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Collaborate cloud

  1. 1. $ @ y��� �fi�� �� ��� �l�u�Manage your entire organization with just one tool
  2. 2. What is Collaborate Cloud?Collaborate Cloud is a collaboration and work management platform thatempowers enterprises to collaborate easily, be more productive and managetheir entire organization with just one tool. It’s like Facebook for your enterprisebut private and secure.Access it anywhereCollaborate Cloud uses cloud technology and allows you to access the platform fromanywhere. You can work from office, home or on the go. Web Whether you are in office, home or elsewhere you can easily access your private network through any of the browsers. Mobile Don’t miss out on any update and stay connected with your enterprise network through Mobiles or Tablets. We support iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
  3. 3. People &CommunicationContacts & Team ManagementAdd all your employees, customers, collaborators & vendors to the network. Groupinto Teams, provide access permissions & roles. Store your complete Address Bookwith full details. Export or Sync anytime.WorkroomsCreate Workrooms based on Departments, Clients, Team or Groups. Limit access tofiles, messages and updates to people within the workroom. Collaborate, Communicate& Share easily in a private & secure virtual room.Status Updates & Activity FeedsShare quick status updates, files or links with your entire organization. Make enterprisewide rules & announcements instantly. Stay in the loop & on top of everything followingyour teams or groups activities. Find out what your peers are working on.
  4. 4. Private MessagesSend private messages to one or more members. Easily collaborate on messages andstart a discussion. Comment or Share files within messages. Keep all your messagesorganized with labels & filters.Instant ChatsInstant text chats for quick conversation with anyone within your entire organization.Easily connect with your peers. Find out who is online and available.Comment AnythingComment anything within your entire network. Comment on status updates orannouncements, files, tasks, messages, activities – anything at all. Start a discussioninstantly and share your views & opinionsAlerts & NotificationsGet quick notifications on messages received, tasks assigned to you, comments onyour updates, files shared with you, events shared with you or any app activity relatedto you. Stay updated with daily & weekly digest of feeds.
  5. 5. Files &DocumentManagementUpload & Share Files, Images & PresentationsUpload & share large files, documents, images or presentations with your team orentire organization. Get views & opinions on your files from your team or comment ontheirs. Get quick previews of images & storage analytics.Manage & Group in FoldersOrganize your files within folders & workrooms. Move & Copy files from one location tothe other and sync the folders with your local directories.VersioningUpload new versions of the same file and allow collaborators to easily access them.Keep a copy of all old versions and allow team to compare and comment. Never lose afile or data.Access & PermissionsLimit access & permissions to specific files or directories. Share within workrooms,teams or give access to individuals. Control comments, file download & new uploadpermissions for individuals or teams.
  6. 6. Tasks &CalendarTrack Tasks & Sub-TasksCreate & Track Tasks & Sub-Tasks. Assign it to one or more employees. Share filesand comments within tasks. Track progress and status of completion. Get notificationson overdue & upcoming tasks.Create Events & MilestonesCreate events & milestones and share with other members. Specify who is responsiblefor the milestone or the event. Include files & messages within events and share it oncalendar.Day, Week & Month ViewTasks, Events & Milestones get synced up on Calendar. Track Due Dates. View Day,Week or Month calendars. Sync with Outlook & iCalendar.
  7. 7. AppsBuild your AppsBuild your own custom apps within minutes using our App Builder. Drag & Dropcontrols and easily build advanced forms. Validate, Control Visibility and Referenceother Apps. Build Multi-Tab Apps.Custom Workflow & RulesSpecify custom workflow & rules for your apps. Specify events, criteria and actions.Build advanced workflows easily. Exchange data across multiple apps and work theway you want.Integrate with Third Party Apps using Hooks,API & iFramesIntegrate with Third Party applications & legacy systems using Outbound Hooks &APIs. Specify criteria and events for outbound hooks. Integrate XML or jSON basedAPI with any application and access network data in a secure way. Include third partyapps within the network using iFrames.
  8. 8. Embed & Host AppsEmbed your apps on your website or host it through a public collaborate cloud URL.You could easily build customer support forms, surveys, job application forms, contactus and much more. Get all data feed into your workroom.Collaborate on AppsAdd Apps to your Workrooms and provide access to the entire team. Filter, Search anduse the app data the way you want. Comment and Collaborate. Receive feeds anddigest in your workroom for all app activity.App StoreYou easily pick pre-defined apps by our team or by other companies & developers.Filter based on type / category, popularity or launch date. Find apps for Sales, HR, IT,Operations, Marketing and other business functions. Publish your own apps and getrecognition and rewards. Stay updated with daily & weekly digest of feeds.
  9. 9. SearchUniversal SearchSearch anything in your entire network – people, files, messages, apps, tasks orevents. Use a single magic search to find anything. Collaborate Cloud also searcheswithin files & messages.Auto-CompleteAuto-Complete suggestions to let you find anything faster. Smart search with instanttype ahead.
  10. 10. Customization &AdministrationCustomize with Logo & ColorsCustomize the entire interface using your corporate branding – your company logo andcolors. Let the tool blend with the organizations culture and guidelines.User Permissions & RolesCustomize roles & permissions and limit access to your employees or contacts. Createcorporate hierarchy with specific permissions and allow people to use & see only whatthey should be.Privacy SettingsManage privacy and visibility of your messages, status updates, activity feeds and files.Share it within a workroom or with specific individuals.AnalyticsGet detailed analytics on the activity and usage of the entire system. Find out howpeople are connecting and using the platform. Get stats on storage, bandwidth, users,time spent etc.
  11. 11. BenefitsCollaborate Cloud drives real business results getting things done faster in less time.Based on our research we estimated that using Collaborate Cloud, business Save Use Resolve 30% 45% issues more time less email 70% fasterOpen Communication• Listen and Converse with your entire organization in real time, all the time.• Convey your vision easily to everyone & gain front-line visibility• Interact & Engage your employees, find & resolve bottle-necks and road blocks.• Keep the team motivated & energizedConnectivity & Mobility• Connect your entire organization across multiple offices, cities or countries.• Keep your field representatives connected with other representatives at office• Allow your employees to stay connected to work even at home or on the go.• Brainstorm, Innovate and Share ideas.
  12. 12. Save Time• Track progress, facilitate teamwork and get things done faster• Create knowledge base, guidelines, policies and eliminate redundancy.• Assign tasks, milestones and share important info with just a click• Accelerate your marketing campaigns, strategies & results.Save Money• Easily Build apps & custom workflows within minutes at no cost.• Capitalize on your existing investment and integrate your legacy systems orother third party tools• Pick apps from app store available at zero or minimimal cost• And yea Time is money.
  13. 13. DeploymentWe provide 3 options for deployment of oursolution available at different pricing models.Cloud HostingWe offer our solution over cloud hosting on secure servers hosted by Rackspace. Theplatform is available on demand based on your needs and you are billed monthly forthe usage. This is ideal for small to medium organizations.Private CloudWe host private instance of cloud exclusively for organizations which require largestorage capacities, extra bandwidth and / or more privacy & security. We manage,patch and keep the instance updated & secure. This is ideal for medium to largeorganizations.IntranetWe also provide intranet based deployment for large organizations who want to control& manage their own servers & network. We offer this solution at a yearly license fee.
  14. 14. SecurityWe understand your data is extremely importantand confidential and we are very protective of that.Physical Security• Data center access limited to Rackspace data center technicians• Biometric scanning for controlled data center access• Security camera monitoring at all data center locations• 24x7 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entrySystem Security• System patching configured by Rackspace to provide ongoing protection fromexploits• Dedicated firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access• Data protection with Rackspace managed backup solutions• Dedicated intrusion detection devices to provide an additional layer of protectionagainst unauthorized system accessCommunicationsAll private data exchanged over collaborate cloud is done using a 256-bit SSLcertificate and that is why you would see all your pages are served over HTTPS.
  15. 15. Go GreenGo PaperlessCollaborate Cloud is an excellent way to stayorganized and productive while helping theenvironment.Some Facts• 15% of organizations revenues are spent creating, managing and distributing documents• 60% of employee time is spent working with documents• 85% of business documents are in paper form• The average document is copied 5 times• 90% of a businesss information is in documents• At $30/hr, knowledge workers waste $4,500/year working with paperConsider the environmental impact ofjust 10 million pages:• 2,500 trees• 56,000 gallons of oil• 450 cubic yards of landfill space• 595,000 KW (kilowatts) of energy Let’s SAVE the WORLD. Adopt Collaborate Cloud.
  16. 16. $ @India Office:#261, Amarjyothi Layout,Inner Ring Road, Domlur,Bangalore 560071Karnataka+91 80 40943968For Sales Queries please email us atsupport@collaboratecloud.comwebsite:.