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This presentation is about of the types of restaurants and to examples.

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  1. 1. Names: Díaz García Ana Lucía. Díaz Aguayo Manelik. Ramón Aguilar Sagrario. Group: GAMIX-51 Teacher: Lucia Abreu Rangel Cancún, Quintana Roo. 30th, january.
  2. 2. • Is an establishment that prepare and sell food, beverages, desserts for people that likes eat in one comfortable atmosphere and offered your best dishes.
  3. 3. CAFETERIA Characteristics : • Is a restaurant serving mostly cooked ready to food arranged behind a food-serving counter.
  4. 4. •serving mostly cooked ready to food.
  5. 5. • Typically, a patron takes a tray and pushes it along a track in front of the counter. • Depending on the establishment, servings may be ordered from attendants, selected as ready-made portions already on plates, or self-serve of food of their own choice. • The patron waits for those items to be prepared or is given a number and they are brought to the table. Beverages may be filled from self-service dispensers or ordered from the attendants
  6. 6. • Las palapas. • • Cafeterias in school.
  7. 7. • Characteristics. • Fast-food restaurants emphasize speed of service and low cost over all other considerations. A common feature of newer fastfood restaurants that distinguishes them from traditional cafeteria is a lack of cutlery or crockery; the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable container it was served in using their fingers.
  8. 8. • FAST FOOD.
  9. 9. • No waiters. • Used all disposable. • It is cheap. • Ready to eat.
  10. 10. • A casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Except for buffet style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service. Casual dining comprises of a market segment between fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants.
  11. 11. • Based upon menu style, preparation methods and pricing. Additionally, how the food is served to the customer helps to determine the classification.
  12. 12. • A table service, rather than a fast food restaurant or a "diner", where one orders food at a counter. Sit-down restaurants are often further categorized, in North America, as "family-style" or "formal“ • Have a service like a : waiter, etc • Have a menu.
  13. 13. • Rolandis
  14. 14. • Is a type of restaurant that does not offer full table service, but promises a higher quality of food and atmosphere than a fast food restaurant. In the US, it is a relatively new and growing concept positioned between fast food and casual dining.
  15. 15. • Based upon menu style, preparation methods and pricing.
  16. 16. • Counter service accompanied by handmade food (often visible via an open kitchen) is typical. Alcohol may be served. Dishes like steak may be offered. The menu is usually limited to an extended over-counter display, and options in the way the food is prepared are emphasized.
  17. 17. • Coffeehouse and coffee shop are related terms for an establishment which primarily serves prepared coffee and other hot beverages. Café or cafe or caff may refer to a coffeehouse, bar, tea room, small and cheap restaurant, transport cafe, or other casual eating and drinking place, depending on the culture.
  18. 18. • They offer the ready food to eat for example sandwcihes and baguettes, limons pay and cheese cacke.
  19. 19. • The real treatment for the coffeehouse is the buffet because the food is ready to eat.
  20. 20. • This is a type of restaurante wear just offer alcohoclic verberage and no alcoholic
  21. 21. • In the pub offer lasagna, fish and chips, pies in the other • Ando bear, win and cocktails
  22. 22. • They are very British in its atmosphere decoration, are built of local wood, making them welcoming. The customers asking for their drinks at the counter and can stand there with them to their tables.
  23. 23. • Is a cofee restaurant whit a relaxed atmosphere serving diches or order foot
  24. 24. • in this establecimientp ofecen wines, beers and snacks
  25. 25. • is a Russian service where the waiters dress elegantly and stylish as its services business jobs
  26. 26. • Ethnic restaurants are those that represent the typical or characteristic of a particular race or culture. In other words, ethnic restaurants, sonaquellos when cooking food or cuisine of a particular country
  27. 27. • hoy en día en nuestros países podemos saborear las deliciosa sgastronomías del Japón, de Francia, de Italia, de México, de China, de los .países árabes,etc
  28. 28. • French service, which involves placing both on the table all the dishes that make up the selected menu
  29. 29. • Díaz Aguayo Manelik: One of the most important things of the extensive variety of restaurants is the options that provide to the customer to try and taste different types of dishes according to the restaurant type the costumer decides to visit. This gives the client the adventure to try new kinds of food, and to experiment with the different flavors of the food, according to the type of restaurant the client choose. My experience in working in the kitchen was very productive, I had the chance to learn new techniques and I applied my knowledge I’d acquired in school. This gave me the tools so I can adapt myself in the labor environment at any kitchen.
  30. 30. • Díaz García Ana Lucía: • It´s important for me having a lot of types of restaurants because all the people likes differents types of restaurants for example, i like the ethnic restaurants because i like to have many experiences with food and ethnic restaurants have many options and it´s depending on the culture. • I had one experience, I went to ROLANDIS and I ate “calzonne de champiñones” I liked the food and service and obviously the atmosphere because the restaurant it´s in front of the beach
  31. 31. • Ramón Aguilar Sagrario: For me is very important have one extensive variety of restaurants for enjoy of our favorites foods. The last month, visited one restaurant and ate Fried fish with salad, I liked the service because the waiters were very friendly.
  32. 32. • Cafeteria: Café Nader. • Fast Food: Sub Way. • Casual restaurants: X Burguer.
  33. 33. • Fast Casual-Dinnig: Applebee’s • Coffe house: The Italian Coffee. • Pub: La taberna.
  34. 34. • Bistros and Brasserie: Savio's Bistro by La Dolce Vita • Ethnic Restaurants: Hong Kong