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Sahana 2011-annual-meeting-standards-pmc


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Standards and Interoperability Committee Report at the Sahana Software Foundation 2011 Annual Meeting

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Sahana 2011-annual-meeting-standards-pmc

  1. 1. Sahana Standards PMC Chamindra de SilvaSahana 2011 Annual Meeting May 7th 2011, Portugal
  2. 2. Why do we need a Standards PMC? The moment Sahana became more than one autonomous project it was necessary to set a bar on what defines a “Sahana project” Examples  “Apache Foundation Project”  “Ubuntu Maintained Package”  “Apple product”
  3. 3. “A Sahana Project” We want this phrase synonymous with  A mature H-FOSS community project  NIIMS and ICS compliant project  A project that is easy to install and use  A dependable security, load and functionality tested project codebase  A project that is easy to integrate with others  A project where due diligence on IP is handled  A project that empowers relief agencies
  4. 4. The Standards PMC CompositionSahana Eden Sahana Agasti Francis Boon  Chad Heuschober Praneeth Bodduluri  Glenn PearsonCommunity Dev  Mifan Careem David Bitner  Nilushan Silva Gavin Threadgold  Nuwan Waidyantha Board  Mark Prutsalis  Louiqa Raschid
  5. 5. What defines a Sahana project now?Right now, just that: An Open Source Works in the area of disaster managementAreas to increase the “Sahana” bar next NIMS and ICS compliance Support for Open Interop Standards Packing and Publishing Standards Quality Assurance Standards
  6. 6. Interop Standards Objective  Bring about effective information exchange during crisis to prevent siloed repositories that is of less value to response Mechanisms  Agreements on Ontology  Agreements on Open Standards  Agreements on Consistent User Experience  Preparedness: Interop Workshops  Test Cases and validate exchange
  7. 7. Interop Standards Supported so Far Standard Sahana- Sahana- Sahana- Agasti Agasti Eden Krakatoa Vesuvius trunk (0.6 stable (trunk branch) branch) RSS Y Y Y EDXL-HAVE Y XForms Y CAP Y PFIF Y [Note 1] Y EDXL-TEP/TEC [Note 2] KML Y Y TMS Y Y WMS Y Y GPX Y GML Y Y GeoRSS Y Y MGRS Y
  8. 8. Packing and Publishing Standards Objective:  Improve user experience and ease on download, installation and configuration of Sahana software Mechanism (consistency!)  Installation software and packages  Consistently supported OSs / VMs  Website hosting of packages  Installation, user and configuration guide
  9. 9. Quality Assurance Risks of a life saving system  Data corruption/integrity, performance issues, security vulnerabilities, stability/fault tolerance Mechanisms  Scenario/Functionality Test Cases  Performance testing  Vulnerability testing
  10. 10. Domain Compliance Objective  Improve acceptance by Emergency managers for adoption and integration of Sahana Mechanims  Identify ICS/NIIMS compliance measures  Certify systems for compliance
  11. 11. Standards created so far
  12. 12. Challenge Commitment to Standards Implementation  Example: WIKI Standards Root cause  Volunteer time  Standards are not the favorite thing to spend your spare time on Need the support of the projects for  Enforcement and standards development
  13. 13. Next Steps Establish Interop Standards WG  Ontology, User Experience, Data Interop Agreements  Interop Workshops  PFIF  EDXL-HAVE Establish NIIMS/ICS compliance WG Participation in ISCRAM, OASIS, W3C
  14. 14. Next Event:ISCRAM Interop Workshop