Sahana Eden NEREIDS Cyprus


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Sahana Eden Presentation to NEREIDS workshop in Cyprus, April 2013

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Sahana Eden NEREIDS Cyprus

  1. 1. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusIntroduction to Sahana EdenMartin Thomsenmartin@sahanafoundation.orgFran
  2. 2. 22NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusNEREIDS Scenario WorkshopThe Sahana Software Foundation is dedicated to the missionof saving lives by providing information management solutionsthat enable organizations and communities to better prepare forand respond to Disasters.We have chosen to present you with one of our programs;Sahana EDEN, a flexible humanitarian platform with a richfeature set which can be rapidly customized to adapt to existingprocesses and integrate with existing systems to provideeffective solutions for critical humanitarian needs managementeither prior to or during a crisis.We will further introduce you to Sahana Resource MappingSystem developed by the IFRC for the Red Cross and RedCrescent societies in the Asia Pacific, and is now used in Africa &Syria as well.
  3. 3. 33NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusWhat is Sahana Eden?Open Source software platform built specificallyfor Disaster ManagementHighly Configurable so that it can be used in awide variety of different contextsEasy to modify to build Custom Solutions toadapt to changing environmentsData is easy to share with flexible Import/Exportoptions and flexible Access ControlFree to use without restrictions MIT license:
  4. 4. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusUsersRed CrossCity of Los AngelesUN World Food ProgrammeUN OCHA?Asia Disaster Preparedness CenterPhilippines Government DSWD:Nepal Government DHM:Portugal, India, Japan, Taiwan,Chile, Colombia, Mexico
  5. 5. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusCommunitySahana Software Foundation (501c3)Google Summer of CodeGoogle Code-InCommercial CompaniesDocumentation: Wiki BookMailing ListIRC
  6. 6. 66NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusDeployment OptionsHost locally in thecommand centeron a LaptopHost in the CloudSynchronize these 2 together...
  7. 7. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusIntegration
  8. 8. 88NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusi18nThemes
  9. 9. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusAnalysis
  10. 10. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusComms & Social Media
  11. 11. 1111NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusSome sample modulesResource ManagementHuman ResourcesVehiclesWarehousesAssetsScenario templatesIncident TrackingDispatchSituational Awareness
  12. 12. 1212NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusHuman Resources ManagementSkillsSearchAssignCredentiallingTraining coursesCertificationMission RecordReportsGraphs
  13. 13. 1313NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusAsset ManagementVehicle ManagementMonitor Fuel efficiencyKeep track of Service &Insurance datesElectronic FilingSystem of keydocumentsGPS Tracking
  14. 14. 1414NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusIncident TrackingRecord Incident Details & place on a Map
  15. 15. 1515NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusDispatchAssign Vehicles & PeopleSend a notification to them which includes themap location
  16. 16. 1616NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusDispatchMessage can be read on any kind of phoneBasic Phone Read text, copy Coordinates to GPS:Smart phone Click on URL to open Maps:Android with App:
  17. 17. 1717NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusIn-Field communicationsSame Android AppSame ability for people without the App to be ableto use the messages
  18. 18. 1818NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusScenario templatesStore assignment plans for specific scenariosActivated by Dispatch when an event occurs
  19. 19. 1919NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusSituational AwarenessMap can aggregate data from many sourcesHaiti
  20. 20. 2020NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusSituational AwarenessPakistan
  21. 21. 2121NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusSituational Awareness
  22. 22. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusGeographical InformationSystem (GIS)Maps... and more
  23. 23. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusWhy Map Data?Much faster to understandTakes 5seconds
  24. 24. NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusBring aid to where it s needed most :
  25. 25. 2626NEREIDSNEREIDS WorkshopWorkshop CyprusCyprusSummaryEveryone can be affected by disasters whether personally orindirectly. Disaster Management professionals are kept busyresponding to events of all scales, yet find time to explore the use ofmore sophisticated toolsets.The Sahana Project was conceived by people on the front lines ofthe 2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami in order to coordinate the rescue efforts.The word "sahana" means "relief" in Sinhalese. This has evolved toprovide solutions to both prepare for and respond to disasters nomatter where they happen.Sahana Eden is an open source software platform which provides arange of solutions to Disaster Management practitioners to helpthem reduce the impact disasters have on our communities throughtracking the needs of the affected populations & coordinating theresponding agencies & their resources