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Endorsements For FGP


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Some satisfied clients that attest to the efficacy of our methodology

Published in: Marketing
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Endorsements For FGP

  1. 1.       I have been in the process of selling a property at the corner of Castro & San Pablo Avenue next to the Greyhound Station over the past few months. The property for years has suffered from blight, and constant random tagging. It was an obvious eyesore at a heavily travelled intersection at the entrance to the Uptown District.  In December I was approached by Sage Loring of Fuming Guerilla Productions to provide services to the owner by working with local artists to paint a large mural which has vastly improved the perception of the property, and has eliminated tagging at the building.     I wanted to endorse Sage and Fuming Guerilla Productions, in case you might also benefit from their services in your respective project. It also adds to the arts and vibrancy that Oakland has always been known for.   After looking at the other work they have done (especially around Oakland) I have no hesitancy in endorsing this organization in bringing a unique and effective approach using art as a medium for beautification.      Tom Limon Senior Associate CA RE License #01894442      Newmark Cornish & Carey Apartment Advisors 26252 Eden Landing Road Hayward, CA 94545 T 510.300.0218 M 510.333.2846 F 510.300.0201      
  2. 2. Trellis Solutions 32 Britain Street, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M5A 1R6 ● 1721 Broadway, Suite 201, Oakland, CA 94609 To whom it may concern, FGP & Local Edition MKTG provided our company with a unique service; content marketing and branding via an original hand-painted mural. The art, located at a high traffic spot, provides a subtle advertising piece for Trellis. This project was masterfully executed to ensure that the artwork also serves as a public art piece for the residents of Oakland, Ca. This is a hard to balance request and it turned out beautifully executed. Sage and his team were professional and executed on-time and at the agreed upon price. We look forward to future collaborations and recommend their services to anybody looking to incorporate something unique for their business." Sincerely, Pranav Sood
  3. 3. 1 970 Grace Avenue 510.597.1619 Oakland, CA 94608 destinyarts.orgOakland, CA 94608 2 August 11, 2015 Dear Sage, On behalf of Destiny Arts Center, I would like to commend you for your work activating our city landscape by facilitating professional artwork by local artists on commercial properties throughout our city. The mural we commissioned with your organization, Fuming Guerilla on the primary façade of our arts center on Stanford Avenue has instantly improved the aesthetic quality of the building as well as provided several benefits; 1) it is an interesting and relevant piece of art from a local artist, 2) it deters graffiti on our storefront and, 3) has deterred graffiti vandalism from the surrounding area. The mural also serves as a virtual window from the street into our arts center, showcasing our performing and martial arts programs for youth as we move young people to peace. The artworks has also been well received by our neighbors and passersby, who comment on the overall impact of activating this idle commercial building with a welcoming community and cultural space. On behalf of the board of directors, staff and families at Destiny Arts Center, thank you for contributing to the cultural vibrancy of our neighborhood and our city. Sincerely, Cristy Johnston Limon Executive Director Destiny Arts Center exists to end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people. Each year, our programs serve more than 2,000 socioeconomically diverse, multi- ethnic youth, ages 3 to 24, at our new center in North Oakland and over 20 public school sites (K-12) in Oakland and the Bay Area.
  4. 4. To whom it may concern, In building my new business, Acala Studios, I quickly realized that there are jobs best left to the professionals. When I needed 3 huge murals painted in my business, I dreaded the possibilities. Being an artist myself, I am familiar with the challenges of commissioning large works from artists. Keeping artists happy, working, and most importantly, on time and on budget, can be an enormous feat. I could not be happier with the services that Sage and Fuming Guerilla Productions (FGP) provided my business. His knowledge of artists and the art world were only bested by his managerial skills. All works contracted to FGP were completed on time and on budget, and I could not be any happier with the art created. Often, when working with artists there are egos and personalities to consider. Sage did a great job in dealing with all issues that came up. I highly recommend Sage and Fuming Guerilla Productions. Richard Langhammer 917-822-5403 CERN