Travel Insurance for Disabled Travelers


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Europe Disabled Travel Advice, Accessible Tours Hotels, Accessible Holidays, Disabled Guided Tours By Disabled travel insurance protects your health and your monetary investment in your vacation. Our disabled travel specialists are on-call to help with problems during your trip. Protect your health, your financial investment, and your vacation. Contact our accessible travel specialists today!

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Travel Insurance for Disabled Travelers

  1. 1. Travel Insurance for Disabled
  2. 2. www.sagetraveling.comWhile traveling with a disability, there are numerous things can go wrong.By purchasing disabled travel insurance, you protect yourself and yourfamily in 3 ways:
  3. 3. www.sagetraveling.comBy purchasing disabled travel insurance, you protect yourself and yourfamily in 3 ways:1) Your Health – by covering medical expenses and medical evacuation2) Your Financial Investment – by covering trip cancellation, hospital charges,and baggage loss3) Your Vacation – by covering trip interruptions and changes
  4. 4. www.sagetraveling.comWhat does disabled travel insurance cover?Travel insurance covers you for the many unexpected events that can occurbefore or during your trip. It covers both disabled travelers and able-bodiedtravelers.
  5. 5.• Trip cancellation – Refund if you need to cancel the trip because yourdaughter catches the flu, your father has a heart attack, or you get laidoff from your job.• Trip interruption – Reimbursement if you need to return home or travelto the next destination because you miss a flight connection, youexperience a train strike, you miss the cruise ship departure, or yourflight is cancelled due to an act of terrorism.• Baggage loss – Reimbursement for supplies purchased forlost/delayed/stolen luggage.• Medical expenses – You fall on a cobblestone and break your wrist, youget in a car wreck, or develop an illness during your trip.• Emergency air transportation costs – You have a heart attack or a familymember requires surgery.
  6. 6.“If you are a senior on Medicare, your medical bills will not be coveredif you get sick outside of the U.S.” – Fodor’s ?
  7. 7. www.sagetraveling.comWhat are the requirements for disabled travel insurance?In order to waive for pre-existing medical conditions, 3 requirements must bemet:“Pre-existing condition” – Any injury, sickness or condition for which medicaladvice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within aspecified time period before your trip* The Travel Safe Terms of Agreement take precedence over any of theconditions and requirements listed on this page.1) Purchase within 15 days of your first non-refundable deposit (usually acruise deposit or flight purchase)2) Insure for the full cost of your trip (flights, cruise, tours, transportation,hotels, etc…)3) Be medically “able to travel” at the time you purchase travel insurance
  8. 8. www.sagetraveling.comHow much does disabled travel insurance cost?The price of travel insurance depends on a number of factors: the cost of thetrip, the age of the travelers, and the type of insurance purchased. The coststructure can be found in this travel insurance brochure.Travel insurance costs are calculated on a per person basis.Approximate costs are shown below:Age Percentage0-30 ~5% of total trip cost31-55 ~6% of total trip cost56-65 ~8% of total trip cost66-75 ~12% of total trip cost76-80 ~14% of total trip cost81+ ~18% of total trip cost
  9. 9. www.sagetraveling.comCan I just purchase travel insurance through the cruise line?It’s possible, but you need to be careful that you’re covered. Most cruise linetravel insurance policies don’t waive for pre-existing conditions, and mostdon’t cover you while you’re off the ship. The travel insurance we offercovers you from the moment you purchase it to the moment you returnhome. There are several other advantages of private travel insurance overcruise line travel insurance that our accessible travel consultants can discusswith you.
  10. 10. www.sagetraveling.comHow do I purchase disabled travel insurance?Navigating the details to purchase travel insurance for disabled travelers canbe challenging. Fortunately, our disabled travel specialists are here to help.• We will assist you with determining the total trip cost to be covered andthe premium per traveler.• We will assist with filling out the travel insurance forms.• We will assist with collecting on any claimsProtect your health, your financialinvestment, and your vacation.Contact our accessible travel specialiststoday!
  11. 11. www.sagetraveling.comTravel insurance is recommended by numerous travel experts including:Cruise Critic – “In the future, I vowed to purchase travel insurance policiesthat would best cover our interests.”USA Today – “Buy any-reason cancellation insurance, primary medical, andbuy it as soon as you start making deposits.”Fodor’s – “I’m squarely behind the idea of travel insurance.”Rick Steves – “It’s smart to buy your insurance policy within a week of thedate you make the first payment on your trip.”
  12. 12. Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality! Contact us at