other jurisdictionsSloan FoundationCisco Global GrantDraper Richards FoundationAidIQ voluntary program to donate % of revenuefrom Sahana projects to SSF.501(c)(3) status 21
  22. 22. Strategic PlanUsed as basis of fund raising with donors andfoundations.Defines who we are and what we want to do.Need input and suggestions to build out our case.Shared on Google Docs with Members forcomments and suggestions. 22
  23. 23. Strategic PlanExecutive SummaryOrganization AnalysisIndustry AnalysisCustomer AnalysisCompetitive AnalysisMarketing PlanOperations PlanManagement TeamFinancial Plan 23
  24. 24. Operations Plan3 Programs Software Development Program Deployment and Training Program Advocacy and Partnership ProgramSupported by Members and Staff Core leadership team + program staff Expanded Community Development Committee New Executive Committees Development Board Development Strategic and Technical Advisory 24
  25. 25. Strategic Plan Year One Budget In 1000s of USDINCOME/SOURCES AMT EXPENSE/USES AMTDonor Support General Operating SupportFoundation & Individual Donor Contributions 215 Salaries & Fringe Benefits – Full time Staff 86.5Government, International Agency, Non-Profit orAcademic Grants/Partnerships 15 Salaries – Part Time Staff/Contractors 125Direct Sources of Revenue Professional Services 20Certification & Training Program 10 Other Direct CostsProfessional Services Engagements 50 Travel 25Corporate Sponsorship Program 10 Annual Meeting 15Membership Fees 2 Marketing Materials & Supplies 10In-Kind Donations Technology Costs 10Hosting/Meeting Space/Equipment 15 Professional Organization Memberships 5 Communications Costs 3 In-kind Expenses 15TOTAL INCOME 317 TOTAL EXPENSES 314.5 NET INCOME 2.5 25
  27. 27. Community Development Committee David Bitner 27
  28. 28. Chad Heuschober 28
  29. 29. Fran Boon 29
  30. 30. Standards and Interoperability Chamindra de Silva 30
  32. 32. Bylaw ChangesBylaws can only be changed by the Board: Article IX: Amendment New bylaws may be adopted or these bylaws may be amended or repealed upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board at any regular or special meeting thereof. Notice of any amendment of the bylaws by the Board shall be given to each member of the Board within ten (10) days after the date of such amendments by the Board.Proposed changes were passed at a SpecialMeeting of the Board in accordance with ourbylaws on 2 May 2011. 32
  33. 33. Bylaw ChangesChange Section 3.2 to allow non-Members to serve on theBoard of Directors.Change Section 3.3 to allow the Directors to set the sizeof the Board at the annual meeting of Members or at anyRegular or Special Meeting of the Board.Change Section 3.5 to have Directors elect persons to fillvacant seats on the Board.Change Section 3.5 to remove any mention on howdirectors are nominated.Change Section 3.7 to allow Directors to be removed by a⅔ vote of the Directors or the Members. 33
  34. 34. Comments from MembersSubject: Regrets I cant attend, but...Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 23:29:09 -0500From: Rasmussen Eric MD, MDM, FACP D <>To: Mark Prutsalis <>Dear Mark,Im deep in Mexico with very low bandwidth so I cant attend the Sahana meeting, but I d be grateful ifyoud share the following with our colleagues.Friends,Ive followed, distantly, over the past week, several dozen thoughtful messages from the Sahanamembership. Very nicely done by all hands, but particularly, Mark, yours. Ive watched our Sahana materialsdevelop over the past months and, in my view, your designs are solid and built collaboratively, yourpositions have been persuasive and well-phrased, and youve been polite and professional, as has been theoverall tone of the discussion, even when weve disagreed. The intelligence and intensity I ve seen flowingto you from the members and from you to the crowd reminds me why I so carefully shifted from a CEOposition to a VP position. Tough discussions, with legitimate perspectives, but youre at the center,accommodating all, yet keeping the organizations health uppermost. Lively spot to occupy and you did well.I do remember that yours is an uncompensated position and I see you bring your very best regardless.Thank you.We got a great deal hashed out publicly beforehand and the meeting should be more efficient as aconsequence. It was a bit painful sometimes, but not embarrassing to anyone. Congratulations.I wish all of you a calm, interesting, productive meeting.Eric Rasmussen 34
  35. 35. Comments from MembersPersonally, as a member I dont have any objections to the suggested changes, steps should be taken tomake SSF into a more sustainable operation with a clear focus and product definition. I have been satisfiedwith the sharing of information by you and others in the exploratory study group. For what its worthhaving attended one of the planning sessions, I was in agreement with the decisions that were being madeand the process in general. These types of hard decisions have to be made by the leadership group tomaintain or in this instance regain forward momentum in a ever changing environment. The disastermanagement/ICT space, isnt the same as it was when the tsunami hit back in 2005. Course corrections canalways be made as needed along the way – anonymous 35
  36. 36. NEW BUSINESS 36
  37. 37. New BusinessAnnual Membership Fees & Qualification of MembershipMember Seats on Executive CommitteesExpanded Community Development CommitteeNew Executive Committees Development Board Development Strategic and Technical AdvisoryCommittee AppointmentsVolunteer RolesCode of ConductCommunity Calls 37
  38. 38. Expanded Community Development CommitteeResponsibilities: Volunteer coordination Partnership coordination Events coordination Internship programs coordination Member recruitment and retention Non discrimination & code of conduct policyAppointed voting members 1 from board; 1 from each project; 2 from MembersOpen to anyone to join as non-voting member 38
  39. 39. New Executive CommitteesDevelopment Committee (Fund Raising) This committee would be responsible for assisting in the drafting of proposals, providing feedback on the fund raising strategy and identifying funding prospects and leads.Board Development Committee All Foundation Members or Directors could propose nominees to the Committee, who would then be responsible for actively researching, recruiting and evaluating thoroughly potential Board candidates for their ability and commitment to support and sustain the organization, including interviews and presenting the strongest candidates to the Board. 39
  40. 40. New Executive CommitteesStrategic and Technical Advisory Committee This Committee will document and build consensus around the principles of architecture, framework, infrastructure and sustainability and the development path for features, capabilities and usability for all Sahana Software Foundation technical projects, to interpret and clarify these principles when necessary and to provide direction to all Sahana Software Foundation technical projects in these matters as part of a stakeholder engagement process. 40
  41. 41. New BusinessAnnual Membership Fees & Qualification of MembershipMember Seats on Executive CommitteesExpanded Community Development CommitteeNew Executive Committees Development Board Development Strategic and Technical AdvisoryCommittee AppointmentsVolunteer RolesCode of ConductCommunity Calls 41
  42. 42. Possible Volunteer RolesVolunteer CoordinatorPartnership CoordinatorAnnual Meeting Planning CoordinatorWeb Site Content EditorSocial Media Coordinator (Twitter, Facebook) 42
  43. 43. Community CivilityHFOSS Code of ConductCivility and e-mail etiquette Role for Community Development CommitteeCommunity Calls – Monthly at 2 times 43