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Sage CRM Social CRM what it is and how to implement


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Sage CRM Social CRM what it is and how to implement

  1. 1. Social CRMwhat it is and how to implement
  2. 2. CRM is…• “more than just a software application. It is a business solution for all customer-centric processes. It covers every interaction with customers across the entire business. It improves internal business processes, enables closer management of new and existing customer relationships, increases revenues and decreases inefficiencies and provides management with timely and reliable insight to guide decisions.” − Sage Product Brochure
  3. 3. Social Media is…• “is a set of technologies and channels targeted at forming and enabling a potentially massive community of participants to productively collaborate”• Anthony Bradley, Group Vice President, Gartner Research - January 2010 − Sage CRM and Social Media
  4. 4. Social CRM is…• “is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes & social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment.” − Paul Greenberg (2009) −
  5. 5. Goal Setting…• Your needs determine the goals you set − peer-to-peer customer support, − idea management, − market research, − product launch, − brand reputation management.• Are you shaping the conversation? − Is your engagement leading to website visits? o Are you encouraging the conversations to take place within forums that you host? − How Reputation management? o Building an Authoritative and Trusted voice? o What is the Twitter Sentiment Around round your Brand/Company
  6. 6. We use Social Media because…• Owner • Marketing • Customer • Sales Managers & Professionals Service • “I want new CEOs • “I need • “I want to help tools to help• “I am an channels to customers me identify opinion leader place our solve their sales with a content, and problems” prospects and thorough therefore build • “I want to progress sales knowledge of traffic.” share tips and prospects my industry. • “I want to know tricks with• I want to raise what the public customers.” awareness.” is saying about us.”
  7. 7. New Design – GEO IP detection delivering localised content. Single Sign In destination for existing customers. Improved content structure Priority on FREE Trials, to drive home Sage CRM with clear calls to action features and benefits. Relevant content with a Clearly defined and focus on lead generation. focussed messaging Sage CRM Community Content is now centrally Integration managed through a flexible, secure Content Management System Highly optimised content including a good balance Social Media Integration between text, images and video.
  8. 8. Sage CRM Community – Join today!
  9. 9. Sage CRM Social Media Stats 2011 Sage CRM Ecosystem Sage CRM Community: Sage CRM Website: • 220,000+ Visits • 260,000+ Visits • 82,000+ Unique Visitors • 620,000+ Page Views • 1,189,000+ Page Views • 5,500+ Registered Members wwwSageCRMcom wwwSageCRMcom 1,360+ 31,000+ views Followers Sage CRM (Official Sage CRM Group) 520+ Fans 1,100+ members
  10. 10. Sage CRM Ecosystem Participation Community Visits7000600050004000300020001000 0
  11. 11. Social Media Helps Cement Partner and Customer Relations
  12. 12. Sage CRM brings everything together • • Partners • Trials • Customers • Customers • Staff Cloud Community Social Support Media • Level 3 Support • Twitter • Self Service Portal • LinkedIn • Facebook
  13. 13. Build your Social NetworkThe Rules Tips• Listen • Make sure what you share is• Share interesting…• Engage • Share regularly, frequently − Best to ReTweet (RT) and• The conversation belongs to the reply customer and you are joining in • Make sure your profile is the conversation complete − Description• But where does the conversation − Home page take place? − Logo/Avatar − Use Location, if mobile
  14. 14. Sage CRM Email services have a role to play• Social Media Alerts and Interactions can be stored within Sage CRM.• Examples of Social Media Alerts − - email when you are mentioned − – keyword monitoring• You can email publishing services (automatic posting on Social Media)• Email to Twitter −• You can use Sage E-marketing to contact those you have contact on Twitter/Those you don’t have on twitter.
  15. 15. Twitter Email Alert
  16. 16. Beware of AutomationThe ‘Bots’ are out there Don’t retweet rubbish!
  17. 17. Find out moreSage CRM Solutions provide flexible and robust customerrelationship management (CRM) solutions, including SageACT!, Sage SalesLogix and Sage CRM.To find out more visit or call0845 111 99 88. Visit the Sage CRM Ecosystem Sage CRM at wwwsagecrmcom m Sage CRM (Official Group) wwwsagecrmcom