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We are the first professional muslim real estate consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

For any requirement related to real estate contact on +91 958 640 1050 or

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Real Estate Consultant

  1. 1. delivering LIFETIME value with smarter REAL ESTATE solutions
  2. 2. Who are WE A unique Real Estate cum property services providing company created with a view to deliver contemporary and finest Real Estate products and services to MUSLIM customers in AHMEDABAD With our market experience and research, we bring forth reliable and quality real estate projects and unfurl in front of you the best investment, lease, rent and other such solutions. So for the greatest property deals in & around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, look no further than COEN
  3. 3. What WE DO Real Estate Consultancy and Services          Residential Rental Residential Sale / Purchase Commercial Rental Commercial Sale / Purchase Land, Plots and Projects Documentations Premises Maintenance Loan Assistance Customer Services (Related to Property)
  4. 4. What WE DO Real Estate Investments:  Our thorough understanding of real estate market, network with real estate companies empower us to deliver the solution that fits your liking and budget
  5. 5. What WE DO Property Insurance:  Secure your dream home forever with insurance of your choice. Through meticulous research, we have compiled the best insurance products under one roof. With comparative analysis on critical parameters, we help you get the best deals
  6. 6. What WE DO Paying Guest Service:  Recently moved into a new city? Worried about finding an accommodation of your choice? Don’t look beyond Coen. We give you a broad choice of homes to choose from in the best localities for PG accommodation. Be it short term of long term, find the best from us
  7. 7. our PERIPHERY AHMEDABAD  Real estate consultancy & services  Real estate investments  Property insurance  Paying guest services* GUJARAT  Buying and selling of NA, NOC plots  Buying and selling of farm houses  Buying and selling of agricultural land  Buying and selling of big size plots  Investment in lands and plots
  8. 8. our TEAM With just a team of three dynamic, young, hard working guys; COEN provides customize attention to all its clients. This team includes; Adil Nagina: Marketing Colsultant Looks after all marketing activities as well as all kind of tie up i.e. corporate, builders etc. Safvan Shaikh: Sales Consultant Looks after buying, selling, market updates and finance Abdul Latif: Sales Executive Client visits, enquiry updating and follow-ups
  9. 9. our TIE UPs Corporates: To get good client base, we have tied up with some of the big corporates like FORD, Adani Infrastructure etc. Where in we will provide the accommodation facilities to all the Muslim employee of this company. We are also in the process for doing tie-ups with Pepsi, Jaypi Cements, Vodafone, Videocon Telecomunications, Cadila, Zydus etc. With this service, we will be the first consultant in the city to provide such services exclusive for corporate Muslim employees.
  10. 10. our TIE UPs Consultants: With the aim to provide best accommodation solution to migrated muslim employees we have tied up with CITY ESTATE MANAGEMENT one of the leading real estate consultant in the city. We are also in continuous contact with SPACE MANAEGMENT who are in this field since 1984
  11. 11. our TIE UPs Builders: To give maximum benefit to our clients we have tied up with some of the renowned muslim builders like AZA INFRA SPACE, INFINITY BUILDCOM, SNA INFRA, GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION, AAYAT INFRASTRUCTURE etc. This will benefit our clients in getting details of almost all the properties under one roof. They can compare, visit sites and decide with single point contact i.e. COEN
  12. 12. our TIE UPs Investment groups: In order to have good rented and lease properties, we have tied up with investment groups as well local investors. This will enhance the list of properties for rent. Also, we scrutinize the properties before presenting it to our clients.
  13. 13. our ADVANTAGE Creating Win-Win Situations: When you come to COEN, we not only appreciate your wants, but also understand your needs. And hence, are in a position to offer you something that takes care of both. That’s one of the many advantages of having a rich, computerized database of Real Estate listings. You get to strike impartial, winwin deals that satisfy both parties : With the buyer getting a customized solution within his budget, and the seller getting the best possible deal. Needless to say, we always provide an honest, unbiased evaluation of every property we handle – both its positive and negative aspects.
  14. 14. our ADVANTAGE Because we know; Customer is King We at COEN ensures utmost client satisfaction By providing prompt, long-term and satisfactory pre & post deal services Always pitching in that little extra, to serve you better Keeping our word, once we have given it Enjoying good rapport with one and all Giving personalized attention to each customer – big or small… These are some of the old - time values we believe in
  15. 15. our ADVANTAGE Value-Added Service At COEN we always believes in EXTRA. We just not only do your buying selling - renting, but also provide pre - and post - deal support services like documentation, legal affairs, renewal reminders, property loans, insurance, property maintenance…
  16. 16. our ADVANTAGE Yours professionally: Ethics. Honesty. Transparency. Disciplined working. In short – Professionalism. These are the religions we follow : Being open and honest in all our dealings Conduct all our business legally Behaving impartially and professionally with one and all
  17. 17. our ADVANTAGE Documentation and Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance involves subjecting every prospect and every document, to the most rigorous checking. And making him a client, only when he and his papers, have passed every test.
  18. 18. our ADVANTAGE Changing Standards. Changing Trends With our new approach of deliverables we are going to set new trends and standards for property dealing in MUSLIM areas. With detailed knowledge and awareness we are planning to let the people in our society know how to buy and sell the property. We are also in the process of making the checklist for the clients which ensures that there will not be any loopholes while doing deals.
  19. 19. some shortlisted PROJECTS Emaad Al-Muqaam Al-arsh Taiba Residency Ajwad Gandhi Residency
  20. 20. some shortlisted PROJECTS Hateem Enclave Al-Ayna Greens Azba SNA Eternal Homes Madina Height Al-arsh Height
  21. 21. advantage AHMEDABAD
  22. 22. Drivers for Brand Ahmedabad DMIC investment region NANO, FORD and many more industry development Upgraded Infrastructure – BRTS in process and good roads Well connected, surrounded by major ports International airports and national highways High land availability Located in an industrial region rich with SEZ‘s Comparatively Low land prices Few of the best campuses of learning like IIM, NID, MICA etc.
  23. 23. Real Estate Development in Ahmedabad Regarded as commercial capital of India, Ahmedabad is an ideal location to invest in commercial properties. The commercial real estate development in the city mainly revolves around shopping malls, business centers, hospitals, multiplexes which are some of the popular commercial properties in Ahmedabad in which most of the commercial real estate developers like to invest. Investing in these kinds of commercial projects can be the best way of investing in Ahmedabad real estate which is on full flow and continuing to gain momentum day by day. Due to its vast retail potential, number of retail players like star india bazaar, big bazaar, pantaloon, west side and many other international brands are now eyeing the Ahmedabad market.
  24. 24. Real Estate Development in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad is witnessing huge inflow of white-collar immigrants. With this influx of immigrants in the city residential real estate of Ahmedabad is on high. In order to meet this demand of hour, the real estate developers have started developing various type of projects With the Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers showing keen interest in promoting Ahmedabad as an ideal investment destination for real estate properties, the Ahmedabad real estate market is really on high. Though residential properties in Ahmedabad are well below the prices prevailing in metros, they are in good demand due to the requisite infrastructure investing in which can assure a lucrative yield in the long term.
  25. 25. Real Estate Trend in Ahmedabad The real estate trends in Ahmedabad indicates that the property prices are continuously rising at a very rapid rate. As value of the city continues to increase as a major commercial and industrial center of the country, it is unlikely that the property prices will saturate upto a long time in distant future. Thus investing in properties in Ahmedabad can be the best options for earning long term benefits.
  26. 26. advantage GUJARAT
  27. 27. GUJARAT - the preferred investment destination Gujarat offers investors the right mix of industrial potential, stable political environment, a culture of openness and respect, a hard working and knowledgeable workforce, excellent infrastructure, and a government that warmly and openly encourages overseas investments in a wide array of opportunities.
  28. 28. Excellent infrastructure and connectivity, highlighted by excellent trade and transportation networks, power sufficiency, port-led economic development and an integrated state-wide gas grid network. Strategic location providing access to major international and domestic markets Strong and diversified economy with robust growth trends in all three sectors –primary, secondary and tertiary Leading investment destination with highly competitive investment climate, reflecting investor commitment across sectorsfrom more than X number of countries
  29. 29. The land of entrepreneurs, spread across the globe Home to most ambitious projects of India – Largest refinery in the world, home to world’s cheapest car, First LNG terminal, largest private port, 38% of DMIC–and the journey has just begun A large pool of qualified, cost effective and motivated labour force–backed by world class educational institutions An investor friendly government offering good governance and political stability, taking a lead through various initiatives, with historically cordial labour relations and a government keen on delivering promises
  30. 30. For any assistance related to REAL ESTATE CONTACT US ON +91 958 640 1050 +91 958 640 1500
  31. 31. Thank you for your VALUABLE TIME