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Land And Sea Venice Wheelchair Accessible Tour


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The Land and Sea Venice Wheelchair Accessible Tour allows disabled tourists to view as much of the city as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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Land And Sea Venice Wheelchair Accessible Tour

  1. 1. Land and Sea Venice Wheelchair Accessible
  2. 2. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Venice, Italy,is now accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.Do not let the hundreds of bridges throughout this beautiful city keep youaway – all of our Venice wheelchair tours avoid bridges and steps so youcan enjoy a guided tour of this wonderful city.
  3. 3. The Land and Sea Venice Wheelchair Accessible Tour allows disabledtourists to view as much of the city as possible in the shortest amountof time.You will be so amazed at all the things you see on this Venice wheelchairtour that you will never want to leave!
  4. 4. Your tour guide can either meet you in the hotel lobby of one of theaccessible hotels in St. Marks neighborhood, or at the exit for DogesPalace, Porta della Carta, to begin your tour.• The tour starts with an hour-long visit to St. Marks Piazza where you can take in the beauty of the San Marco Basilica exterior and the San Marco column.• Learn about the birth of the Renaissance in the beautiful outdoor classroom that is St. Mark’s Piazza.
  5. 5. From there, this wheelchair tour in Venice moves to a trip on the GrandCanal using an accessible water taxi (shown in the photo on the right).• Spend the last hour of the tour enjoying the unique ambience of the main waterway in Venice.• See the sights that inspired some of the greatest painters that ever lived, including Monet, Canaletto and Turner.• Float along the waters that aroused the talents of many famous writers, such as Ernst Hemingway, Henry James and Théophile Gautier.
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  7. 7. Do not let the fact that you are in a wheelchair make you miss out onthe beauty of Venice, Italy. With Venice wheelchair tours, you can seethe entire city the way it should be seen!
  8. 8. Tour Highlights in St. Mark’s Piazza• Campanile (shown on the right)• Clock Tower• San Marco Basilica exterior• 4 horses of St. Marks• San Marco column• Bridge of Sighs• The old offices and new offices surround San Marco Piazza
  9. 9. Tour Highlights on the Grand Canal• San Giorgio Maggiore• La Salute church• Accademia bridge• Ca Rezzonico• Ca Foscari• Palazzo Balbi• Rialto Bridge (shown on the right)• Fish Maket• Ca dOro• Ca Pesaro• San Stae Church• Casino• Turkish Fondaco Exchange
  10. 10. Tour Details Tour duration: 2 hours Cost: 360 euro for entire group Days of the week the tour is offered: Every day Meeting place: Accessible hotel lobby or Porta della Carta, which is the exit of Doges Palace Meeting time: 5:30pm Dress code: None Number of people on tour: Up to 6 Entrance tickets: Not necessary
  11. 11. Tour Meet-up Location (at Porta della Carta which is the Doge’s Palaceexit): Accessible entrance Entrance to Doge’s to St. Marks’s Square palace (1 step) Exit to Doge’s Palace And Tour Meet-up Point
  12. 12. We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality! Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 Contact us at