Barcelona Cruise Port Accessibility


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Europe Disabled Travel Advice, Accessible Tours Hotels, Accessible Holidays, Disabled Guided Tours By Barcelona cruise port disabled access is quite good with step-free access including ramps and elevators to get onto the cruise ships. Contact us to reserve your accessible tour!

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Barcelona Cruise Port Accessibility

  1. 1. Barcelona Cruise Port
  2. 2. Barcelona cruise port disabled access is quite good with step-free accessincluding ramps and elevators to get onto the cruise ships.
  3. 3. Disabled cruise passengers will have few challenges, especially comparedwith the other ports they might visit on their cruise like Monaco, Livorno,and Naples.
  4. 4. 85% of cruise ships dock at the Moll Adossat / Muelle Adosado pier whichhas a wheelchair accessible shuttle into town. The rest of the ships docknear the World Trade Center. It does not have a port shuttle but is locatedwithin walking/rolling distance of the Las Ramblas street.
  5. 5. Most cruise passengers that are in Barcelona for a single day will spend halfthe day visiting the Gothic Quarter (also known as medieval Barcelona) andhalf the day visiting the accessible Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi sights.
  6. 6. Sage Travel Tip: Be sure to visit both Sage Travel Tip: Be sure to visit both medieval Barcelona and the Gaudi medieval Barcelona and the Gaudi sights! sights!I gave Barcelona cruise port a 5 Star Sage Accessibility Rating (my highestcruise port accessibility rating). This is because disabled cruise passengersdo not need to make any advanced reservations to use fully accessibleroutes into the city center. Additionally, visiting the sights of Barcelonainvolves very few cobblestones and hills.
  7. 7. Barcelona Accessible Cruise Port Overview Map
  8. 8. Accessible Barcelona Cruise Port Locations(A, B, C, and D are Moll Adossat cruise terminals)
  9. 9. Barcelona Cruise Port Disabled Access - Embarking and DisembarkingThe port of Barcelona is one of the main ports for Mediterranean cruisedepartures (the others being the accessible Venice cruise port, theaccessible Civitavecchia-Rome cruise port, and the accessible Piraeus-Athens cruise port).
  10. 10. The photos below were taken while disembarking at the Moll Adossat Pier.If you’re wondering about the embarking route, you can pretty much justreverse the pictures ;-)Although these photos were only taken at the Moll Adossat pier, after agreat deal of research, I have been able to confirm that all cruise terminalsin Barcelona are wheelchair accessible using elevators and ramps.When leaving your cruise ship, you will likely leave from the promenadedeck which should have a ramp at the walkway onto shore.
  11. 11. The Barcelona walkway is step-free once you reach shore (shown in thephotos below).
  12. 12. A photo of the accessible walkway is shown below.
  13. 13. When you get into the cruise terminals, you will find motion-activateddoors and an elevator down to ground level.
  14. 14. If you have requested that your luggage be brought into the terminal, itwill be waiting for you before you exit the building.
  15. 15. The exit to the cruise terminal has a ramp to reach the parking lot. If youhave booked an accessible driving tour of Barcelona or Barcelonaaccessible taxi transportation, this is where the vehicle will be waiting foryou.
  16. 16. Getting from the Cruise Dock to Barcelona City CenterYour accessible travel options from the port into Barcelona city center willdepend on which pier your cruise ship is docked at. Fortunately, there arestep-free options from all piers.
  17. 17. If your ship is at the Moll Adossat cruise dock (which handles 85% of theships), your ship will be met by a blue bus that has “Cruiser – T3”on thefront.Like all public buses in Barcelona, the port shuttle has a wheelchair ramp.It costs 2 euro each way, and the wait is less than 20 minutes. Blue buscosts 2 euro per person. Tickets can not be purchased in advance. The T3bus will drop you off at the Christopher Columbus Monument located atthe end of Las Ramblas. This is also the meeting point for a half-dayaccessible walking tour of the medieval Barcelona neighborhood.
  18. 18. 3.2 km (2 miles) route from Moll Adossat cruise dock to ChristopherColumbus Monument
  19. 19. Map of T3 bus drop-off and accessible Barcelona walking tour meetingpoint
  20. 20. With a full-day in Barcelona, most cruise passengers want to visitBarcelona’s Gothic Quarter (including Las Ramblas, the Royal Palace, andBarcelona Cathedral) and the Gaudi sights (including Sagrada Familia, CasaMilà, and Güell Park). For disabled travelers, this is easiest with a half-dayaccessible Barcelona driving tour and a half-day accessible Barcelonawalking tour, or by taking a combined full-day accessible Barcelona guidedtour.
  21. 21.  We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality!  Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 Contact us at