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Venice San Marco Accessible Shore Excursion


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Venice San Marco accessible shore excursion.

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Venice San Marco Accessible Shore Excursion

  1. 1. Venice San Marco Accessible Shore
  2. 2. Venice San Marco neighborhood on your own• If you’re on a tight budget, this Venice tour for the disabled may be right up your alley.• You won’t be paying for a tour guide or numerous water taxi transfers.
  3. 3. The Venice San Marco Accessible Shore Excursion includes wheelchairaccessible water taxi transportation that brings you directly betweenthe cruise docks and St. Mark’s neighborhood without any stops.
  4. 4. The Venice San Marco accessible shore excursion allows you to explorethe beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, andCorrer Museum at your own pace, using the essential Venice AccessibilityGuide by Sage Traveling that provides you with the accessible routesaround the neighborhood and accessibility reviews of the various touristattractions.
  5. 5. Accessible Cruise Excursion Itinerary9 am (or whenever your cruise ship arrives)• Just like all of our Venice accessible shore excursions, a wheelchair accessible water taxi will meet you at the cruise dock and transport you directly to your destination without wasting any time stopping at vaparetto docks.• Your tour starts at the famous St. Mark’s Square.
  6. 6. Doge’s Palace
  7. 7. MorningVisit the Doge’s Palace, the Campanile, and the Bridge of Sighs (rampedbridge to view the Bridge of Sighs shown below on the left).• Have a cup of coffee at the tables lining St. Mark’s Square or shop in some of the wheelchair accessible boutiques.• You are free to explore St. Mark’s neighborhood using the Venice Accessibility Guide by Sage Traveling which shows you the accessible routes between the tourist attractions, restaurants, and shops.
  8. 8. LunchLunch at one of the accessible restaurants on St. Mark’s Square or one ofthenearby side streets.
  9. 9. AfternoonVisit the St. Mark’s Basilica (accessible side entrance is available and shownon the left) and the Correr Museum (accessible back entrance shown onthe right). Continue exploring St. Mark’s neighborhood at your own pace.
  10. 10. 6 pm (or whenever you need to be picked up)The wheelchair accessible water taxi will pick you up at the St. Mark’sneighborhood and bring you directly back to your cruise dock.
  11. 11. Venice San Marco Accessible Shore Excursion DetailsShore excursion duration: Full day or half dayCost: 230 euro (add 35 euro to cruise down the Grand Canal on theway back to the cruise dock)Days of the week the excursion is offered: Every dayMeeting place: Venice cruise dockDress code: Covered knees and shoulders (to get into St. Mark’sBasilica)Number of people on tour: Up to 6 peopleEntrance tickets: Not included
  12. 12. We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality! Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 Contact us at