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Renaissance, Baroque And Ancient Rome Accessible Cruise Excursion


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Europe Disabled Travel Advice, Accessible Tours Hotels, Accessible Holidays, Disabled Guided Tours By Disabled cruise passengers who want to concentrate on the Renaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome sites while skipping the Vatican will enjoy this Rome accessible cruise excursion.

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Renaissance, Baroque And Ancient Rome Accessible Cruise Excursion

  1. 1. Renaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome Accessible Cruise
  2. 2. Disabled cruise passengers who want to concentrate on theRenaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome sites while skipping theVatican will enjoy this Rome accessible cruise excursion.You’ll get to experience the famous sites that define Rome: the Colosseum,the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and more. You’llspend all day in the heart of Rome and feel the pulse of this amazing city!
  3. 3. The Renaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome Accessible CruiseExcursion begins with a visit to the most famous Roman ruins, theColosseum. Your professionally-licensed tour guide will tell you thetruth behind the facts and rumors about what happened here.
  4. 4. After leaving the Colosseum, you’ll follow a wheelchair accessiblesidewalk to the most historically significant ruins in Rome, theRoman Forum.
  5. 5. A special wheelchair with two assistants will allow you to venture all overthis fascinating destination including visits to the Arch of Titus, the SenateHouse, and the imperial palaces on Palatine Hill. After your accessibleRome cruise excursion visits the Circus Maximus and the Theater ofMarcello you’ll have time for lunch in an accessible and authentic Italianrestaurant.
  6. 6. The Renaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome Accessible CruiseExcursion continues in the Rome city center with a visit to one of themost famous fountains in the world, the Trevi Fountain.
  7. 7. The viewing area around the Trevi Fountain can get quite crowded, andyour tour guide will help you to get an unobstructed view. Piazza Navona(originally a Roman race-track) and Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers areyour next stop. A wheelchair accessible visit to the Pantheon and theSpanish Steps will be followed by some time to shop in the famous streetsaround Piazza di Spagna before heading back to your cruise ship inCivitavecchia.
  8. 8. If you would like to add the city center sites to your tour (TreviFountain, Pantheon, etc…), the Best of Accessible Rome CruiseExcursion would be your best option.• Another option would be to replace the ancient sites with the Vatican.• In this case, you should choose the Vatican & Essential Rome Accessible Shore Excursion.
  9. 9. IMPORTANT NOTES:• Please let us know the arrival time and departure time of your cruise ship in Civitavecchia cruise port when making the reservation• Please let us know the height, width, length, and weight of the wheelchair or mobility scooter when making the reservation.• The order that you visit the sites may be adjusted to avoid crowds, protests, construction, etc…• There is a 100 euro discount if you book the tour as part of an accessible cruise & excursions package.
  10. 10. Tour Highlights• Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) • Victor Emmanuel II monument• Roman Forum • Trevi Fountain• Senate House • Piazza Navona• Arch of Titus • Pantheon• Arch of Constantine • Piazza Colonna• Palatine Hill • Column of Marcus Aurelius• Circus Maximus • Spanish Steps• Theatre of Marcello • Shopping at Piazza di Spagna• Piazza Venezia
  11. 11. Accessibility DescriptionThe Renaissance, Baroque, and Ancient Rome Accessible CruiseExcursion has a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it uses awheelchair accessible vehicle to transfer to Rome and between thesights. The tour route is also completely step-free. A special wheelchair willbe used to go over the Roman ruins in the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill. Itdid not quite receive a 5 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because wheelchairusers will encounter cobblestones when visiting the Pantheon and TreviFountain in the city center.
  12. 12. This excursion avoids the port shuttle without a wheelchair rampthat is required on similar accessible Rome shore excursions. It usesthe wheelchair accessible van shown in the photo.
  13. 13. When visiting the Colosseum with a disability, your tour guide willescort you past the long line of visitors to the entrance. To visit theupper level of the Colosseum, your guide will use the wheelchair ramp(shown on the right) that leads to the elevator.
  14. 14. An accessible visit to the Roman Forum is possible using the wheelchairlift shown in the photo of the right. Your tour guide will bring you alonga route that avoids the severely uneven ancient cobblestones (shown inthe pic on the right).
  15. 15. This accessible tour includes the use of a special wheelchair withtwo assistants (shown in the photo).
  16. 16. While moderately helpful in the Colosseum and very helpful in theRoman Forum, the special wheelchair is ESSENTIAL when visiting thePalatine Hill towering above the Rome skyline (photo of the Palatine Hillfrom the Roman is in the photo on the left, photo of the Roman Forumfrom the Palatine Hill is shown on the right).
  17. 17. After visiting ancient Rome, the Best of Accessible Rome CruiseExcursion will venture into the center of the city to continue yourtour. In this part of the city, you will encounter some mild cobblestones(shown in the photo on the left). The wheelchair accessible van will getyou as close as possible to the tourist attractions. You will use wheelchairramps where possible, such as the ramp at the Pantheon shown on theright.
  18. 18. The Best of Accessible Rome Cruise Excursion will use routes thatavoid sidewalks with steps (shown in the photo). A visit to the SpanishSteps will conclude your amazing day in Rome!
  19. 19. Tour Details Tour duration: Approximately 8-9 hours Cost: 1275 euro for up to 5 people. Price includes wheelchair accessible van, driver, professionally licensed Rome tour guide, and special wheelchair for Roman ruins with assistants. If you do not want the special wheelchair and assistants, subtract 150 euro. * 100 euro off if booked as part of an accessible cruise & excursions package. * If you can transfer into a normal car without a wheelchair ramp, cheaper rates may be available. Contact us for more information. Days of the week the tour is offered: Every day Meeting time: 9 am Meeting place: ivitavecchia cruise dock (in front of your cruise ship’s exit door)
  20. 20. Tour Details Dress code: Covered knees and shoulders Maximum number of people on tour: 4 people + 1 person in a wheelchair Entrance tickets: Not included. Some entrance tickets are free for disabled visitors if they have an ID card from their home country stating the percent of their disability. Otherwise 16 euro per person for a Colosseum & Roman Forum combo ticket. Cancellation policy: 100% refund with at least 7 days notice, 50% refund with at least 4 days notice, no refund with less than 4 days notice. Not included: Entrance tickets, snacks/meals, and gratuities.
  21. 21.  We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality!  Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 Contact us at