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  3. 3. An Industrial Report On Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd Rajkot With Specialization In Safety And Healthy Environment Submitted To Amity University Ahmedabad In Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of B.B.A Prepared By Sagar Parajiya S.Y.B.BA.Roll NoExam NoAcademic Year Guided By Ms. Poonam Shrama 3
  5. 5. AMITY UNVERSITY AHMEDABAD This is to certify that Mr. Sagar Parajiya a student ofS.Y.B.B.A. Carried out the industrial report on BALAJIWAFERS PVT LTD Rajkot with specialization in channel ofdistribution. As per Noida University syllabus he hasprepared the report under my guidance and direction.Academic year 2012-13PlaceDate Guided By 5
  6. 6. Ms.Poonam Shrama ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am very thankful to our college principal ManishDholakia and our guide Ms. Poonam Shrama for theirvaluable guidance and help for their cooperation inmaking my training feasible. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to theexecutive persons of BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD namely themarketing manager Mr. Nayan Tank, the salesrepresentative Mr. Jay Sachdev and other executives ofthe company who gave me all the information abut thecompany and spent their valuable time for giving me thedetails about my selected topic of channel of distribution. Lastly I would like to thank my family, friends and wellwishers to encourage me and make me reach at this level. Sagar Parajiya 6
  7. 7. INDEXSr. No Particular Page No 1 General Information 10 2 Marketing Department 30 3 Channel Of Distribution 42 A ) Channel Of Distribution 43 B) Physical Distribution 65 4 Future Plans 74 5 Conclusions 75 6 SWOT Analysis 76 7 Findings And Recommendation 78 8 Bibliography 80 9 Limitations Of The Report 81 7
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION For preparation of an industrial training report it is veryimportant to understand the general matters of thecompany without the information of such matters thereport it is very important to understand the generalmatters of the company. Without the information of such matters the report isincomplete as it does not provide a perfect knowledge ofcompany these type of general matters are considered inthe section of general information. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD produces ready to eat fooditems now a day’s people are fond of eating ready to eatfood and BALAJI name is very popular in Gujarat andsaurashtra. It has the one and only fully automatic plant inGujarat the main objective of the company is to providedbest quality product at the cheapest rate we can also saytheir mission is quality first coast second the market of theproduct is large and comprehensive. 8
  9. 9. COMPANY PROFILEName Of The Company BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTDHead Office BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD Vajdi(Vad), Kalavad Road Taluka Lodhika Rajkot 360003Trade Mark BALAJIYear Of Establishment 1982Nature Of Product Food Item(Snacks)Production Capacity 1200 Kgs Per HourSize And Form Of Size Medium Scale UnitCompany Form Private LimitedSlogan Any Time Crunchy All Time FreshBankers Corporation BankPhone No 0281-23871322385744Fax No 0281-2389300E-Mail Address Contact@Balajiwafers.Com 9
  10. 10. Website www.Balajiwafers.Com MISSION 1. To provide ultimate value satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality commensurate with price through a. Better quality b. Excellence in technology c. Speedy service d. Management expertise 2. Too much preferred organization for both its future and present a. Employees b. customerssuppliers c. Related agencies and society at large d. Share holders 3. Continue its march towards program and retain its front line BALAJI a symbol of quality 10
  11. 11. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT History is the mirror of the past it shows theglorious efforts done by the promoters of thecompany in the past the history speaks of the pastperformance about the financial performance,development of the company and the presentsituation. Balaji wafers has also an interesting historybehind the establishment Mr. Bhikubhai the chairmanand Mr. Chandubhai the managing director of thecompany worked very hard to reach at the currentposition. The history of Balaji Wafers begins with the erawhen Chandubhai and Bhikubhai were working oncontract basis for supplying the wafers to the canteenof astron theatre at Rajkot city. Shri Meghji Virani, Bhikubhai Virani, ChandubhaiVirani and Kanubhai Virani are the sons of ShriPopatbhai Virani of Dhundhoraji village of Jamnagardistrict. 11
  12. 12. But at that time they got the raw materials fromthe 3rd party and than they manufactured andsupplied the same to the canteen of Astron Theaterbut there were a problem of short as well as delay insupply of products on time. As these kinds of problemcan lead a business to peril and can ruin it somethinghad to be done in these regards as an ultimatesolution to all the problems they decided tomanufacture wafers on their own and supply thesame to canteen and thus the foundation of BalajiWafers was first setup but without any brand name in1982. Since the taste and quality was excellent,demand for their wafers was increasing day by day topace with this increasing demand of wafers in marketthey started producing wafers in bulk without anycompromise in quality and taste of the products theyacquired a small place with very limited investmentwith indigenous frying method thereafter asemiautomatic plant was established with aproduction capacity of 200kgs per hour they startedselling their product initially in ordinary packing butafter upgrading the technology they used decentpacking to attract cream market and thus got moremarket share in the food market. This developmenthad lead BALAJI from normal wafers producer toBALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD in 1990. 12
  13. 13. DEVELOPMENT Development means what the company haddone it the past and how much overall efficiency hasincreased till today Balaji Wafers has come long waysince establishment and has firmly established itself asa leader in high quality product and has maderemarkable improvement both in services and qualityof products. The initial investment of the company was onlyRs. 25000 in recent stage it has assets of Rs. 5 croresand will be increase in future the companyconforming with many hardest and make a progressand development which may be described byfollowing ways. 1. It started a production in simple packing and without brand name and satisfied the demand at canteen since, the quality is best the demand of the product was increased. 2. This development had lead BALAJI from normal wafer producers to BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD in 1990 up to now BALAJI was producing the products manually. 13
  14. 14. 3. After then to meet the demand they started manufacturing the product in semiautomatic plant the production capacity of this machinery was 200 kgs per hour. 4. After then they adopt a highly techniqued fully automatic plant which is only one in whole of Asia the production capacity at this plant is 1200 kgs per hour. Recently they set up a huge fully automaticplant for production as well as nitrogen packing forlong term preservation of the products. 14
  15. 15. CORPORATE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Company has its own culture and identity inbusiness world it is effort of the company to maintainidentity and to be no 1 in global market company hasfixed its goals and laid down some certain mission toachieve them. CORPORATE GOALS 1. To ensure quality at all stages. 2. To increase productivity and market share of the firm. 3. To increase the profitability of the firm. 4. Provide speedy services and satisfies the need and wants of the society. 5. To keep a slim and trim but fully satisfied management team to operate faster and to achieve higher levels of business and growth effectively. 6. To effort foreign customer and export the product in near future. OBJECTIVES Obviously primary objective of any company isto profit maximization but in present competitivemarketing approach profit maximization should notbe one and only goal but it is a short term goal everycompany wants to increase prestige market share etcso wealth maximization becomes important goal of 15
  16. 16. company which is also long term goal of the company. KEY PERSONS OF THE COMPANYMr. Bhikubhai Virani ChairmanMr. Chandubhai Virani Managing DirectorMr. Kanubhai Virani Technical DirectorMr. Keyur Virani Research And Development ManagedMr. Hitesh Virani General ManagerMr. Nayan Tank Marketing ManagerMr. Jay Sachdev Sales Representative 16
  17. 17. SIZE AND FORM OF THE ORGANIZATION SIZE Industries can be categorized on the basis of capitalinvested in it there are three categories. 1. Small scale industry. 2. Medium scale industry. 3. Large scale industry. So far as BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is concerned it cancategorized as medium scale industry because as per newindustrial law the investment limit prescribed bygovernment for small scale industries is 5 crores. Investment about more than 5 crores is calledmedium scale industries BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD hasinvested more than 5 crores. FORM OF ORGANIZATION According to John Piffiner “Organization is anessentially a matter of man to man job to job anddepartment to department.” There are different types of organization like 1. Line organization 2. Staff organization 3. Line and staff organization 17
  18. 18. 4. Committee organization5. Project organization6. Matrix organization TIME KEEPING SYSTEM Time is very important for any business unit any business unit as from the title time keeping system we can say that under this system the arrival and exit time of the employees is noted Balaji wafers is having mainly a general shift and in between they have a lunch break of one hour which is mentioned as follows. General shift 8am to 5 pm Lunch break 12 pm to 1 pm 18
  19. 19. LOCATION FACTORS Location plays an important role in establishment of anew unit every business entrepreneur of a business unitmust give full consideration to the suitable location forenterprise because success or failure is highly dependedon the location for enterprise because success or failure ishighly depended on the location of the unit optimumlocation point is expected to give the lowest unit cost ofproduction as well as of distribution and hence it can bemost profitable for the business an entrepreneur must bechoosing an ideal location at the time of launching theenterprise in other words all the pertinent factorsinfluencing location will have to be taken into account andweighed very carefully. So far as BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is concerned itrequires potatoes, edible oil , iodized salt, bananas ,mungdal, chanaldal, vatana etc in the production ofvarious type of product such raw materials available atRajkot very easily main reason for such location of the unitare as follows: AVAILABILITY OF RAWMATERIALS 19
  20. 20. The most important factor, which is directly affectedto the product, is the availability of raw material forproducing the product.These respective product and its raw materials of BalajiWafers are:- products raw materials Potato Wafers Farali Chevdo Potatoes Mungdal MungDal ChanaDal ChanaDal Vatana Peas Peanuts Roasted Peanuts Masala Sing Sing Bhujiya Besan Groundnut 20
  21. 21. Ratlami Sev Besan , Mathdal Banana Wafers Banana In addition to these iodized salt edible oil, chillypowder, black pepper etc all the raw material is requiredso whichever material is easily available at nearest place.Potatoes are purchased from Disa, Ahmedabad and Suratthrough dealers as per requirement. ELECTRICITY:- The availability of electric power is very essential forany unit where production is done 24 hours continuously.BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD gets electricity from G.E.B. and inabsence of G.E.B. light it can be operated by their owngenerators. LABOR:- For running industry main essentially is the laborbecause without man any work is not start so, man is focusof any industry essential supply of labor is in requiredquantity is also taken into consideration while establishingan industry if the company can find skilled andexperienced labor at minimum wage rate it can reach toits organizational goals in time in Rajkot city both skilled andsemiskilled labors are available the level of education isalso high in Rajkot. 21
  22. 22.  TRANSPORTATION:- For every industry transportation facilities have muchimportant to run their work regularly and smoothly as to getraw material quickly as well as to supply their finishedgoods to the market. Rajkot has an all weather part so there is no problemof transportation for BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD moreoverRajkot has all the facility of transportation except seawaylike railway airway and road way etc it is well known thatrailway of Rajkot has the direct connection with thenational railway line. 22
  23. 23. FACILITIES GIVEN TO THE EMPLOYEES It is the duty of any unit to provide beneficiary servicesto the employees of the unit.Balaji Wafers also providesmany basic welfare facilities to the employees. Thiscompany provides the following beneficial facilities to theemployees undertaken to the provision of the law.Facilities given to the employees are as follows:- 1. Bonus is paid every year. 2. It also provides transportation facility. 3. It also provides refreshment facility. 4. At the time of any accident during the course of employment the company provides first aid and hospital expenses. 5. Company also provides it s product at a concession rate to employees. 6. At the time of any family function of the employees company provide several facilities like gift articles etc. 7. Music and song at production place. 8. Lunch is also given to the employees at a rate of Rs. 5 per dish. 23
  24. 24. TURNOVER OF BALAJI Turnover refers to total annual sales turnover so far asBALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is concerned its annual turnover isaround 60 crores for all products.Now let us classify the turnover according to wafers andnamkeen.Wafers 85%Namkeens 15% 24
  25. 25. PRODUCTS OF THE COMPANY The product is the most important element by whichany firm can prove its efficiency and improvement ofquality product is a symbol of the business firm. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is engaged in the productionof food item they produce 12 different types of snacksitems which are as under:-1 Potato Wafers.2 Masala Wafers.3 Banana Wafers.4 Masala Banana Wafers.5 Farali Chevdo.6 Peanuts.7 Ratlami Sev.8 Sing Bhujiya.9 Mung Dal.10 Chana Dal.11 Vatana.12 Masala Sing. 25
  26. 26. CHART OF PRODUCTION PROCESS The company has a fully automatic plant especiallyfor the production of wafer the capacity of this plant isnearly 1200 kgs per hour the production process of wafers isas under in short. Raw material Washing Boiling Frying Ingredients Packing In case of namkeens there is a special boilingmachine the process of different namkeens are as follows:- Boiling Frying Ingredients Packing 26
  27. 27. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH Research is the application of human intelligence insystematic manner to a problem. It may minimize the totaluncertainty by intelligence use of the most reliable dataavailable in the organization. According to P.V. Young we may define researchmethodology as scientific undertaking which by means oflogical and systematized method, aims to discover newfacts. STEPS IN RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY:- 1. Selection or choice of research problem. 2. Understanding the research problem. 3. Collection and review of knowledge of written material. 4. Selection of the most promising method of solution. 5. Listing and selection of different tools of data collection. 6. Execution of research plan. 7. Coding and processing of research data. 8. Preparation of the brief report. 9. Preparation of the final report. 27
  28. 28. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Marketing is essential for all the organizationsmarketing is the tool by which an industry can earn profitby selling product. It is true, nothing happens I oureconomy until somebody sell the product “as seeing theimportance of marketing its organization structure must bewell prepared the flow of authority is from upward todownward and the flow of responsibility is from down wardto upward be necessary. Chairman Managing directors Director Marketing manager Area wise sales man 28
  29. 29. PRODUCT PLANNING Product planning means the planning for the productthat is to decide what type of production is to beproduced or what needs or requirement the product hasto satisfy and for whom the product is meant. Productplanning is an important concept for any industry. Everyindustry must plan its products as which result profitable forthe company and satisfy the consumer wants So far as Balaji Wafers is concerned it mainly produces 1. Potato Wafers 2. Masala Potato Wafers 3. Banana Wafers 4. Banana Masala Wafers 5. Farali Chevdo 6. Ratlami Sev 7. Sing Bhujiya 8. Chana Dal 9. Peanuts 10. Mung dal 11. Vatana 12. Masala Sing It plans its product in order to maintain existingcustomers in fact BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD does not requiremuch of product planning it has a very good marketingnetwork and also a very good market for its product. 29
  30. 30. PRICING POLICY Out of 6 Ps of marketing mix pricing is one of themprice of the product is main element in any organization.Therefore, decision regarding price is the most vitaldecision for a marketing manager. Right price canpromote sales of the company. While wrong price affectsthe sales of the company largely, so mixing of price is moreimportant than all other tasks. Pricing is an important element of the marketingdepartment. a company has to setup the pricing policyconsidering so many factors such as demand, competition,government interference etc even company has its ownpricing policy. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is in concerned the companytries to keep least prices than competitors price lowerprices are there because of their minimum advertisementcost. The company has adopted retail pricing policy underthe policy the company binds the retailers to sale thebranded goods at the fixed rate decided. 30
  31. 31. TARGET AUDIENCE AND COMPETITORS TARGET AUDIENCE The target customers means the target is fixed basedon level of customer’s age, sex, needs, wants, demand,competition, and changing fashion of the society. As far as Balaji Wafers is concerned the market of thecompany is evolved and large the product of “BALAJI" is afood product so the main audience of the company ischildren and young people. COMPETITORS The following are the competitors of BALAJI WAFERSPVT LTD 1. Ruffles Lays 2. Uncle Chips 3. Samrat 4. Laher 5. Kurkure 31
  32. 32. ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement is an important aspect in marketing. Itis concerned with the preparation of visual and oralmessages for making people aware of and favorablyinclined towards product, brand, service, quality andinstitution and so on. The ultimate aim of advertising is tocontribute towards increase sales and to increase profit. Itis a specialized technique of popularizing the product andis indispensable in the marketing of goods. Advertising is a powerful promotion tool to establishand retain brand loyalty, whether a company isintroducing new produces or expanding the existing one.Advertising is inevitable in this modern competition market.It can be done through various ways. So far as “BALAJI” is concerned it also spent a goodamount on advertising. It makes advertising by followingways:- 1. Lighting board 2. Banners 3. Kitchen 4. Calendar 5. Wall painting 6. Wall clock 32
  33. 33. CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION Channel of distribution is the route or ways throughwhich goods or services move from the place ofproduction to place of consumption. In modern marketingso many channel of distribution exist. Channel of distribution have a vital role especially inthe distribution of consumer goods. The most innovativeproduct offered as an attractive price world is of no useunless there is as efficient distribution system. So far as Balaji Wafers is concerned its product is aconsumer product so it mainly sale the product directly toits dealer’s and distributor not to consumer. However it hasalso a big distribution network at various places in Gujarat In case BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD transportation anddispatch activities are performed by carry and forwardagencies. The names of carry and forward agencies andtheir areas are given below:- Kataria enterprise:-  Suarashtra north Gujarat and south Gujarat Swami Lilasha enterprise:-  Kutch 33
  34. 34.  Atmiya agencies:-  Rajkot & nearest areaThere are total 175dealers of BALAJI WAFERS PVT ltd in allover Gujarat we can show the channel of distribution ofthe company is as follows Company Carry and forward department Distributor Dealers Retailers Consumers 34
  35. 35. MARKETING RESEARCH Marketing research is the systematic collectionanalysis and separation of idea and reading andrelevant marketing situation facing the company itis highly necessary in this modern competitive age. A company can conduct marketing researchin different ways company can hire a marketingresearch firm also however, most of the largecompanies have their own marketing researchdepartment because in this competitive age nofirm can remain careless about a single change inmarket. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD has its own researchand development department which is handled byMr. Keyur Virani marketing research managerprepares actual reports about the market andsubmit the marketing research manager and tounderstand the problems regarding marketing. Research is conducted indifferent marketingfactors like product and service, sales, advertising,pricing, distribution packing etc. 35
  36. 36. BRANDING, PACKING AND SLOGAN BRANDING The word brand is a comprehensive term. The brand isto name or mark is a proof of ownership it means a signorsymbol of quality. it is the best means of advertising andpositioning in the market branding is the best means ofcapturing and retaining the consumer demand in acompetitive market the marketer can create brand equity,brand loyalty and brand image for his products onlythrough branding BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD has the brand name as“BALAJI”. PACKAGING Packaging may be defined as the general group ofactivities in the planning of a product these activitiesconcentrate on formulating a design of the package andproducing an appropriate and attractive container orwrapper for a product the container itself can act aforceful though silent and colorful salesman at the point ofpurchase or an effective medium of advertisementencouraging impulse buying many a time , packagedesign itself can act as a register brand, packaging isnecessary to present flowing out of such liquid. It is essentialto maintain freshness and quality; it can prevent thedanger of adulteration In BALAJI the packing is done by fully automaticpacking machine. They are able to prepare 180 to 100packs in 1 minute. 36
  37. 37.  SLOGANS The entire well known companies have selected aneffective and meaningful slogan to communicate withtheir customer about the product in very few words it is theexplanation of the product in one line in emotional waythe slogans with right meaning attract the consumer topurchase the particular product forever. Balaji has the following slogans:-IN ENGLISH “Any time crunchy All time fresh”IN GUJARATI“Jyare pan khav karkari ane taji” 37
  38. 38. WHAT IS SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT?Every person has a risk in the environmental public health,and as environments deteriorate, so does the mental andphysical health of the people who live in them. By creatingsafe and healthy environment, all of us can have betterfuture, success and prosperity in our life. A healthyenvironment contributes a healthy society, healthy businessand healthy people.A healthy environment can be achieved when people athome, hospital, school, workplace and communities havefresh, safe and clean air, water, and food. Keeping yourarea neat and clean is bound to show some good benefitsfor your health. Health and hygiene both goes hand-in-hand. If you’ll maintain hygiene then automatically you’llachieve a good health free of diseases.The environment influences our health in many differentways as exposure to chemical, physical, and biological riskfactors (such as contaminated water) and throughchanges in behavior in response to these factors. WorldHealth Organization (WHO) reported that around 80%diseases are regularly reported due to these risk factors.Our body is accustomed to the surroundings automaticallythus, exhibits number of ailments and diseases. Theeffective way of protecting environment is saving morenumber of trees. Trees help in keeping the environmentsafe and clean. The more the number of trees the more isthe amount of fresh air an environment can have. Manyorganizations are taking participation in saving trees for 38
  39. 39. fresh and unpolluted environment. Healthy environmentcan be attained by taking measures to prevent pollutions,clean surroundings, avoid using of polleythene bags, planttrees and make your area clean and green.To the whole in order to achieve safe and healthyenvironment excessive cleanliness and sanitation should beensured and this can be attained with the jointcooperation of the people of the society. 39
  40. 40. REASON FOR SELECTING THIS TOPICOur new Constitution says that everyone has the right to asafe and healthy environment.The quality of our environment affects all of us no matterwhere we live. The environment is our home. If it is nothealthy, we will not be healthy either. When people abusethe environment, this affects us all. If water is polluted, if theair is full of smoke and chemicals, if food contains poisons,people (and plants and animals) get sick.All people also have a responsibility to protect and use theenvironment in a way that will protect it for us, our children,and our grandchildren.Many people do not understand why we need to worryabout the environment. They think peoples needs andenvironmental needs cannot both be looked after, andthat people are more important than the environment.They say that our major aim must be creating economicgrowth and jobs, and that the green (environmental)agenda must take second place. Some people feel hurt orinsulted when others show concern over endangeredspecies like rhinos when children do not have enough toeat.But, the environment is really the whole planet on which welive. Everything (winds, trees, animals, insects, people, etc)forms part of the living system of earth. For example, treesare important because they make oxygen which helps usbreathe. If too many trees are cut down for firewood orfurniture this reduces the amount of oxygen going into the 40
  41. 41. earths system. Over time, this can have a very bad effecton people and animals. These are some examples of whatis happening to the earth because it has been exploitedand not protected: weather patterns have changed, thereare more droughts and more floods, the temperature isrising and most important, the ozone layer that shouldprotect us from the dangerous rays of the sun has beendamaged and does not work as effectively as it didbefore.So, it is important to protect the environment from beingexploited and it is the reason why people now talk aboutthe term sustainable development 41
  42. 42. OBJECTIVES OF SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTEnsuring a safe and healthy environment for our peopleMinimizing impacts on environment and producing safeand environmentally-friendly productsProtecting Alston assets and reducing businessinterruptionSecurity and/or Loss Prevention 42
  43. 43.  LIST OF DISTRIBUTORS1. Mr.Vallabhbhai Kataria 3. Mr. Anil Chandani Kataria Enterprise Swami Lilasa Enterprise Sole Distributor Sole Distributor Saurashtra Kutch Gujarat 4. Mr. Rimal Kataria2. Mr. Paras Kataria Kataria marketing Kataria Enterprise consultancy Sole Distributor Sole Distributor Saurashtra Gujarat Gujarat 43
  44. 44. TERMS AND CONDITIONS The producer must determine the conditions andresponsibilities of the participating channel members. Themain element in the trade relation mix is pricing, policies,condition of sales territorial rights and specific services tobe performed by each party. The BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD has the following type ofrules and regulations to channel members. 1. The delivery of goods must be delivered to every retailer for two times within a week. 2. The order must be placed or registered before 24 hours of route day. 3. The dealers have not been consulted with manufacture as sales the wafers and namkeen of any other company. 4. The dealer must insist to sales all the product of company. 5. They should be appropriately utilizing the allotted advertising materials. 44
  45. 45. 6. When the goods are reach according to order as requirement the payment must be made by bank draft of by cash. 7. Order should be registered regularly. 8. The price of the product should be taken as per the price offered or fixed by the company at some destination. 9. Every dealer must be submitting a retailers list of his allotted area regularly to company, so that the company takes a decision regarding the advertising and area. 10. The marketing must be made only within the boundary of area allotted or fixed by the company. If channel member breach any of the above rulesand regulation of the company can take back adealership. Generally this kind of deal may not be arising.In case this kind of problem arise then company first givechance to rectify the error and take appropriate decisionregarding dealership. 45
  46. 46. ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM Order processing is considered as the key to customerservice and satisfaction. Order processing includes receiving,recording, filing and assembling of product for dispatch. Theamount of time required from the date of receipt to an orderup to the date of dispatch of goods must be reasonable andas short as possible generally order cycle time must not exceedeight day. Markets are now using a computer system to speed uporder handling. A firm must have standard processing of order,this procedure should also include grand of credit invoicingand collecting of amount. Order processing procedure affects customer servicelevel in two ways:- 1. It affects order time (interval between two orders) 2. It affects the consistency of uniformity of delivery time. Generally customer is interested much more in theconsistency of delivery time that is assured delivery within afixed period always. 46
  47. 47. As regard to “BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD” it has very efficientordering processing procedure. It has receiving order fromchannel member and directly from retailer and customer alsothrough post, fax, telephone, e-mail and other communicationmedia. After receiving order it is recorded and filed than goodsare dispatched to its dealers according to his order with ordersof other customer of its dealers according to his order withorders of other customer of its market area who directly sendthe order to the company. This company delivered the goods to its dealers onlywithin 48 hours thus according to my point of view, thiscompany primarily interested in prompt, punctual, safe andreliable delivery services. 47
  48. 48. INVENTORY CONTROL Inventory is the physical stock of items which organizationkeeps hand for efficient and continuous running of aproduction it reduces investment in inventory but then alsoproduction should not suffer by that decision. It consist ofmanagement of raw materials components parts finishedgoods, semi-finished goods etc. The proper procedure of system for controlling overinventory is known as inventory control generally there arefollowing type of standard in inventory control. 1. The maximum 2. The minimum 3. The ordering point 4. The standard order So far as BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is concerned it has a verygood inventory control system. It has followed an ordering pointas standard of inventory control. It purchases a raw materialform various places according to need. If there is excess in rawmaterial then it is stored in store room, which is situated inlocation area of the company. However generally there is nomore excess raw material or finished goods than therequirement. Because the raw material are purchasedaccording the demand of the market. 48
  49. 49. WAREHOUSING FACILITY Storage warehouses are fixed facilities where we store ourinventory usually for a longer period. Warehouse creates timeutility and can stabilize price over a certain period. It canregularly market supplies according to changing marketdemand time wise. We have private warehouses owned byuser. There are also public firm who sell storage space andprofessional firm who sell storage space and perform manywarehousing function on reasonable commission of fee. In BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD the main raw material is potatoand in the market seeing the more demand of potatoes thecompany purchases it in advance in required quantitybecause all the raw materials are food items in nature thereare chances of being affected by the natural factors like heat,moisture, humidity which is harmful to these raw materials.Therefore they are stored in such a way in required quantitythat they don’t get damaged from the effects of climatic andother atmospheric changes. The company is not having its own warehouse they utilizethe public warehouse for getting the required raw materials intime for instance it has a small godown within the companypromises which has the sufficient stock stored for continuousproduction process. 49
  50. 50. TRANSPORTATION Marketers need to concern with their company’stransportation decision transportation choice will affect theproduct pricing, on time delivery, performance and thecondition of the goods when they arrive, all of which affect theconsumer satisfaction so transportation policy of the companyshould be such which ministers the companies transportationcost which is included in the total product cost of the unitproduced. So it should be such which minimizes the totalproduct cost and at the same time able to maximize thecustomer satisfaction by providing right time delivery. There are many modes of transportation 1. Roadways 2. Seaways 3. Airways 4. Railways BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD uses only roadway transportationfor the movement of raw materials before and after productionprocess for transporting goods to company and to customer orits channel member and its ultimate customer through dealers. 50
  51. 51. FUTURE PLAN Future plan means the company forecasts about its futuregoals and tries to achieve them at minimum cost and in thebetter way. Without any future target any company cannot runfor long period. Though future is always uncertain but we canmake it possible as our desire by making various creativeefforts. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD has achieved great success inestablishing good brand image, prestige and reputation overthe consumer market. BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD located recently a new plant withhigh technology and ultramodern computerized in Rajkot atKalawad road. The company is planning to sell its product atother states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Goa etc. 51
  52. 52. CONCLUSION BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is the adventure of GujaratiFamily. It is located at GIDC Rajkot and almost all the cities ofGujarat they have their dealers. In this company the internal relation between the workersand management are very well. All the workers andmanagement behave with each other as family members. It isthe plus point of the company. The management of thecompany is well planned and very effective. On the point of completing this visit report I amconcluding that BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is very well developed,well organized and progressive company. My heartily best wishes are always with them for theirgreat sparkling and bright future. 52
  53. 53. SWOT ANALYSIS:- The following are the strength, weakness, opportunity, andthreats of BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD:- STRENGTH 1. Balaji is an established brand in region of Gujarat hence it enjoy very good brand name. 2. Balaji has a strong distribution network in Gujarat. 3. Balaji is the first company to launch the wafers in Gujarat market. 4. Company gives healthy profit margin to retailers so they are also very satisfied with company’s product. 5. To maintain quality at any cost is the first and strong object of the company. 6. Balaji having the one and only fully automatic plant for production in Gujarat. 7. Balaji has a long experience in relating region of Gujarat. Hence it can use them as an advantage to establish its leaders in the market. WEAKNESS 1. Balaji does not aggressively advertise on T.V. or in other media. 2. In this company there is no facility of own warehouse. 53
  54. 54.  OPPORTUNITY 1. Balaji is a well known established brand in wafer market in Gujarat. Hence it can use its brand name further established itself in the national market. 2. As the real income of the people increases day by day, there are lots of avenues that can be explored by the company to attract potential market in the urban, semi urban and rural areas. The company is now launching the products in Maharashtra state. THREATS:- Balaji switching amongst consumer has increased due tonew entrances offering various products in the market so it maybe possible that the regular customer of BALAJI start trying tobuy other brands of wafer. Hence the company must keepupgrading its product list to suit and match the faster and everchanging demand of customer and to give them maximumsatisfaction. 54
  55. 55. FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:- FINDINGS1) AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT In relation to this question all the retailers replied positively, which shows 100% availability of all the products of BALAJI on time without any delay.2) POPULARITY OF THE PRODUCT When I asked about customer’s preference or about the product highly demanded by the customers, the retailers said that a. Highest demand is for potato chips b. Second is for Farali Chevdo c. Third is for namkeens like ratlami sev etc. d. Fourth is for sing. 55
  56. 56. 3) OPTION FOR UNSOLD GOODS For unsold goods dealers should provide option like money back or changing of the stock etc. BALAJI dealers also give the option of replacement it is one of the good techniques of promoting the product. All the retailers got replacement facility however in reality most of the retailers said that there hasn’t been the case of unsold stock. RECOMMENDATION BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD is profit making company. It workssmoothly since it is established there the company follows allthe principles of physical distribution and also follows standardordering processing system and it has also control the inventoryby appropriate department. The distribution channel of thecompany works efficiently and effectively towards achievingthe goals with full of confidence and cooperation. Therefore there is no need for recommendation to thecompany but I feel that if the company starts advertising onlarge scale on television media it can expand the business fromGujarat to whole of nation and after that even at internationallevel because the quality is high of the product so I see a brightfuture of this company in India. All my best wishes are with them for sparkling future. 56
  57. 57. LIMITATIONS OF THE REPORT1. The following are the limitations of my project report2. The report is prepared for education purpose3. Much information has been taken from secondary sources; therefore it is quite possible that it may have some misleading information.4. The report is affected by personal influence.5. It is not possible to include each and every information of the company in the report.6. There may be printing mistakes in the report due to oversight. 57
  58. 58. 58
  59. 59. QUESTIONNAIRE(1) Do you have idea of occupational health and safety?1. Yes2. No(2) What are your daily working hours?1. Daily less than 6 hours2. Daily 6-8 hours3. Daily 8-10 hours4. Daily more than 10 hours(3) How is your working environment?1. Critical2. Non-critical(4) If Critical: then what are the problems you are facing?1. Vapors2. Radioactive rays3. Noisy4. Other(5) How many accidents have been occurred since the time you areworking here?1. No accidents2. 1-5 accidents3. 5-10 accidents4. More than 10 accidents 59
  60. 60. (6) What type of occupational health and safety equipments has beenprovided to you in your working environment? Just check them1. Overall2. Mask3. Gloves4. Spectacles5. Eye drops6. Emergency Box7. Foot wears8. Other(7) Do you have any disease due to your working environment?1. Yes2. No(8) If yes, then what type of diseases you have due to your workingenvironment?1. Respiratory diseases2. Skin Diseases3. Hypertension4. Other(9) Are you provided with health facilities?1. Yes2. No(10) Are you provided with medical fund?1. Yes2. No(11) If yes, then is this medical fund enough for you?1. Yes2. No 60
  61. 61. (12)Is your industry produces smoke?1. Yes2. No(13)Do you have personal protective equipment?1. Yes2. No(14)Do your company provide first aid in emergency?1. Yes2. No(15)Your industry has fire extinguisher facility?1. Yes2. No 61