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Experiencias Extraordinarias


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Los empleados de Sage hacen un resumen de lo que para ellos han sido experiencias extraordinarias en todo este año, desde lo personal a lo profesional, para que podáis ver qué es importante para todo el capital humano de esta empresa.

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Experiencias Extraordinarias

  1. 1. Part of Sage Day 2010 lasting impressions inspiring experiences places personal stories Do something extraordinary memorable culture moments in time people customer stories
  2. 2. The dictionary definition of extraordinary is ‘very unusual, special, unexpected or strange’. It is a word that can have many meanings and is very subjective, as what one person deems to be normal, another person may think is extraordinary, as it all depends on their own previous experiences and expectations. Bearing this in mind, for something or someone to be extraordinary, it does not necessarily have to be grand, unique or something that others could not also achieve. 1
  3. 3. extra ordinary encompasses the little things that happen every day all across the world that may not seem special to one person, but might make a lasting impression on someone else. 2
  4. 4. Here at Sage, we want to provide extraordinary experiences for our customers and our people and to understand what that actually means to each and every one of them. For our customers, being extraordinary could simply be a live person on the end of the phone making a personal connection with them. For our people, it could be receiving the right recognition for a job well done by their colleagues and managers. Or it could be something else completely different. 3
  5. 5. Places Moments Experiences People Quotes… that have all touched people in some way and changed the way they view the world. Some things are big, others are small, but all are most definitely extraordinary. Enjoy reading this booklet, we hope that it inspires you to think about what extraordinary means to you. 4
  6. 6. Alison Brooks Service Development Administrator Sage Australia I have a quote at my workstation from Martin Luther King: “Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” Also, I had a wonderful uncle who always responded to a “How are you?” with a positive “Great! How are you?” He even did this when he was dying and in much pain. In memory of my uncle, I respond the same way, and it is good to hear people’s days improving with the positiveness; much better than the usual “Can’t complain”. 5
  7. 7. Kathleen Pock Office Manager, on behalf of the Williamsburg, VA office Sage North America Front Row Left to Right: Jill Steward, Mr. Jefferson, Lisa Jones Back Row Left to Right: Al Ptasznik, Kathleen Pock, Bobby Andrade, Jean Phillips The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates the world’s largest (301 acres) living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia – the restored 18th-century capital of Britain’s largest, wealthiest, and most populous outpost of empire in the New World. This extraordinary organisation recently selected Sage Millennium for their donor management software. Thomas Jefferson (centre), famous Virginian and former President, is an inspiration but not an actual member of the Sage Millennium team. 6
  8. 8. Peter Hutt Corporate Development Manager Sage Ireland Truly a place to inspire as well as Nine miles off the Irish coast lies a small island group, ‘The Skelligs’. On the largest an experience out of this group, ‘Skellig Michael’, in the 7th Century, a group of monks made their of the ordinary. home and monastery, a monastery that was inhabited for over 600 years. This monastery and island is one of the most inspiring places on the planet, on a still summer’s day, 230 metres high among the rocks, looking back at the coast, you can see how the monks thought that they were closer to God. On other days, with the fog making visibility impossible, but still hearing the beat of the waves, the cries of the gulls and the noise of the puffins there is a sense of being in another realm entirely. 7
  9. 9. Eric Mueller Developer Sage Germany Besides my parents I consider the following people as really extraordinary: to whom I owe my existence, Albert Einstein because he managed to unify several physical effects to a new understanding of space and time. Lisa Sauermann because she is currently the best pupil in mathematical competitions in Germany and is one of the really top participants in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Johann Sebastian Bach outstanding and timeless music, which I enjoy very much. because of his really Martin Luther because many persecutions could not stop him and his bible translation has been the first basis for a rather unified written German language. Jesus Christ because of his astonishing answers to questions and reactions to problems and because I owe him very much in my life. 8
  10. 10. Jesús Martín Implementation and Support Sage Spain My favourite quote: “It would be better if we had not built so many walls and so few bridges.” To encourage collaboration between partners (building bridges) rather than promote competition, independence between them (building walls). 9
  11. 11. Nicola Kinsella Internal Trainer and Coach Sage Ireland “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I have a quote that has popped up a few times over the last month or so that I really believe in, not just in life in general but I especially believe in it because of the nature of my role as a trainer here in Sage – it’s not just about getting the information through to a person, it’s more so about how you make them feel when you are conveying the information and helping them to learn. 10
  12. 12. Liz Hickok Director, Human Resources Sage North America One of my most extraordinary experiences of the students as they performed during involved school children in Africa. During a school assembly. The children were thrilled a Kenyan safari in 2002 with my husband to receive additional supplies and playground and a group of friends, we visited local equipment and squealed with delight as we community schools supported by the resort simply blew bubbles into the group. ( While this school building does not compare It was incredible to see the extremely poor at all with the typical new U.S. schools, it condition of one particular school and lack definitely is an improvement and provides of supplies for teachers and students. Yet, more opportunity for the children to learn it was amazing to see the students’ joy and and improve their future conditions. This excitement to attend school, even as they whole experience made us realise how had to walk as far as three miles one-way. very fortunate we and U.S. children are to have such excellent educational facilities After our return to the U.S., one of our safari and opportunities. members involved her company, Pfizer, who matched funds to build a new school. Upon our return to Kenya in 2007, we visited the school again and were delighted to see the change, the pride of the students and community, and the excitement and smiles 11
  13. 13. Rachel Wallace HR Generalist Sage North America “Do at least one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt Recently I received a birthday card that had this quote I’ve really taken to heart. This quote is a great reminder of how easy it is to become complacent in our daily lives – and it’s just the encouragement I need to get out of my comfort zone! 12
  14. 14. Emma Nixon SalesLogix Support Analyst Sage UK In 2007 we went to Hua Hin in Thailand for our honeymoon. I had never been to Thailand before, but the memory will stay with me forever. It really is the ‘land of smiles’. The people are warm and friendly, the country is beautiful, and food is delicious. Sitting on the beach, over looking the sea watching the sun set was so peaceful and beautiful. Now I just have to get my husband to take me back there again! 13
  15. 15. Debra Larkin Professional Services & Education Co-ordinator Sage Australia In 2003 when my son was 13 and in high This information led to the removal of school, he complained of not being able my son’s bowel at the age of 14, which to see the blackboard at school. I took him was a terrible shock, but I am thankful that to the optometrist to get his eyes checked. an optometrist picked this up early. The optometrist said there was nothing wrong with his eyesight but there were What stands out for me during this awful some marks on the back of the retina that time is the support I received from he didn’t know what they were and would HandiSoft management and staff. it be ok if he referred me to a specialist. I was able to take extra time off work to stay I took him to the eye specialist, who told me in hospital with my son for a few weeks. that there was nothing wrong with his sight but he then started asking questions about The day before I left I was presented with whether I had bowel cancer in the family, a parcel of things that my work colleagues apparently the marks on the back of the eyes had put together for me for the stay i.e. are a sign of hereditary bowel cancer. My son magazines, sample sized toiletries and lollies. was then referred to the Gastroenterology This gesture was overwhelming and made department for a colonoscopy which me realise that people genuinely cared about showed up hundreds of polyps that were me, it changed the way I viewed my life and pre cancerous. the impact I have on others. 14
  16. 16. Jennie Han Senior Accountant Sage Australia I have been living in Australia for 15 years. disappointing afterwards is that I did not have I love this country and I always feel privileged a chance to express my gratitude over the to live here, not only because of the beautiful phone to some of them because they were environment but also the many wonderful no longer working in the same position. people; people who can make a difference in the lives of others. As a result, my nephew was granted a permanent visa just 3 months after we lodged Two years ago, I invited my nephew Jiapeng the application! This meant so much to a to come to Australia to study in high school young man at his age. We are just ordinary as an overseas student. He was 16 years old immigrants with few connections. It was the at the time, and he was playing table tennis enduring support from those many kind in the Chinese national youth team before he people that ultimately made my nephew’s came to Australia. Soon, some friends realized dream come true. The immigration office held his talent and invited him to compete in some a special citizenship ceremony for Jiapeng on table tennis competitions. He surprised the 29th June 2009 in Canberra. When the everyone when he started to win regional and immigration officer announced Jiapeng’s national competitions. Then we had a dream citizenship, I could not hold back the tears... for him to represent Australia in table tennis. That was my extraordinary and My nephew had never thought to immigrate unforgettable moment; a moment and since it is very difficult to meet the criteria to experience that I shall cherish forever. qualify for the immigration. People can really make a difference. I thought that we might just give it a try to My nephew is now training hard in lodge a PR application. While I was preparing preparation for the 2010 Table Tennis the lodgment documents, I became Australian Open Championships in June. overwhelmed by the generous support from This is one of selections in the lead-up many people around us. They gave up their to the Australian national team competing own time and energy to compose and post at the Commonwealth Games to be held me the recommendation letters. I was so in New Delhi in October this year. grateful and indeed surprised, as I had never even met some of these people. What is 15
  17. 17. Alexandra Ferrero Marketing Sage Spain My favourite quote is Nietzsche’s phrase: “Everyone thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed.” 16
  18. 18. Ken Prokopec Sales Manager – ACT! Sage Australia After a particularly painful time in my life, Sure enough our table started talking to the I decided to head overseas for a little solo people at her table. Turns out she was called trip with the desire to use the trip as a time Kristy and from Australia. We invited her along to reflect and find out who I was again. with us that night for some drinks and we were inseparable. During the conversation, I was in the great Italian city of Rome and it turns out that she first saw me in the visiting the Trevi Fountain. They say if you restaurant and decided to also eat there throw three coins over your shoulder into the as a result. The waiter had intended to sit fountain and make a wish, it will come true. her elsewhere, but she asked if she could So when in Rome, do as the Romans do. sit at the table right next to mine. Feeling lucky, I took a look around at my surroundings and then I found myself staring Unfortunately, our travel plans were in at beautiful young lady posing for a photo separate directions and we were only able to with the fountain in the background. I was meet up that night. I remember heading back mesmerized. However, this came to a sudden to our hostel and one of my friends teasing halt, as my travel companions were ready me about Kristy – I responded by saying that to move on. she was the girl I was going to marry. Thanks to e-mail we kept in touch and eventually, she We carried on sightseeing and found a spot came over to Canada to see me. for lunch down a side street. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted that same girl from the After an amazing extended trip to Canada, fountain. Luckily for me, she was going to eat I ended up moving to Australia. We then got at the restaurant as well and was seated at engaged in the Greek Islands, got married in the table next to me. the Yarra Valley and now have 2 beautiful kids and are building our home in the country just outside of Melbourne. 17
  19. 19. Marion Streiss Sage ERP X3 Consultant Sage Germany Travelling is a great pleasure for me. That’s why I have already seen a lot of nice places. But the loveliest place I’ve ever seen are the falls of Iguaçu in Brazil and Argentina. It’s amazing to see the tonnes of water which run down the falls. In my opinion, it’s much better than the Niagara Falls, which are in the middle of a town. The falls of Iguaçu in Brazil and Argentina instead are surrounded by pure nature. You can see a lot of plants, trees, beautiful birds, colourful butterflies and last but not least there are no crowds of tourists. 18
  20. 20. Claudia Temmen PA to the CEO Sage Germany I really like the story of The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). The story shows that it is great when people use their imagination. Everything is possible and sometimes it makes life easier. Don’t lose your imagination. It will enrich your life. 19
  21. 21. Harsha Kandemulla Support Consultant Sage Australia In January 2010 this year, I went to East Timor We also went to some nearby villages to with 8 other young people for the three and teach English. I remember teaching them half weeks, teaching English to young children the alphabet with great joy, as they were very and organizing prayer meetings. Our first trip innocent. This was the highlight of my trip was to Ainaro, a five hour drive up the to East Timor. What I noticed most about the mountains from Deli (the capital). We went students, was their eagerness to learn, they to a seminary, where boys and girls from ages were so attentive, and they were hanging on 12 to 17 were studying. We spent around a every word that you spoke. week in Ainaro, teaching English to the junior and senior boys. We moved on to Eraulu, for about a week, staying at local houses. I stayed with a family We would prepare for the lessons during that had ten children, and they were very the day, and then teach the children in the hospitable. What struck me was the fact that evening, and night. Preparing and giving the people were very happy. Being a third teachings was a new experience for me, and world country, they didn’t have much I found it a bit challenging at first, but after the materially speaking, but one thing they did first lesson it became easier. We used a lot of have was a great connection with each other; sign language and pictures in the teachings, and I believe this was one of the main reasons which worked really well. I recall a memorable contributing to their happiness. Overall I found lesson; I was teaching the senior boys an this trip to be a very rewarding, inspiring and English song, and I asked them to sing it very a humbling experience. loudly with their hearts, and they did; I think the whole seminary heard them that night. 20
  22. 22. Sue Worth Customer Experience Manager Sage UK Someone once said to me that we always regret the things we don’t do far more than those we do. As an indecisive person, this has really helped me when I’ve had to take a decision and I must admit, it’s true! As far as I know we only live once and so you should really go for it whenever you can. And you can also tag onto this that its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Go on – just do it! 21
  23. 23. Stacey Rogers Test Technician Sage UK Some people will know already of my The origin isn’t all that philosophical (it’s a passion for this one – I’m not shy about it, once used strap line from a Nike Advert) but though I haven’t quite got around to getting I feel the meaning I take from it is. It goes it tattooed just yet! a little like this... I live my life by the quote: If you want to run a marathon – you train like a marathon runner not a sprinter. If you want to be a cyclist – you’d ride a bike, not a horse! If you want to work in XYZ field, then you do your research and you ‘train’ to be XYZ. If you want the big house, the nice car, the 3 kids and the perfect married life – then there are things which you’ll need to factor into your world in order to achieve that dream. Otherwise it’ll never be anything more than “Training is simply a dream which you’re living in hope that one day you’ll achieve, as opposed to taking the reins and ‘training’ for it. the opposite What does this mean in terms of Sage? For me, if we ‘train’ by demonstrating our guiding principles, leadership standards and delivering of hoping.” an extraordinary experience, then ultimately we’ll achieve our vision and be as successful as we all want to be – if not, then we’re just living in hope that one day we’ll get there. 22
  24. 24. Dave Jones Product Manager Sage North America I live in the northeast portion of the USA. Facing this unwelcome predicament, Winters in this area often include heavy what the Sears representative did next was snowfalls of 12"-15" (28-30cm). As EXTRAORDINARY. She checked with her such, owning a snow blower is almost a management and they agreed to replace my requirement to keep your driveway clear of mid-priced unit with one of their top-of-the- snow. I also use my snow blower to keep the line units that same day. When what ultimately driveways of several of my elderly neighbours ended up being over 27” of snow fell I spent clear. In February 2010, a particularly large over 3 hours working to get my driveway snowfall of 24"-36" (60-91cm) was predicted. cleared as well as those of 13 of my elderly neighbours! I sent a note of thanks to the My snow blower had broken the week before Sears store manager with my thanks for the and repairing it was going to take several EXTRAORDINARY Customer Experience weeks. So I went to the local Sears store I had with them. to purchase a new snow blower. I purchase a mid-priced snow blower and after getting As a footnote, several weeks ago I needed it home, I started it up and began clearing to purchase a new vacuum. While I was some of the snow that had already begun to initially tempted to go to the local discount accumulate. After just 5 minutes of operation, retailer, I decided to head back to Sears and the snow blower stopped working. check out their offerings for vacuums. The competitive pricing, informed sales staff and I called the Sears store and after speaking to my past experience with Sears were their technician, we determined the unit was compelling arguments as I made my decision a total loss. The Sears representative told me on where to buy my vacuum. What was the that there were no additional units of that outcome? My extraordinary customer model in stock. She searched other nearby experience with Sears has paid dividends for stores but the prediction of snow meant they me as well as for this trusted local retailer! had all sold out. I told the Sears representative of my concern of not being able to assist my elderly neighbours. 23
  25. 25. Klaus Lewalter Logistics Sage Germany “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.” (from Forrest Gump) This is my life motto 24
  26. 26. Patrick Lange Telesales Account Manager Sage Germany My favourite inspirational quote, from a And since that day I live this quotation. German Actress and Chansonette called The more kindness I give, the more I get Georgette Dee, is “Some people think ‘less back. The more service I offer to the is more’. That’s rather nonsense! Because customer, the more satisfaction they have. ‘more is more’.” The more satisfied customer we have, the more references we get. The more references My whole life I heard the phrase “less is we have, the more orders we receive. more”. My parents told me. My grandparents, As you can see: aunts and uncles also told me. One day when I came home feeling really upset because I got some disappointments at work and also in private, I heard the song “all of me” by Georgette Dee on the radio, starting with the quote named above. And suddenly I thought: Yes, that’s it! She’s right! More is definitely more. MORE IS MORE! 25
  27. 27. Xavi Solà R&D Sage Spain This picture shows an example of a Spanish tradition in which I participate: Castellers, which happens at a number of local festivals. This is a perfect example of what can be achieved with teamwork in a business that does not concern itself with age, sex, religion or social class, demonstrating values we would all like to be more present in our society. 26
  28. 28. Tania Schulz Customer Experience “People may forget Consultant what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Anon In the Customer Experience Team, we often All the crew on the Liner made the non fare have to explain what ‘Extraordinary’ is in the paying passengers feel special and did not workshop we deliver, not an easy one to let them feel any differently from those who define as this is unique to each person’s own normally pay thousands of pounds for the experience. l can draw on many moments privilege of staying on the luxury liner. It was of my own that l could easily categorise as extraordinary because in today’s tough ‘Extraordinary’ but it is always interesting to economic climate to put humanity before hear what delegates have to say. profit is rare and so wonderful to see. Mainly this is about service which has been There are actually little moments of exemplary. For me recently it was the cruise ‘Extraordinary’ through out life, singling liner Eclipse which ferried stranded passengers one out is harder than l thought, which to and from Spain during the ‘volcanic ash’ is a positive thing. drama at no cost to those rescued. 27
  29. 29. Chris Gotts Operations Consultant Sage UK I believe the Abu Simbel temples in Egypt are Not only that but, in this room there was a truly extraordinary. These two magnificent statue of Ptah, the god of the underworld and temples, originally carved out of the mountain his statue always remained in darkness, even side in the 13th Century were constructed in on these two days. tribute to the then pharaoh Ramessess II and his queen Nefertari. However due to rising When the huge move was undertaken in the water levels they were taken block by block 60’s, the entire site was carefully rebuilt piece and relocated to a man made hill above the by piece, however regardless of how they tried Aswan reservoir in the 1960s. to reposition the temples they were unable to pinpoint the exact positioning for the sun What makes these so inspiring, is not the to light the rear sanctuary on those two days. sheer size and beauty of the workmanship The closest they managed was a day later. but something else even more special, the engineering. Of course for the pharaoh, this would not have been good enough so for the architects Consider what tools and engineering skills and engineers of the time I assume the were around 800 years ago. However, when inspiration behind it was don’t give up, do or they were first constructed, the Egyptian die, literally. architects positioned the axis of the temple in such a way that on two days in the year, So for me, it’s hard to find a more inspirational the pharaoh’s birthday and his coronation place. And for anyone who is planning a trip day, the sun would reach the far sanctuary to Egypt, maybe to Cairo to see the pyramids and light up his sculpture so that he would or Luxor for the valley of the kings, you really forever be allowed to take his place next should make the effort to visit these wonderful to Amun Ra, father of all pharaohs’, king temples just south of Aswan. of the gods of Egypt. 28
  30. 30. Javier Mora Implementation and Support Sage Spain In this life everything is earned by demonstrating every day that you deserve it, but there is nothing more pleasant than the personal satisfaction for a job well done. It’s you who wins through your own effort and dedication. You have to recognise this first as this helps you to move mountains. 29
  31. 31. José Antonio de la Cruz Technical Support Sage Spain People that inspire me are my wife and daughter, as they make me able to face each day as a very lucky person. 30
  32. 32. Hazel Van Der Lith Group Marketing Manager Softline, South Africa I believe that these two quotes are truly extraordinary! “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela “What we think, we become.” Buddha 31
  33. 33. Jennifer Gibson Operations Team Leader Sage Australia It was June 2002, I was 22 having just compassion towards the patients. I remember finished my degree at Dublin City University sitting in the hospital wondering how I could I headed off on an adventure to the wonderful ever repay them for their utmost care and help Land Down Under with my four friends. during these tough times. Having travelled the beautiful Australian outback for six months we finally settled in It was late August 2005 when I decided I Sydney and I began working for Timberline would run the Dublin Marathon in a way of Software Asia Pacific (now Sage Timberline). thanking the wonderful hospital staff who Everything was perfect, I was sponsored by cared so much. Let me tell you, I am no Timberline and loving my new life in Sydney. runner and the thought of 42km was a little frightening. I had just under two months In April 2004, I received news my father was training and on the 31st October having ill so without hesitation I returned home not raised over 6000 Euros, I set off on what I can knowing what lay ahead. Over the next year only explain as ‘hell’ and finished the Dublin my mother also took ill, so with hospital Marathon in aid of St James Hospital appointments and treatment dates I resigned Oncology Unit in 6 hours 21mins. from Timberline and knew I wouldn’t be back in Australia for a long time. I became full time I remember seeing a t-shirt which on it had carer for both of them. My parents attended printed “Marathons make you walk downstairs the oncology unit at St. James Hospital in backwards” and how true was that, I actually Dublin. The hospital staff, doctors, nurses, slept in the lounge the night I finished. professors, cleaners were just outstanding! I was blown away by their care and 32
  34. 34. Francisco García Fernández R&D Sage Spain My extraordinary moment was when I was That is over 5 years ago and fortunately I am in the office and found a lump in my throat. now recovered. For me every day is special. I did not think much of it, but still went to I come to work and try to give everything, the doctors to have it checked out. They because I’m living on my extra time and concluded it was harmless but still probably I give thanks that my angel was watching best to operate. When I was in the operating out for me. theatre, they discovered the reason behind it was thyroid cancer. When I woke up the My old boss told me I was a happy man doctors told me I must have had a guardian because I was always smiling. I believe I have angel, as they would otherwise have never plenty of reasons to smile or laugh out loud. found the cancer early enough to treat it.. Life has given me another chance. 33
  35. 35. Andrés Martín Business Services Sage Spain The person who inspires me is Jesus Christ. I believe in his values and his dedication to and for others. There was talk of him even before birth, and even today people are still mentioning his achievements and miracles, millions of people who follow his doctrine, and try to be good people. 34
  36. 36. Mike Präg Senior Product Development Manager Sage UK This isn’t probably isn’t a quote as such, but What I personally find extraordinary about it’s a little note that my best friend from school this country and culture is it’s amazing had hanging in his parents’ house and which capacity to make me smile. I freely admit to I’ve always loved. I always say my wrinkles are being a lover of London even though I now actually laughter lines, so it’s probably why live in the Midlands. Whenever I’m arriving into I like the note! Waterloo on the train I always remember to sit on the left hand side so I can glimpse the Tate gallery through the office blocks and across the river, down past the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and St Thomas’ hospital and finally arriving alongside the London Eye. “If your face wants I always walk over the river via the Hungerford bridge and glance down to St Paul’s Cathedral whilst looking ahead to smile, let it, if it to dodge the people of all shapes & sizes rushing towards me. The countryside is stunning, as is the coastline, and in the main doesn’t, make it.” people are friendly and welcoming (Even those from the South, honest). I love the cultural diversity and influences from around the world that make us the country we are today, which is perhaps unsurprising given my own English/Irish/German heritage, and I passionately believe that all of these influences teach us to be more understanding and tolerant than more insular countries. We’re not perfect, but to use a political analogy, we’re certainly not broken! 35
  37. 37. Judith Desporte Internal Communications Sage France An extraordinary place is Delphos in Greece. The spirit there is so strong that you can feel ancient gods around you and begin to believe and trust. It’s also very peaceful. One extraordinary moment I treasure is when I walked past Pierre Hermé while I was eating one of his delicious macaroons. This is less spiritual but more about the creator and his creation at the same time. 36
  38. 38. Tara Caldwell HR Manager Sage Australia In 2006 I was lucky enough to take 6 months were at different placements, from time with off work. Deciding I needed to do something kids who had recently been displaced (found useful with my time (besides sunning myself on the streets, or taken from their homes) to with cocktails in hand) I signed up to spend a camps where underprivileged kids went once month in a village in Russia volunteering in the a week. orphanages. I had a lot of self doubts – was I going to achieve anything from only being Saying good bye to my ‘babies’ was not a there a month, shouldn’t I be doing this in good day; there were a lot of tears. I taught Australia, was I mad to head to Russia in the the kids to play peek-a-boo, saw one of middle of winter? them have his first smile at the age of one, and taught them to blow kisses and high five. Dealing with all these issues, I decided it was All things that we teach our babies as a still a great opportunity for me – after all, I had matter of course. I did crafts with a little boy the best parents ever, and these kids didn’t that was in a home as his dad has been put have anyone. My days were spent going to into jail for murder. He had never used “The Nursery” in the mornings. In a room with scissors before and as I was leaning over him 12 kids aged from about 1-4 years old. I showing him how to use them, he looked up would take a couple of them outside to play and wrapped his arms around my neck. So to give them some one on one time they much to give and showed me that kids just wouldn’t normally get, and then come back to want to be loved. help out for the lunch feed. The afternoons 37
  39. 39. Luisa Sanchez Training Sage Spain “Change is the only constant.” It makes you act so that you are not left behind. 38
  40. 40. Leigh Thompson CSR Consultant Sage UK Crazy as it is, I’ve agreed to do the Coast to (from IS) are my absolute heroes! They’ve Coast bike ride in aid of Cancer Research UK been there to advise, coach, motivate and for our Annual Sage Day. A gruelling 135 miles inspire me since the minute I signed up. With in two days, on a bike, up and down some everything from ‘pearls of wisdom’ of how really big hills (in fact, I’m sure some of them to cope with the mental challenge of the ride are mountains), probably in the wind and rain to helping me understand what kit I’ll need – well, this is England and we’re doing it over during the two days or simply being that quiet a bank holiday weekend – you all know what voice telling me “Come on Leigh, you can the weather’s like over bank holiday weekends do it, you know you can do it” as I’m telling – all to raise money for a great cause. myself “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, what on earth am I doing?” climbing up an awful hill So, I’ve bought all the kit, including a new somewhere in the middle of nowhere – all I bike – my first bike since I was about 14 – know is that it was close to Allenheads. and I’m ready to go. Well, you’d think I would be ready to go wouldn’t you? But there’s Anyway, I suppose all I’m trying to say is, the little question of the training and gettingonce I get to the end of the ride, I know I’m both physically and mentally ready for the going to feel amazing and like I’ve conquered challenge ahead. the world but without people like Phil, Andy and Colin being there to help me believe I can This is where my Extraordinary People come do it, I’d never even contemplate getting on a in – thank goodness for the Sage Cycle Club bike, let along doing the Coast to Coast team and the practice rides they’ve organised. Challenge. How fab are they? Phil Healey (who works on our IPT team in Customer Services), Andy Palmer (from our Shared Services team, soon to move to Commercial Development) and Colin Edgar 39
  41. 41. Jeff Piper Support Technician Sage UK Holy Island off the Northumbrian Coast is Holy Island is a beautiful place visited by such a beautiful place. Lindisfarne Priory, on many thousands every year and many feel the island, was a centre of Christianity in the the same peace and tranquility of the island. North East and was home to many of the It is a must visit for those exploring the Ancient Northern Saints such as Aidan, Cuthbert and Kingdom of Northumbria. Eadfrid and the spirituality and peace remains from that time. Whenever I go there I always feel that spiritual presence and walking round the island which teems with wildlife is so relaxing. Whenever I go I always come away with a feeling of contentment and awe at the lives of those Saints who trod the land before me. Who focussed their lives on God and beauty. I think of the work done to create the Lindisfarne Gospels and am amazed at its beauty. 40
  42. 42. Natalia Zamora Technical Service Sage Spain My favourite quote: “Loving life through work, is intimate with the innermost secret of life. Be glad of life because it gives you the opportunity to love, work, play and watch the stars.” 41
  43. 43. Juana Martin Technical Services Sage Spain A beach near Tarifa, whilst I cannot remember its name, I do remember seeing kitesurfing for the first time and thinking this was an amazing sport. It was extraordinary to be there watching and seeing the jumps they can perform. 42
  44. 44. Xavi Toha R&D Sage Spain A poem called The wooden plate. The message it gives us is “How you work, will work with you.” 43
  45. 45. Charles Pludthura Marketing Manager Sage Australia I once got a booking at El Bulli – regarded by many as the world’s best restaurant. Open for only 6 months of the year, El Bulli, located north of Barcelona, only takes 8,000 out of 2,000,000 booking requests a year. I wrote a sob story in Spanish for my booking request, explaining that I was willing to come all the way from NZ if they gave us a reservation. Surreal is an understatement for this place. I enjoyed the most extraordinary dinner of a lifetime, experiencing a 30-course degustation meal right out of the Willy Wonka book of tricks. I also got to meet and chat with Ferran Adria – El Bulli’s Head Chef, who gave me and my wife a personal tour of the kitchen and a few minutes to hobnob with his cooking staff. There were some seriously mind blowing eating experiences that night – from popcorn air and melon caviar to chocolate bonbons that changed flavour with each different bite. As if that wasn’t enough, we also got to sit at the table next to Hugh Laurie. 44
  46. 46. Oscar Gil Technical Support Sage Spain People that inspire me are my colleagues in Sabadell (Barcelona). Each person has a different quality that sets them apart from the rest and makes us all learn from everyone. Everyone has contributed something, both professionally and personally. It is a singular team that makes my working day more pleasant and enjoyable. Actually I can only give thanks for the almost three years I’ve been with them as since the first day I was made to feel welcome. In short, they inspire me to continue improving every day. To all those who are and have been a colleague, thank you very much for being as you are. 45
  47. 47. Maria José León Customer Satisfaction Sage Spain My favourite quote is: “When life hands you a thousand reasons to mourn, prove that you have a thousand and one reasons to smile.” 46
  48. 48. Michael Kunz Head of Product Marketing Small Business Sage Switzerland My school friend Claudio Castagnoli is an inspiration. In 2004 he won a green card and took the decision to become a professional wrestler. He moved from Switzerland to the USA to live his dream and he is very successful now. He even had a short spot at the movie “The Wrestler”. His drive and will to live his dream is an inspiration to me. He does what he always wanted to do and he is a very happy man! 47
  49. 49. Piotr Durski PR Manager Sage Poland I receive many different newsletters throughout a week on various subjects and usually, I move these emails to one folder which I then browse at the end of a day. One day I received a completely new newsletter – unknown to me before – from a service I wasn’t subscribed to. It came from a brand new analyst agency, and it was quite interesting so I read it there and then. A few minutes later my phone rang and the person on the other end knew my name and asked me if I had liked the newsletter and did I find it valuable. The person on the phone was fully aware of my role at Sage and my interests and responsibilities. I was stunned how fast I was contacted after clicking on an email. I didn’t purchase any reports or research from this agency at that time, but some time later, when looking after some specific data, they were my first choice. 48
  50. 50. Ryan Moore e-Marketing and Communications Consultant Sage Australia I was hiking on Mt. Roland in Tasmania with We chose the cliff face. We lost the path, my girlfriend, and in our eagerness to get to and were forced to fumble our way down the the summit and enjoy the views, we’d not mountain in total darkness. We had no idea prepared very well. We only had the clothes whether the next foothold was 1 foot below we were wearing, and my camera. We left at us or 100 metres, and I’ve never been so about 13.00, figuring it would be a four hour scared of heights in all my life. When we finally round trip, getting us back to base at about reached the tree line, we fumbled our way 18.00. It was the middle of winter and through very dense forest and across a few snowing, so camping at the summit wasn’t icy streams, and after five hours of incredibly very tempting. hard yakka, we found the road. We walked for a kilometre or so and found a ranger’s hut, The going was much tougher than we and got a lift back to our motorcycle. thought and the afternoon passed us by. By the time we reached the summit it was What I think is relevant about this story is that 17.30, which was fantastic for the view but it’s easy to get into tough spots when you’re we only had half an hour of daylight left! less prepared than you thought you were, and the “moral of the story” is that when things go We had three choices — take the long bad you get two choices: give up or suck it in sloping path up the ridge we’d just climbed and get through it. The other moral of the for 4½ hours; stay up there in the snow for story is that you shouldn’t be an idiot and go the night with no protection from the elements climbing mountains in the dark with no lights or try a “path” on our map that ran down the or equipment. :-) almost vertical cliff face. A guy had died that very week in the same area, and Tasmania can be a fairly dangerous wilderness if you’re not prepared. 49
  51. 51. Alan Osrin Managing Director Sage Australia Sometimes it is the simple things that make a difference… My mother had been visiting from South Africa, and before I knew it, her trip was over and it was time to take her to the airport. It is always hard to say good bye to my mum. I love my life in Australia; it is home and the best country in the world. My children are lucky to be growing up in such a great country. However, having family so far away is always a bit sad. After taking mum to the airport, I had mentioned to a mate that I was going to clean up some stuff around the house and hire a trailer. While I was dropping my mum at the airport, my mate not only arranged the trailer, but picked up the rubbish, and took it to the dump. When I tried to reimburse him for the hire of the trailer, he refused. Immigrating to a new country is always hard, and you tend to rely on your friends and colleagues more than when you are living in the same place you have grown up. Friends become extra special and in fact, friends become your family. I know that if I ever need anything, that this mate will be there, and to me that is extra special. It doesn’t take much to make a difference and this really made my day. 50
  52. 52. David Grieve Technical Writer Sage Australia Way back in 1990, a colleague and I went on a lecture tour of Paris, Antwerp and Munich, preaching the gospel of Distributed Queue Dual Bus broadband switching. My family had only been in Australia for a year, so I was travelling on South African passport, which made the trip even more stressful because every country demanded a Visa. After delayed fights and lost baggage, we finally got to Paris to present our first class. Needless to say we were both extremely tired and nervous. For a moment, I wished that I had rather taken up plumbing as a career. The lecture theatre was very nice, and even had a man in a box at the back who controlled the sound and dimmed the lights. When my laser pointer gave up, he ran to the front to give me another one. At the end of the session, we sat down to gather our books together when we were startled by what sounded like an earthquake. There must have been about 100 people in the lecture theatre, and they were all knocking on their desks. We found out that that was the way many Europeans showed their appreciation for a good class. They were probably just being polite, but it meant so much to me. All the stress of getting visas, missing flights, lost baggage and sleepless nights became worth it. 51
  53. 53. Günther Strauch Key Account Manager Sage CRM Sage Germany This is how Gypsy Cob horses are described in their native country of Ireland. Peace, dignity, honesty and good nature makes this breed very special. To me they are a source of power and energy and constantly provide me with enthusiasm and inspiration for my career. We breed horses to fulfil a dream and being able to do this means I really do enjoy my life with these wonderful animals. “The jingles of the gypsies and non sparkling gold. It shimmers in the sun and neighs in the dark.” (Author Unknown) 52
  54. 54. Jay Taylor Operations Consultant Sage Australia I’ve always been involved with music in one Not long ago I found a submission contest way or another for much of my life, dabbling for the MTV network – being successful in music composition and production for would result in having music published some time, but not really being sure what on one of MTVs series as well as having to do with it beyond an unpaid hobby a permanent contact in music publishing. It was a great opportunity to get involved A year ago I started researching music in the industry and earn some extra money production for TV, film, wanting to make use from what I love doing. of my music production knowledge, outside of my time at Sage. Not having the contacts I submitted a song I had written and a for TV & Film I did not know where to start. month later I received an email from the I did find some paid freelance work mostly publisher informing me the song was perfect for casual video games over the past year, for the show. but the aim to have works published on TV & Film was still unfulfilled. I was thrilled, certainly a big milestone in my goal! The song is to be used in production for the MTV series and I had the opportunity to network with the publisher. I definitely gained a lot out of this experience and hope to build on it in future! 53
  55. 55. Joaquim Machado Sage Portugal I am a client of Optimus Clix, one of the operators that provide voice, data and television services in Portugal. Recently I realized that my landline was not working and called Customer Services to report the anomaly. Since my landline was not working I had to use my mobile phone. Once my call had been answered, the customer service person asked me why I was calling from a mobile. I told them it was because my landline wasn’t working! They asked me to hang up the phone so they could call me back on my mobile, mindful of the cost to me of speaking to them from a mobile. A few seconds later they called back and I successfully reported the fault with my landline. A simple but extraordinary experience from the Optimus Customer Service! 54
  56. 56. Sérgio Braga Sage Portugal I love travelling and I wish I had more time (and money) to do that... anyway, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know some extraordinary places. Here are some less obvious suggestions: Plitvica Lakes, Croatia no words can describe such natural beauty... Henley on Thames, England a charming little town, where I had the pleasure to live and work for 8 months. The riverside seems to have been taken out of a fairy tale. Ljubljana, Slovenia what a surprise it was! it’s lively, young, cool, clean, ..., just go there... Minas de São Domingos, Alentejo, Portugal this is a hidden gem in Portugal. You’ll find a place which seems to have frozen in time 30 years ago... By this time, maybe it’s not anymore... 55
  57. 57. Michael Smith General Manager Sage Australia As a child I befriended an old man who lived alone in a makeshift shack. I had met him on my daily walk to school. He had meagre possessions and made do with a measly pension that in reality would not have remotely covered his basics. I’m not sure how he made up any shortfall in his costs. One morning he introduced me to his new friend; a scruffy brown dog. Over the following months he cared for his friend better than he cared for himself, often going hungry as a result. One day, as I passed by on my way to school, his shack had been cleared away and the old man and his dog had vanished. I was only 8 at the time and was confused as to what might have happened. I never did see the old man and his scruffy brown dog again, but I had been taught the value of true generosity from an unlikely teacher. We all get very involved in the challenge of “making money”, but seem to be less enthusiastic about our plans to dispose of it, other than by spending wantonly. What I learnt from that old man was to question myself as to how many material possessions we really need, and also whether I have enough resolve to give adequately to the needy. 56
  58. 58. Toni van Heerden Operations Manager Sage Australia I competed and finished 2 XPD races. These are expedition length, 10 day, adventure races held every 18 months in Australia. Adventure racing includes navigation, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking and roping. We loved these challenges and thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the beautiful outdoors. You just keep racing, sleep when you want, where you want, but you are continually looking for the next checkpoint. These are found using topographical maps and a compass and you basically plot your course as you work out where all checkpoints are located. Teams of 4 and you have to be We loved these challenges within 100m of each other the whole time. What a blast of a way to spend 10 days!!!! and thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the beautiful outdoors. 57
  59. 59. Jorge Nobre Sage Portugal With all of the conversations going on I then decided to be more active, so I bought about being environmentally friendly, I started a bicycle. I had to sell my beloved BMW thinking about what I personally could do motorcycle, but it was worth the effort. The to help save the planet and also make a first day I completed a sluggish 1.5 km trip difference to my own life. Being a smoker, and finished completely depleted of any kind the first obvious difference I could make was of stamina. Like an empty battery. Three years to stop. After being a 30 cigarette per day later I enjoy each of my 125 km bicycle rides smoker for 20 year, quitting was like a breath every Saturday morning. These rides are of fresh air. completed in approximately 5 hours. As a result I have lost 25 kg. Quitting was excellent, not only for me, but also my family, my friends, and the environment, I have now rode more than 10,000 km in as well as giving less tax to the government. total. In just three years I have lost 25 kg, became a nonsmoker and turned myself into a sportsman. An extraordinary experience at the age of 44. Do you have a bicycle? 58
  60. 60. Sue Moore Principal Trainer, Learning Services Sage North America I’ve collected inspirational quotes since I was in high school. The one that currently hangs above my monitor and I see each day is: “Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.” It really embodies how I was raised, how I saw my parents act each and every day and how I try to practice what they lived. 59