Sagentia Corporate Overview


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A brief introduction to Sagentia.

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  • Our core differentiators are: 1. We have deep technical and scientific knowledge but importantly can successfully integrate that with marketing and engineering capabilities. 2. We have a unique blend of science and engineering from a very diverse team, including: engineers, industry analysts, designers, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, life scientists etc 3. We are able to apply multi industry capabilities and experience to projects across the full service offering, enabling truly innovative solutions 4. We have robust but flexible quality and project management systems allowing creativity to ensure the optimal result
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  • Sagentia Corporate Overview

    1. 1. This document has been prepared solely for [client] and may not, without permission, be disclosed to any third party. © Sagentia 2011.
    2. 2. Outsourced R&D consulting for medical, consumer and industrial sectors Full product development lifecycle: market analysis to manufacturing 25 years experience of science & technology innovation Working in partnership with start ups through to global market leaders
    3. 3. Experts in complex science & technology Multi-disciplinary, cross sector team approach World class project management Product innovation with commercial pragmatism Integrating user needs, design and engineering ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification
    4. 5. We work in partnership with our clients to add value at any stage of the innovation and product development process
    5. 11. Voice of the customer research Technology scouting IP services Technical due diligence Human factors & usability Optical and imaging systems Sensors Light technologies Modelling Systems engineering Power delivery Data management Monitoring Control systems Product cost reduction Proof of principle demonstrators Detailed design Prototyping Full development Transfer to manufacture Our core capabilities include…