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Your survival guide for Web Summit


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Web Summit is one of the biggest business and technology events on the calendar this year. If you’re flying into Ireland for the event, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you must do while in Dublin.

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Your survival guide for Web Summit

  1. 1. Survival guide AV #1 Polish your elevator pitch. There will be lots of opportunities to meet, connect with others and talk aboutyour business at Web Summit. D #3 Bring warm clothes. Ireland isn't the warmest country, and it's sometimes cold inside the main RDS hall, especially first thing each morning. 1 5 0 O # Make allowances for time spent getting to and from Summit. The RDS (where Web Summit takes place) is a busy part of Dublin city, and the roads will be congested each morning and evening. (9 #7 Check in on Monday. You can register at the airport this year. This should be queue- free and you can also check in on Monday between 10.00 and 20.00. A. #9 Divide and conquer. lfyou’re attending with colleagues, decide on who will attend what talk and when. This way, you and your team will be able to see more of Web Summit and network with other attendees. #11 Take a batch of business cards. There will be opportunities to give them out during the event, and you never know who will ask you about your business. 8: #13 Follow our Twitter list of Web Summit speakers. Remember, many of these speakers will engage you with you online afterwards, and they will make their slides publicly available. Y©l #15 Dine out at Food Summit. You'll get a quality and Irish artisan food (think smoked salmon, Irish spiced beef, and traditional farmhouse cheese) for lunch. Tasty. #17 Check out the Night Summit events. This is where a lot of the networking happens. 51> #19 Follow the Web Summit @WebSummitHQ and Sage @Sagelre| and. This way, you can keep up to date with what's happening in real—time and discover the best content coming out of Web Summit. #21 Or Chicago. Sage Summit is the biggest small and medium business conference in the world. It also has the biggest names and the hottest business topics . . . all in the Windy City. E #WebSummit #2 M Wear comfortable shoes. Web Summit is broken up into various smaller summits, and there's a notable distance between the two main areas. Expect to spend time on yourfeet. #4 ‘EU Check out the list of speakers in advance. Download the Web Summit app. This contains your ticket for registration and has a full updated schedule on it. Sage CEO Stephen Kelly is speaking on the Enterprise stage at 14.45 on 3rd November. #6 Q Don't forget yourticket. Download the app. You'll also need to bring a photo ID so the event organisers know you are who you say you are. 0 f' #8 abs Make time to network. Where possible arrange meetings with fellow attendees and speakers in advance as the event will be crowded. Use the app to find people and connect with them in advance. There are lots of people attending from Sage, and we would love to meet you at Web Summit. #10 -0: Bring your phone and laptop charger. Make sure you have a data plan. To back up the wifi, which was an issue last year, the 4G signal has been boosted. #12 S7 Use relevant hashtags. The official social media hashtag is #websummit. Don't forget #Sagem entorHours. #14 Watch how the experts do it. Do you present a lot or would you simply like to improve your skills speaking in front of crowds? Web Summit includes some ofthe best business presenters in the world, and it's the perfect place to study the masters at work. #16 D Stock up on swag. A lot of the exhibitors (keep an eye out for Sage, we've got the best stuff! ) will want to give you little gifts like notepads and USB sticks. And coffee. There will be lots of free coffee. #18 Explore Dublin. If you're staying near Web Summit, you could go out for an early morning run or enjoy a pint of Guinness after the event. #20 46:»- Plan for Lisbon in 2016. This is the Web Summit's last year in Dublin for the foreseeable future. Bye Bye, Ireland. Hello Portugal‘.