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The slide deck from out Launch Festival in Winnersh

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Sage launch festival slide deck

  1. 1. 2
  2. 2. Welcome from Bob Anderson
  3. 3. Our portfolio visionKaren Ainley and Lindsay Boullin
  4. 4. from to
  5. 5. The Future…
  6. 6. IDC predicts a new wave of business ICTevolution More users More ‘things’ to manage Growth More More devolved ways to decisions access More More mobility data
  7. 7. Our product vision for the mid market
  8. 8. Mid market business leaders focus for 2012?Reduce costs and improve processes Business priorities for 2012 4 3 Business priorities for 2 2012
  9. 9. Mid market IT leaders focus for 2012? Support new business innovation Cloud and SaaS Outsourcing Improving IT SLAs Compliance Virtualisation BI and analytics implementation Reduction of IT cost ! Consolidation of IT infrastructure Improving IT security
  10. 10. Sage ERP X3ObjectiveBe the market leading solution for the core mid-marketProvide a cost effective migration path for growing customersTarget Market Themes to 2015 (for UK) 2013 FocusMid market businesses: Localisation Phase 2 of localisation100 – 999 employees Migration • Quality andIn fast growth Cloud documentationConsolidating systems / Subscription • Enhanced complianceprocesses CRM • UK market requirementsNew business modelsConcerned about changeSectors:• Manufacturing (Process and Discrete)• Distribution• Business Services 14
  11. 11. Sage 200Product ObjectiveA market leading proposition that is customer centric, easy to use and intuitive– delivering a product experience which is second to noneTarget Market Themes to 2015 2013 focusTurnover £1-£50m Sage 200 Next Generation - Phase 1 of Sage 200 nextUp to 200 Employees choice of deployment & generation delivering payment methods Financials, Commercials,UK businesses – single or Next generation modules i.e. Project Accounting & WTEmulti-site BI & CRM and BOM to the cloud . TheSectors: Increase device agnostic 2013 release offers• Manufacturing anytime access customers a choice of• Distribution Improve customer journey for deployment methods and• Business Services customers out growing Sage choice of payment methods. 50 and competitor products In addition we are Improve quality & sharpen implementing 10 top wish list customer focus by items, satisfying the strengthening the core requiemenst of almost 400 product ensuring customer customers. focus is at the heart of the roadmap 15
  12. 12. Sage ERP 1000(including Line 500)ObjectiveA compelling migration path for our Line 500 and Sage 1000 customersA reliable, high value solution used by an engaged baseTarget Market Themes to 2015 2013 focusExisting Line 500 / Sage Maintain the highly stable Release of Sage ERP1000 customers operating core 1000 v4 including Sagemainly in the UK Deliver value through Asset 1000 adjacent technologies: Completion of CRM CRM, Payroll, Reporting, integration Connected Services Payroll RTI and PYE compliance Replace payroll Ongoing quality focus and technology compliance German Accreditation Tools to assist Sage ERP X3 migrations 16
  13. 13. What do European leaders focus on toimprove customer experience? Customer Experience Priorities in 2012 30 25 20 15 10 5 Customer Experience % 0 Priorities in 2012
  14. 14. Sage CRMObjectiveTo meet the business relationship management needs of Sage’score customersTarget Market Key themes to 2015 2013 focusSmall to Mid Sized • Cloud CloudBusinesses • Integration 2012 r2 • Cross browser compatibilityNeed to compete • Cloud and on- • Android Smartphone supporteffectively with larger premise • Tablet supportbusinesses with bigger • Codeless customisation 2013 r1budgets • Mobile and Social media • Smart entity builderWant fast Return on their ready 2013 r2 • Smart entities (core)Investment • Smart analytics On-premiseLikely to be focussing on 7.2 (Spring 2013)specific business pains • Social (Yammer, Facebook) • Mobile (iPad, Windows 8) • Integration enhancements 18
  15. 15. Sage SalesLogixObjectiveTo provide a powerful, customisable solution for sophisticatedbusinesses, whatever their preferred deployment modelTarget Market Key themes to 2015 2013 focusLarger more sophisticated • Outstanding usability v8.0businesses • Social CRM • QualitySee business • Mobile • Work how and whererelationships as strategic • Choice of deployment you want• Financial Services • Analytics and • Easier to manage• Business Services information presentation • Integration• Healthcare v8.1• Manufacturing • iPad and smart caching• Distribution • Social CRMAward winning CRM for • Proactive CRMLarge Enterprises • Better configuration 19
  16. 16. What our customers are saying,so far… “One of the most exciting things for me, as MD, is the business intelligence that is built into Sage ERP X3 and that flows“I was really impressed with Sage 200 2013 Cloud from the chart of accounts”solution, it allowed us to move from MMS to the latestversion of Sage 200 quickly and easily without the “The ability to understand profitability ofupfront cost of additional hardware and software” product/service across customers within different geographic regions – and the ability “We knew we needed to migrate from Line to drill down to individual transactions from 100 but have been putting it off because of the BI dashboards – allows me to make the budget required, but Sage 200 2013 decisions on how to continue growing the removes the barrier of budget and hardware” business in the best direction” “Following a restructure we will be losing “50 pre-built graphical KPIs immediately our Terminal Server environment so we allow me to analyse the business by need an alternative way of allowing product, by region, by customer type etc., remote access to our Sage 200 system - giving me unprecedented access to Sage 200 2013 is the perfect solution” information that to-date, I have to guesstimate”
  17. 17. Thank you
  18. 18. Sage ERP X3 v6.5What’s new overviewSteve TattumSage ERP X3 Product Manager
  19. 19. Contents• V6.5 Overview• Standard Edition• International• CRM Advanced• Sage ERP X3 EDM• Further Enhancements• Conclusion V6.5 Briefing
  20. 20. V6.5 OVERVIEW V6.5 Briefing
  21. 21. V6.5: Main features• Minor version release covering functional and technical topics• Major milestone for Standard edition – 3 new countries• International – 3 new legislations• Sage ERP X3 CRM Advanced for SalesLogix and Sage CRM• Sage ERP X3 EDM – New features, now completely embedded• Further Enhancements – Verteego: REACH compliance – Fixed assets – More legal add-ons in the Base Product V6.5 Briefing
  22. 22. Version 6.5: More than 80 improvements Improvements 25 20 15 10 5 0 V6.5 Briefing
  23. 23. Version 6.5: Enhancement CategoryBreakdown Usability Compliance/Control 17% Malfunctions/Fix Reporting 34% Performance 10% 19% 20% V6.5 Briefing
  24. 24. SAGE ERP X3 STANDARDEDITION V6.5 Briefing
  25. 25. Standard Edition: 3 new countries FY-2013 Sage UK Sage Australia China • Major UK Milestone V6.5 Briefing
  26. 26. Where is the Standard Edition offer available? Sage Germany Sage France China Sage Switzerland October 2012 Sage UK October 2012 Sage Portugal Sage Spain Sage North America Sage Morocco Sage Australia October 2012 Sage South Africa V6.5 Briefing
  27. 27. 2 deployment options for a unique product X3 Standard X3 Premium Ready- Tailor- to-use made Implementation Preset Project Project planning 3 - 5 months 6 -12 months Project From 35 days From 70 days Sales Channel Channel & Direct Sales IT Resources Limited IT team International Multi-language Multi-legislation, language Budget Constrained Negotiable Functional scope Fundamental functions + Options Full ERP X3 V6.5 Briefing
  28. 28. Rapid, Low Risk ImplementationsFast ROI Scoping Implement Testing Training Support M0 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 6 weeks 3 weeks 9 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks 10 - 14 days 6 - 8 days 13 - 19 days 2 days 4 - 7 days 35 – 50 consulting days* over 25 weeks Project Milestones • M0 – Project Launch * Distribution Suite = from 35 days Manufacturing Suite = from 50 days • M1 – Description of Target Solution • M2 – Installation of Target Solution • 22 weeks from Launch to Go-Live • 25 weeks to Final Production Sign-off • M3 – Acceptance of Target Solution • M4 – Go-Live Approval • M5 – Final Production Sign-Off V6.5 Briefing
  29. 29. All tooled up and ready to go ….. > 02 SteeringPI002 Tracking Planned vs. Actual V6.5 Briefing
  30. 30. Pre Post -Sales SCOPE IMPLEMENT TEST TRAIN SUPPORT Project Qualification  M0 LAUNCH MEETING Setup Guide  Process Maps Process Maps Reports and Guide PPT (Process Map) By Role By Role Period End Processing (EC001) Sales Installation Checklist RACI User Guides User Guides Questionnaire Procedure Project Functional  Attendance Sheet Attendance SheetTOOLS & TASKS Monitor Overviews Acceptance Scenarios Scoping Procedure Presentations Additional Settings Additional Settings Additional Settings Procedure Procedure Procedure Test Data Set  Test Data Set Test Data Set Support  Procedure Procedure Procedure Hand‐Off: Data Migration  Data Migration  Data Migration  Procedure / Templates Scoping Procedure / Templates Procedure / Templates Presentations Start‐Up  Start‐Up  Start‐Up  Start‐Up  Procedure Procedure Procedure Procedure DTS Issue Tracking and Logging Issue & Change Request forms Signoffs M1 M2 M3 M4 M5DELIVERABLES STEERING TARGET STEERING STEERING STEERING Demo Data COMMITTEE 1 PPT SOLUTION COMMITTEE 2 PPT COMMITTEE 3 PPT COMMITTEE 4 PPT SIGN‐OFF: SIGN‐OFF: SIGN‐OFF: SIGN‐OFF: SIGN‐OFF: PROPOSAL DTS INSTALL USER ACCEPTANCE READY FOR GO‐LIVE TARGET SOLUTION Ready for  Phase 2 DSS DTS (Description of Target Solution) PID PID (Project Initiation Document)PROJECT Project Preparing the Project Configurator Project Monitor
  31. 31. INTERNATIONAL V6.5 Briefing
  32. 32. New legislations: Premium Edition • We will advise our Business Partners when testing and integration into the UK Core Angola Accounts model is completed and these legislations are made available for sale. Romania Slovakia V6.5 Briefing
  33. 33. New legislations scheduled H1-2013 • We will advise our Business Partners when testing and integration into the UK Core Belgium Accounts model is completed and these legislations are made available for sale. HungaryCzech Republic V6.5 Briefing
  34. 34. SAGE ERP X3 ADVANCED CRM V6.5 Briefing
  35. 35. Sage ERP X3 Advanced CRM for SageSalesLogix and SageCRM – Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM solutions are industry leading business management solutions that provide your organisation with cross-departmental visibility into your prospects and customers by leveraging the integration between industry-leading ERP and CRM solutions Identify existing and from Sage. new potential customers Modify your strategy for winning new customers Develop your strategy for customer retention Sage ERP X3 Premium Edition
  36. 36. Sage ERP X3 Advanced CRM forSage SalesLogix and Sage CRM – High level integration with the Sage CRM Solutions: Sage SalesLogix and Sage CRM. The CRM integration is defined by a global CRM contract that standardises data shared with other applications in an agreed format. This integration is based on the Sage SData protocol. Eliminate duplicate data entry and ERP CRM inconsistencies Bidirectional synchronisation Contacts / Customers / Prospects Real-time access to Unidirectional synchronisation ERP data for Products Real time data views in Sage SalesLogix or Sage CRM Built on SData of Sage ERP X3 documents (header and lines) framework Sales Quotations - Sales Orders – Deliveries - Invoices Credits and Payments A direct web access from Sage SalesLogix or Sage CRM to Sage ERP X3 Web client (IE) for Sales Orders / Sales Quotations Sage ERP X3 Advanced CRM
  37. 37. Broadens the Sage ERP X3 Footprintwith Sage SalesLogix and Sage CRM Reinforces customer investment in Sage ERP X3 integrated environment that brings together disconnected effective business processes Sage ERP X3 Sage SalesLogix – SageCRM Back-office environment Back-office environment BENEFITS • Get a complete view of your customer interactions • Drive sales opportunities through the sales cycle faster by automating your proven sales processes. • Increase up-sell and cross- sell opportunities • Increase productivity across the entire organisation. • Access vital customer information anytime. • Provide an exceptional customer experience
  38. 38. Notes• SalesLogix: NA Ramp-up in progress – GA: December 2012 – Demonstration: from November 2012• Sage CRM Real-Time data – GA: H1-2013 feeds Detailed views for specific transaction V6.5 Briefing
  39. 39. SAGE ERP X3 EDM V6.5 Briefing
  40. 40. EDM – a new Process in Sage ERP X3 Sales •Delivery Purchasing •Invoices •contracts •Quote •Orders •Invoices Production •Quality assurance records •Technical After sale documentation •… •Service request •Customer returns •Service HR manuals •CV/resumes •Employment Accounting / Contracts Financial •Official returns •Payroll Simple to use •Tax forms Fast to implement •Accounting management Scalable •Online filings More secure
  41. 41. Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution • Available to all Sage ERP X3 users - Access and attach documents from within Sage ERP X3 Sage ERP X3 report • Secure archiving of Sage ERP X3 outputs document PDF Document - Reports, documents, log files (PDF and ASCII formats) Index fields • Automated archiving of batch Sage ERP X3 outputs - Invoices, statements, remittances… Automated indexing of scanned documents - Can accept images from any external source - supports TIFF, JPEG, PDF and BMP images Sending documents by email automatically - And by EDD fax option too Searching/Retrieving Documents  Productivity - By attachment button or through the Sage ERP X3 Web portal  Cost savings  Compliance Audit trail  Green Agenda  Manage Legacy documents 45
  42. 42. Sage ERP X3 version 6.5 contains Ability to mail or fax documents generated by Sage ERP X3 (EDM not mandatory) EDD Mailing & Faxing EDM process into Sage ERP X3 Ability to archive documents for non Sage ERP X3 users (drag and drop) Archive the Deposit client documents Sage ERP X3 produced from Sage ERP X3 (Invoice…) Scan Documents Indexation using EDM bar codes EDM Widget Archive Scan Process Query research of documentsProvides efficient OCR solutionarchiving, control Supplier Invoicesand monitoring of Index /Integrationbusiness documents Capture Process V6.5 Briefing
  43. 43. Sage ERP X3 EDDAutomated emailing and faxing solution Simple solution Fast to implement Uses standard Crystal output No client software required Optional fax module (or fax via Exchange / SMTP Gateway) By email By fax Auto-email Auto- fax Crystal Reports output Crystal Reports output invoices, orders, etc invoices, orders, etc Standalone solution or included with Sage ERP X3 EDM 47 Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution
  44. 44. Deposit Client option • Drag and drop files, emails and attachments into EDM outside of Sage ERP X3. Documents can be accessed from an advanced web-based portal as well as from Sage ERP X3.
  45. 45. Scan Station option • Documents scanned and indexed automatically using barcoded labels Receive Purchase Stick barcode labels on Invoices from Suppliers Purchase Invoices Enter PI details in Sage ERP X3 then Print out barcode labels Scanned images are automatically Use Scan Station application to scan archived against Purchase Invoice and new barcoded Purchase Invoices Supplier records
  46. 46. Purchase Invoice Automation option • Optical Capture Recognition (OCR): the ability to capture invoice data Receive Purchase Use Scan Station application to Invoices from Suppliers scan Purchase Invoices Invoice data extracted by OCR Use Data Capture client to check and complete invoice data Purchase Invoice records are automatically created and scanned images are automatically archived
  47. 47. Example screen shot Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution
  48. 48. Example screen shot Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution
  49. 49. Benefits• Save time (filing, paper handling and envelope stuffing)• Save costs (stationery, postage, storage space and accessories)• Aid compliance and improve auditability (by automating filing and proving all documents are archived)• Reduce carbon footprint (eliminating paper and physical distribution) V6.5 Briefing
  50. 50. Summary• EDM and EDD: Global • Embedded ISV availability – Standard offer• OCR availability – Sage delivery – UK – No connector required – NA • White box (OEM) – South Africa • New pricing – France: Q4-2012 – EDM includes EDD email – Others: Q1-2013 – EDD standalone email & Fax V6.5 Briefing
  51. 51. FURTHER ENHANCEMENTS V6.5 Briefing
  52. 52. Verteego: REACH Compliance• Sage ERP X3 is now connected to Verteego’s online REACH traceability platform.• A dedicated, customisable connector is available in Sage ERP X3 to extract relevant articles and their suppliers, enabling data streams with Verteego’s online REACH traceability platform.• An online platform, enabling importers, manufacturers and distributors to track substances of very high concern (SVHC) throughout the supply chain and consolidate the presence of hazardous chemicals in products. – Gather REACH data from suppliers by electronic information exchange – Identify and track any unofficial or suspected SVHC in supplied products – Build custom lists of substances, which can be easily updated and managed – Build and maintain an SVHC audit trail that provides evidence of compliance to stakeholders• Sage ERP X3 REACH connector is sold by Sage as an option.• Regional ISV: Europe only V6.5 Briefing
  53. 53. Benefits• Reduce risks of non-compliance and minimise risk of supply chain disruption• Reassure business stakeholders about the safety of supplied goods• Minimise data collection & reporting costs (data sheets)• Implement a responsible purchasing strategy and a business- driven environmental policy• Maximise ERP data V6.5 Briefing
  54. 54. Enhancements• Fixed Assets – Import and integration of fixed assets movements – Poland, Romania: Depreciation method (Enrich Core)• Legal ‘Add-ons’ now in the Core: Q4-2012 – Early settlement discount, Entering amount including tax (AP/AR) – North America, Germany• Sales Tax reports and documents – North America V6.5 Briefing
  55. 55. Sage ERP X3 V6.5 Pricing• New Price List available from 24th October• Please contact your Business Development Manager to obtain a copy V6.5 Briefing
  56. 56. CONCLUSION V6.5 Briefing
  57. 57. Sage ERP X3 goes one step further! Global management, Productivity, Flexibility & Collaboration• Focus on productivity – Standard Edition – Extended ERP scope – Simplify international implementations• Global management – More countries covered, Market expansion – Increased compliance• Flexibility, visibility and collaboration – Connected Services – New features included – More value to the customers V6.5 Briefing
  58. 58. Stay tuned and get the latest News: Our Global Website Watch our YouTube Channel Our UK Website Join our LinkedIn Group Read our Blog Like our Facebook Page Our Community Follow us on Twitter
  59. 59. Thank you
  60. 60. Sage ERP 1000 v4Russell SlaymakerSage ERP 1000 Product Manager
  61. 61. Version 4 & Roadmap Russell Slaymaker October 2012 Disclaimer This document is for informational purposes only and is intended solely to  assist you in planning for the implementation and upgrade of the product  features described. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.  The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality  described in this document remains at the sole discretion of Sage (UK) Ltd. © 2012
  62. 62. Session Overview1. Background to v42. Sage ERP 1000 v4 Overview3. CRM Integration4. Sage Asset 10005. Roadmap 2012-2013 and beyond 66
  63. 63. Sage ERP 1000 v4 exists to address 3 main problems. Silo ERPand CRM data, Poor Customer Service and Legacy Design. Core Business Platforms Sage 1000 CRM ERP Road Closed for Upgrades Passable with Care Silos – Standalone Legacy Silo front Sage 1000 & back Not sharing data design office customer satisfaction challenges Right info at the Right time = Improved Effectiveness Helps meet and exceed customer expectations Increasing pro£itable engagement 67
  64. 64. Value PropositionFor Sage Enterprise business partners and customers, Sage ERP 1000 v4is an integration solution that uses a standard Sage endorsed integrationprotocol that allows business partners to easily integrate Sage ERPand Sage CRM.This means that Business Partners and customers can use a simple,flexible and consistent approach reducing time to implement,costs and is supported by Sage.This also means our customers have complete visibility andunderstanding of their customers and prospects throughout everycustomer touch point of their organisation which will in turn help to focustheir organisation more effectively to target opportunities andincrease revenue generation through more effective lead/businessgeneration marketing activity 68
  65. 65. V469
  66. 66. Sage ERP 1000 v4 delivers loosely coupled integration for SageCRM, through a combination of Synchronisation, Pricing Serviceand customisation • Sage ERP 1000 v4 is an ERP solution that can be used either as a standalone ERP system or  as part of a system with an ERP solution that integrates with Sage CRM. • The integration for Sage ERP 1000 v4 is loosely coupled, meaning the ERP and CRM  application are installed and used separately. The integration allows key data items to be  maintained in either application but reflected in both, it also provides enhanced  functionality around key business processes. • This is different from earlier versions of Sage 1000 (v2.2 and v2.3 releases) where a tight  coupling merged the functionality of the two applications into a single user interface. The  benefits of the loosely coupled approach are: – The integrated products can be upgraded independently so you can take advantage of  product development independently. – The integrated products can be licenced independently, users that only use Sage CRM  do not need a Sage ERP 1000 licence and vice versa • Synchronised, accurate, up to date data, providing a 360 degree view of your business 70
  67. 67. Sage ERP 1000 v4 delivers loosely coupled integration for SageCRM, through a combination of Synchronisation, Pricing Serviceand customisation Handling Order  Requests Eliminate duplicate data entry and inconsistencies Handling  Requests for  Quotes Bidirectional Synch Trading Account Entity – Customer/Supplier (Name, Currency, etc.) Trading Account Child Entities – Customer/Supplier (Address,Tel, Email, Web.) Real-time access to ERP data to ERP CRM Person Entity – Customer/Supplier Contact (single line) ERP to CRM Products, Warehouse, Units of Measure, Products & Prices – Built on SData Commodities, Location, Units of Measure, Updates to Price List framework Prospect or Customer Customer 71
  68. 68. • Difficulty in accessing current and historical  asset data from the point of acquisition,  through depreciation to the asset’s current  state. • Inability to import data from external files  leading to lengthy data input processes and  increased exposure to errors (through manual  entry). • Lengthy administration processes when  entering new assets or when an asset has  reached maturity. • Inability to arrange hierarchies between  assets. • Lengthy auditing processes. • Inefficient and inaccurate reporting ability. • No ability to consolidate multiple registers. • Monitoring and keeping disparate systems in  line with current legislation and regulations72
  69. 69. Sage Asset 1000 is the only simple to use yet comprehensivefixed asset management solution that integrates seamlessly withSage ERP 1000. A new fixed asset management module for Sage ERP 1000 Based on Real Asset Management’s flagship solution Product Pedigree: – 1,500 clients installed across 70 countries – Suitable for all private and public sector verticals using Line 500 / ERP 1000 – IFRS, SOX, Local GAAP compliant – Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-book, multi-lingual – Scalable – caters for simple and more complex requirements – Flexible depreciation methods – Modern user interface – Easy navigation and enquiry access – Supports parent/child asset hierarchies – Comprehensive standard and customised reporting and forecasting – Full audit trail Integration with Sage ERP 1000: – Purchase receipts or purchase invoices can automatically create new assets – Transaction journal automatically posts debits and credits into the nominal ledger
  70. 70. Sage Asset 1000 is the only simple to use yet comprehensivefixed asset management solution that integrates seamlessly withSage ERP 1000. • Track, control and record changes in a single database for ease of access to information and improved process management. • Arrange assets in hierarchies and easily identify key dependencies between assets using preconfigured relationships for improved accuracy. • Manage multiple transaction types and consolidate multiple registers. • User defined depreciation methods give your team access to information that is pertinent to their role. • Comprehensive standard and customised reporting. • Manage assets over multiple sites, entities, companies and currencies ensuring complete transparency so additional assets are only purchased when a requirement exists. • Simplify the asset management process and comply with auditing procedures. Allows the customer to share asset information across multiple departments based on what is relevant to them. • Asset accounting processes can be completely automated, saving time and increasing efficiency, as well as reducing staff levels that are required to manage assets from these departments. • Ensures the whole asset life cycle can be managed, accurately and effectively, meeting customers simple and complex fixed asset requirements. 74
  71. 71. Sage Asset 1000 is already making a difference… “Sage Asset 1000 has enabled us to prepare our asset records for our first external IFRS audit. The highly customizable options have enabled us to add and track valuable additional information on our assets. The rollout and integration of Asset 1000 into the Sage ERP system was seamless and painless. The user interface is easy to use and reduced our staff training time to the minimum, with fantastic buy-in from the users. The reporting interface and output alone was worth the upgrade to Asset 1000. “ Paul van Marwijk, Sayga Corporate Finance Manager – Suez Environment – Fitness First plc – JC Decaux – Veolia Environmental Services – Dal Group – Bournemouth Transport – University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust – Hargreaves Services plc
  72. 72. • Over 140 bug fixes to date • Over 300 fixes by v4 SP2 • SEPA Compliant Data Entry • Extended Address Fields • Sales Order Enquiries • Company Colour Tabs• Accounts Receivable Reminder Letters • Server Side Printing • Layout manager • Forms Migration Wizard 76
  73. 73. • Easier to Run SRD Reports• Excel specific report definitions • Exporting and viewing data • Print bursting • PDF Error Diagnostics • Data Export 77
  74. 74. Product Portfolio The Future78
  75. 75. Sage ERP 1000 Roadmap 2012-2013 The FutureThis roadmap is intended for use as a guideline and for information purposes only, and represents Sage’s current view of its product direction. SP4 SP5 SP6 SP7 Version 3 TBC TBC RTI functional change  PYE &  Payroll migration  Payroll and prep doc RTI and integration 2012 - 2013 Q4 12 Q1 13 Q2 13 Q3 13 Q4 13 Version 4.0 Version 4.0 Version 4.0 Version 4.0 Version 4.0 Controlled release General release • SP 2 • SP3 • SP4 • CRM Integration • SP 1 • Windows 8 • German Accreditation • Compliance • Sage Asset 1000 • CRM 7.1g • CRM 7.2 ‐ Social Media,  • Potential Connected  • V3 SP enhancements • MS SQL 2012 Mobile,  Service (TBC) • Forms  • French and German  Implementation  • Migration and  migration  form sets Enhancements,  integration tooling for  wizard Integration  replacement payroll • Layout  Enhancements, Client  Manager Side API, Ideas Hub  • Server Side  Enhancements Printing • Accounts  receivable  reminder  letters • Print Bursting • PDF error  diagnostics • Data export 79
  76. 76. With an established core we will focus on delivering value through thebroader Sage ERP 1000 Suite in particular CRM, Payroll, Reporting and The FutureConnected Services Total Campaign Management Investment in replacing Communications Management existing functionality with Mobility (iPhone, Android, Tablet) migration to best of breed Social (LinkedIn, Twitter) Sage Payroll solutions Takes advantage of enhancements from the flagship payroll solution/s Interactive dashboards Sage E-marketing Report Charts Additional ISVs Including all improvements Potentially addressing Sage Report Designer* Stock Management *Roadmap tbc Online Payment 80
  77. 77. Sage SalesLogix v8What’s New OverviewDuncan WoodSage CRM Solutions Product Manager
  78. 78. Sage SalesLogixMarketing docs + plans
  79. 79. SLX v8 Collateral availablefrom 3rd Oct on Partner Website• SLX Brochure• Datasheets – Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, What’s New, Advanced Analytics, Mobile• New YouTube Films – SLX for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service to support Marketing role based campaigns.• Updated web site• What’s New Graphic (US dependent)• Screen shots• Collateral index• Trifold
  80. 80. Marketing Launch• 2nd / 3rd October
  81. 81. DRAFT – Stand Advert
  82. 82. Dates• High Quality Bar• Release Candidate phase• Release to Market
  83. 83. v8 Highlights Fresh New More Dynamic Look Productivity Customizations X3 More Mobile More Control Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  84. 84. Only the highlights..• There is loads in v8..
  85. 85. Sawgrass (v8) Highlights Fresh New More Productivity Look Activities, More LAN Web Mail More Calendar Admin Client Client Merge Usability & Alerts Tools Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  86. 86. Sawgrass (v8) Highlights More Mobile Manage Smart Support Recurring Layouts for Roles Activities Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  87. 87. Sawgrass (v8) Highlights Dynamic Customizations Managed Web or AA Immediate Sdata experience Try/Test Endpoints Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  88. 88. Web Client Feature Overview New Look Usability Activities Calendaring Dashboards Administrator Mail Merge Improved Improved Scrollable grids in Move/Duplicate Allow Sage Branding Schedule Activity calendaring with HTML5 Widgets tabs Contact customizations Dialog column view Improved view See multiple team User customized Contextually Configurable Item Updated Icons history, add note, member calendar Bulk Actions folders for mail Aware Look up UI Limit for Charts complete activity items merge templates Stay in Detail Web Form Improved manage Work week with Address label Streamlined UI Mode when doing Designer & Form confirmations configurable week Improvements a Look up Manager LFL LAN Checkboxes in list View Availability – Improved Group configuration Email to group view Free Busy Builder options Improved User & Improved Manage Default Lead Resource Look Location Support Pop-up Alerts Group Interface Template up LFL LAN configuration options Pop-up Alerts Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  89. 89. LAN Client Improvements Modern toolbar New Look Multi-regional Activities Mail Merge visualization Modern UI Context Lead Mail visualizations Sensitive, Support for Resources can Merge using Windows ribbon-ized Unicode have a location Templates 7 Toolbar New, Modern Provides visual Icons ‘pop’ Toolbar can be extended Administrators have option to keep legacy toolbar Toolbar icons are context sensitive Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  90. 90. Mobile Client Feature Overview Activities & Accounts & Usability CRM Tasks Tools Configuration Calendar Contacts Add/Edit Add/Remove New Date/Time View Multiple Signature Support for recurrence info Opportunity picker control Addresses Capture Control Roles in Activity detail contacts Server-side Support for Multi-select View/Add Ticket Multi-regional Customization error log for Events picklist support Activities Address support Improvements troubleshooting View Map in View “Clear Field” Separate Dojo SpeedSearch Recurrences button Browser while Architecture on a Desktop “Go to Date” button Calendar Smart Layouts Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  91. 91. Platform Data Safe Build & OS, Browser Frameworks Integration Text Search Guarding Deploy & DB Dynamic Data Safe VFS deployments New SData Sync – X3, Microsoft SQL Customization Guarding & vs. non-VFS SpeedSearch hybrid cloud 2012 Support Framework Security features deployments Indexes Specialized Deployment IE 9 and FF10 .NET 4.0 Support for non- Browser Support Web Client Portals Dojo Conversion from EXT nHibernate 3.2 Job Server Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  92. 92. Windows / LAN benefits• Highlights–Platform updates (SQL 2012)–Mobile improvements (more later)–Lead Mail Merge Templates–Support for Unicode–Fresh new look
  93. 93. Fresh new look Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  94. 94. Windows 7 Features • Thumbnails for each Entity • Thumbnails are unique to entity type Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  95. 95. Web Client Enhancements
  96. 96. Updated Account Detail View Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  97. 97. Security Manager Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  98. 98. Activities & Calendaring
  99. 99. Scheduling Activities Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  100. 100. Activity Detail View – Availability Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  101. 101. Calendar – Month, Week, Day View Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  102. 102. Configurable Pop-Up Alerts Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  103. 103. Update Multiple Opportunities Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  104. 104. Analytics & Reporting
  105. 105. Dashboard • Widgets are HTML5 compatible except for Funnel • On path for tablet compatibility Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  106. 106. Crystal Reports• 15 new reports
  107. 107. Mobile• It was already good..• It’s now better..
  108. 108. Activity Indicators in month view • Activity indicator on days in Month View • Selecting a day shows detailed items below month Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  109. 109. Week View• View each day • Bar links to day view • Scroll multiple days• View events• Today goes to current week Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  110. 110. Smart Layouts• Views adjust to landscape views to optimize usability and what you can see – good for tablets Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  111. 111. Mobile – Enhanced Date Picker• Simpler user experience Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  112. 112. v8Design time power!!
  113. 113. Application ArchitectAction Designer • Quick access to all scriptable form actions directly form the Quick Form • Full scripting editor with many developer tools such as Intellisense & Search and replace • Visual cues provide a way to inspect which controls have scripted actions
  114. 114. Customisations•Quick•Simple•Empowering
  115. 115. Form Manager Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  116. 116. Web Form Designer Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  117. 117. That’s just a taster..
  118. 118. v8 Highlights Fresh New More Dynamic Look Productivity Customizations X3 More Mobile More Control Sage Proprietary & Confidential – Content Subject to Change
  119. 119. Thank you
  120. 120. Suite PropositionTom Nolan
  121. 121. Agenda1. Market Expectations2. The opportunities our Sage ERP ‘suite’ brings to partners3. Multi contact campaigns4. Benefits of Sales and marketing ‘influencers to sale’5. What our customers really think of Integrated CRM 12 7
  122. 122. MARKET EXPECTATIONS 12 8
  123. 123. Expectations of CRM SystemsCustomer relationship management (CRM) is a is a business strategywith outcomes that optimize profitability, revenue and customer satisfactionby organizing around customer segments, fostering customer-satisfyingbehaviours and implementing customer-centric processes. CRMtechnologies should enable greater customer insight, increased customeraccess, more-effective interactions, and integration throughout all customerchannels and back-office enterprise functions.Gartner 12 9
  124. 124. Agenda1. The opportunities our Sage ERP ‘suite’ brings to partners2. Market Place3. Multi contact campaigns4. Benefits of Sales and marketing ‘influencers to sale’5. What our customers really think of Integrated CRM 13 0
  125. 125. 13 1
  127. 127. Four Core Areas that Benefit from Integration Data Tasks Focus Staff
  128. 128. Understanding the Challenge o Non-financial o Business o Sales o Revenue CRM o Interactional Development o Marketing Generation o Qualitative o Demand o Customer o OutwardFront of o Largely Creation Care Looking Process Unstructured o Customer o CollaborativeHouse Service and Duplication Retention Verbal Sign-Off Critical Link Department Data Tasks Staff Focus Silos ↑ Admin Cost o Financial o Transaction o Finance o Cost Control o Transactional Processing o Admin o Performance ↓ Customer ERP o Quantitative o Budget o Senior Measurement o Largely Management Stakeholders o Compliancy SatisfactionBack of Structured o Cashflow o Inward Management LookingHouse o Reporting o Insular
  129. 129. Understanding the User - ERPSales Force Sales Administrators• Manage prospects • Manage customer database• Reference customers Price Lists • Manage products database• Manage price lists • Enter and track sales orders• Set up quotes / proposals Prospects • Issue pro-forma invoices• Set up contracts • Issue sales invoices Contracts SOs Customers Quotes Invoices Products Del. Requests … Stock Allocations Reminders Shipments Open ItemsStock Managers Returns Accounts Receivable• Prepare orders Payments Accountants Packaging• Process shipments Journals • Post invoices into accounting• Track loans • Record credit notes / memos • Record customer payments• Track customer returns • Customer reminders
  130. 130. Understanding the Overlap - CRMCustomer Service Customer Service Marketing Marketing Sales Force Sales Administrators • Manage prospects • Manage customer database • Reference customers Price Lists • Manage products database • Manage price lists • Enter and track sales orders • Set up quotes / proposals Prospects • Issue pro-forma invoices • Set up contracts • Issue sales invoices Contracts SOs Customers Quotes Invoices Products Del. Requests … Stock Allocations Reminders Shipments Open Items Stock Managers Returns Accounts Receivable • Prepare orders Payments Accountants Packaging • Process shipments Journals • Post invoices into accounting • Track loans • Record credit notes / memos • Record customer payments • Track customer returns • Customer reminders
  131. 131. What are the customers saying? 13 8
  132. 132. What are the customers saying? 13 9
  133. 133. What customers get from Integrated CRM 14 0
  135. 135. What is provided by Sage as part ofIntegrations – Real Time synch of data – Cross application workflow (system and user driven) – Cross application reporting, mail shots – UI integration (display of ERP entities in CRM UI) – Common User Administration UI – Single Sign-on – Single Licensing mechanism – Re-skinning, Rebranding functionality 14 2
  136. 136. Mobile Access to ERP Data 14 3
  137. 137. E-Marketing to your ERP Customers 14 4
  138. 138. Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM• Over 90 attention-grabbing templates out-of-the-box• Simple 3-step wizard for rapid execution• Smart-sending features• Automated drip marketing campaigns withcampaign filtering at each drip stage• Open, click and bounce rate tracking with auto-feed of metrics directly into Sage CRM• Rapid creation of groups from segmentedprospect and customer lists• Integrated telesales follow-up
  140. 140. SALES MESSAGING 14 7
  141. 141. Improve the productivity of your salesteam Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to Sales VP Automated Sales workflow • No need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ for items including the ability to easily run like sales templates sales templates and sales • Easily automate key processes processes Exchange Server Integration Full visibility of your sales team including including real-time synching of automatic updating of calendar/tasks calendar, appointments and tasks (including from mobile devices) Sage CRM for iPhone v1.1 allows Increase productivity while out in the field you to access & edit information from anywhere 360 degree view of your customer Complete customer information available - sales, marketing and customer quickly to help save time service Net Result: more selling time for your sales reps
  142. 142. Gain complete visibility of your sales function Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to Sales VP Sage CRM v7.1 Interactive Proactively identify underlying sales Dashboard to monitor your KPIs in trends and potential issues one place including the ability to link gadgets and data drilldown Opportunity pipeline analysis bar Easily manage the different stages of your sales pipeline Enhanced report charts for Sage Quick and easy to create to ensure CRM v7.1 accurate sales reporting Net Result: Accurate sales forecasts and no surprises!
  143. 143. Optimize your Lead Management Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to Sales VP Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM Increase lead flow for your sales team! Automated lead capture with web No more missed sales opportunities to lead and email to lead Lead routing and alerts using Sage Get the right lead to the right sales CRM workflow person quickly LinkedIn integration: Ensure you target the right individuals View LinkedIn users directly from from within companies Sage CRM Net Result: Higher lead conversion and more pipeline
  144. 144. Increase the quality and quantity of leads Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to VP MarketingSage E-marketing for Sage CRM: • More quality leads for sales team• 90 out-of-the-box templates • Accurate measure of the marketing budget• Simple 3 step process to create marketingcampaigns• Creation of targeted groups for sales tofollow upIntegrated web to lead form and email • No more missed sales opportunitiesto lead capability • Ensure every lead is accurately captured Net Result: stronger pipeline for sales
  145. 145. MARKETING 15 2
  146. 146. Accurately measure Marketing performance Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to VP Marketing Sage CRM v7.1 Total Campaign Fully manage all your campaigns in a easy management including campaign and efficient manner cloning, campaign workflow and budget over run alerts Open, click and bounce rate tracking Quickly tell which campaigns are working and with auto-feed of metrics directly into which aren’t Sage CRM Sage CRM v7.1 Interactive Dashboard Proactively measure KPIs and take action as to monitor your marketing KPIs appropriate Track sales leads through to close Ensure marketing and sales are on the same page Net Result: Increase your marketing ROI
  147. 147. Leverage the power of Social Media Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to VP Marketing Sage CRM for Twitter: • Help manage your online corporate Manage your Twitter communications reputation from within Sage CRM directly from within Sage CRM! • View and update your company and other companies Twitter feeds • Search for tweets about any company/person from with Sage CRM LinkedIn integration: Identify key executives to target in your View LinkedIn users directly from upcoming marketing campaigns Sage CRM Net Result: Integrated social media marketing
  148. 148. CUSTOMER SERVICE 15 5
  149. 149. Deliver a better Customer Service experience Sage CRM Functionality Business Value to VP Customer ServicesSage CRM fully customizable Self • Easy for your customers to log casesService portal • Increased Case deflection for your agents • Higher Case handling volume from agentsEmail to case capability that • Easy for your customers to log casesautomatically logs a case • Increased Case deflection for your agents • Higher Case handling volume from agents360 degree view of customer from Ensure internal staff have the complete picturecompany/contact record of customers Net Result: Reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction
  150. 150. Deliver complete visibility of your customerservice business Sage CRM v7.1 Functionality Business Value to VP Customer Services Interactive dashboards for monitoring • Improved service for customers KPIs’ including ability to link multiple • Access to real-time service information gadgets for data drill down and all data • Makes decisions faster and more accurately on a single screen Company level dashboards Get a real time snapshot of your key accounts ‘out-of-the-box’ Net Result: Reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction
  151. 151. Integrated Sage CRM helps increase employeeproductivitySage CRM v7.1 Functionality * Business Value to CXO *(Integrated functionality varies according to Sage ERP product)Integrated CRM & ERP delivers: Information only needs to entered once byAutomatic 2 way synching between ERP staffand CRM Full end-to-end view of customer data from quote to order!Real-time ERP data views available in No need to chase/search for the latestCRM informationCommunication Management: Full visibility of your team includingExchange Server Integration including automatic updating of calendar/tasksreal-time synching of calendar, (including from mobile devices!)appointments and tasksInteractive Dashboards give the ability to Boosts productivity of all staff across themanage your workload from a single businessscreenNet Result: Reduced cost and increased customersatisfaction
  152. 152. Integrated Sage CRM & Sage ERP helpsdeliver better customer serviceSage CRM v7.1 Functionality Business Value to CXO *(Integrated functionality varies according to Sage ERP product)Real-time data views and synching Answer your customer queries fasterbetween ERP and CRM enables easyaccess to queries including:Account balance, invoice and saleshistoryopen sales orders, customers on hold, More effectively manage customersexceeded credit limit expectationsIntegrated CRM & ERP workflow Increased efficiency and shorter invoicingcapability. Examples include customer cycleon-boarding, self-service and creditmanagementNet Result: Reduced cost and increased customersatisfaction
  154. 154. Taking Integrated CRM to the Next Level 16 1
  155. 155. SummaryIntegrated CRM is a critical way that wecan add value to our mutual customersbusinesses 16 2
  156. 156. Thank you
  157. 157. Enterprise Marketing UpdateNik Smith
  158. 158. Thank you
  159. 159. Thank-you from Bob Anderson