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balaji wafers

  2. 2. HISTORY The history of Balaji Wafers begins with the era when Chandubhai and Bhikubhai were working on contract basis for supplying the wafers to the canteen of astron theatre at Rajkot city. But at that time they got the raw materials from the 3rd party and than they manufactured and supplied the same to the canteen of Astron Theater but there were a problem of short as well as delay in supply of products on time. So they decided to manufacture wafers on their own and supply the same to canteen and thus the foundation of Balaji Wafers was first setup but without any brand name in 1982. They started producing wafers in bulk without any compromise in quality and taste of the products. This development had lead BALAJI from normal wafers producer to BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD in 1990.
  3. 3. MISSION Betterquality Excellence in technology Speedy service Management expertise
  4. 4. HEALTH & SAFETY ENVIRONMENT Balaji industry produces smoke in a huge amount, to fight it, they have plant tress to their surroundings in the ratio of 1:3. They have kept the space for entering the fire bridge in an emergency. They have above 50 transportation vehicles but they keep on regular checking their pollution control of vehicle. They also have the recycle facilities, which help to consume less plastics. If they do not keep environment clean than water is polluted, the air is full of smoke and chemicals, food contains poisons, people (and plants and animals) get sick.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES OF HSE:- Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our people. Minimizing impacts on environment and producing safe and environmentally-friendly products. Protecting Alston assets and reducing business interruption. Security and/or Loss Prevention.
  6. 6. FUTURE PLAN Future plan means the company forecasts about its future goals and tries to achieve them at minimum cost and in the better way. Without any future target any company cannot run for long period. Though future is always uncertain but we can make it possible as our desire by making various creative efforts. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD located recently a new plant with high technology and ultramodern computerized in Rajkot at Kalawad road. The company is planning to sell its product at other states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Goa etc.
  7. 7. CONCULSION1. Only 20% have idea of occupational health and safety (i.e middle level).2. 20% i.e. middle level work for 6-8 hr. daily ,70% of workers work for 8-10hr. daily and watch man work for 10 hr.3. For manager environment is critical and for workers is non-critical.4. Those who as chosen critical environment they have select noisy ascritical environment.5. Most of the worker as face skin burn as an accident.
  8. 8. 6. Balaji gives Mask , Gloves And Emergency box as anoccupational health and safety equipments to each and everyemployees.7. No one is suffering for any disease except skin burn.8. Only middle level provided health facilities and medical funds.9. Medical fund is enough for middle level employees .10. Yes, Balaji industry produces smoke, this is agree by all theemployees.11. No personal protective equipment given by the company.12.Company provide first aid to all the employees in case of emergency.13. Company have fire extinguisher facility , but 30% of employees isonly knowing , that how to use in the emergency.