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Film Poster & Magazine Cover Analysis


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Film Poster & Magazine Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Poster & Magazine Cover Analysis
  2. 2. The Image The Tagline The low angle long shot image of theThe tagline „Welcome To Crystal masked villain is effective in depictingLake‟ is a jovial warm invitation his power. The mask is hidden by thewhich serves to inform the audience shadows which makes it frightening forthat the film is set near a lake. It the audience through the fear of theis a direct address to the audience unknown. The mask is a conventionalmembers. It is placed at the top of paradigm which invites audience membersthe poster and is visible through to view the film in order to find out whothe colour white which makes it is behind it. The deathly chainsaw weaponstand out. The audience recognise highlights the sadistic nature of thethat the calm, tranquillity of the villain and it is a weapon more effectivelake will be tainted by the sadistic than a gun for instance as it allowsacts of the villain. personal contact and it penetrates inside the skin. It conforms to Clover‟s theory as when the Final Girl uses this weapon The Extra Strapline in her final combat with the villain, sheKnowing that the film is „From the displays her masculine traits.producers of „The Texas ChainsawMassacre‟ links it to a line of The trees and mist in the backgroundsuccessful slasher films. Fans of depict an isolated and claustrophobic„The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‟ are environment. The villain stands in frontlikely to go and watch the film of them as if he owns the area. Theand this conforms to Barthes villain is certainly more familiar withpleasure of Text theory where the this surrounding in contrast to theaudience guess what will happen victims who have no chance to hide. Theand seeing this play out gives tall trees depict a sense of entrapmentthem the pleasure. Also there is as they appear like bars, this instantlyanother layer of pleasure to be conveys to the audience that most of thehad when the unexpected happens action will take place in this place andand seeing as this is a remake, the victims will make attempts to fleethere must be something which the area, alive. The lake and woods makemarks it out from the others. a good horror setting and the tranquil nature of the natural world is subverted The Franchise to witness disturbing brutal murders.Friday the 13th is The Titlepart of a big The Date The Credits The red font connotes blood, death and passionfranchise and The date is at the very There is information about establishing the slasher subgenre and making itaudience members bottom of the page and it is the producers and people stand out from the dark background. The brokenwho have seen ironic that this slasher involved in making the film. effect coupled with a classic font style reflectsprevious film will film is set to release a day The production logo makes how it is a remake of a classic film with awant to see how before Valentines day. It loyal audience members want difference. Friday the 13th is a date considered tothis edition is subverts the notion of love to go and see the film solely be bad luck and the target audience are certain togoing to be and unity and presents a because they know that it is be aware of this. Thus, the title immediatelydifferent. A film all about the opposite. big budget and high quality. attracts the audiences attention and conveys thefranchise film horror theme.
  3. 3. The Tagline The ImageSimilar to the “Friday the 13th” The medium shot image of the villainposter, this tagline is also is effective in conveying his inhumaninvites the audience. The characteristics. The casual woollensecond person pronoun “you” jumper and hat juxtapose with hispositions the audience in the inhuman horrific appearance and thevictim‟s place which creates claw accentuates his otherworldliness.fear. It is placed above the Unlike many posters, here the face istitle and the white font colour partially hidden but the audience areensures that it stands out from still able to see the skin thus therethe title. The font is plain is no need to see the full face as theand serious with serifs which audience are still horrified by thereflects the seriously brutal sight. The claw gives this villainintentions of the villain. animal attributes likening him to a ruthless and savage beast which uses sadistic methods on his victims. Through observing his facial The Title expressions, it is evident that theThe font colour is the same as the villain enjoys torturing his victims“Friday the 12th” poster which as he has a smirk on his face. Thisinforms me that most slasher films makes it frightening for the audienceuse a red font colour as it but also the masochistic viewers mayforeshadows the bloodbath featured find comfort in the film. The effect of thestains and smudges make it appear The background is dark and there seemsas if the title has been smeared to be a source of light shining behindwith blood which continues the the villain. Because the villainblood theme. The corporate font blocks the light, it makes him appearchoice mirrors the image of the powerful and it reflects how he willvillain who appears like a scheming be responsible for cutting the lightboss with his hand resting on each of his victims‟ lives.other.“Elm Street” serves to play on the The Credits The Datefear on audiences as a street There is information about the The date follows the red colour schemesetting is universal, it could be producers and people involved in and is placed at the bottom of the page.any street in any country. making the film. The production Although, October is the most popular logo makes loyal audience members time for horror film releases, this film want to go and see the film solely releasing on 30th April could entice because they know that it is big audiences to go and watch it as no other budget and high quality. horror films have been released closely to this time.
  4. 4. The Image The Tagline The long shot image of Emily walkingThe fact that this film is towards the tree coupled with the“Based on a true story” serves mist highlights the ghostly andto heighten the fear amongst otherworldly nature of this film.audience members. Knowing that The audience are not shown Emily‟sthe character is not fictitious face which adds to the confusionand suffered the trials and about her mental stability. Her hairtribulations mentioned in the is untied and unkempt which mirrorsfilm (albeit exaggerated for her lack of control as she isthe purpose of filming) evokes controlled by other forces. Herempathy and sympathy for the plain white costume is loose whichaudiences. makes her seem weak and fragile like she is in hospital robes. The The Title supernatural element is depictedThe title sums up the through the uncanny tree, the autumncontent of the film and the tree which is emblematic of the endsupernatural subgenre it of life foreshadows that Emily willbelongs to. This is Barthes also die at the end of the film. Her“Pleasure of text2 theory in vulnerability and lack of control isaction as the audience can illustrated on the page as she onlyguess what the film is about takes a small amount of space.but want to view the film to Unlike the “Friday the 13th” and “Asee it play out. The font is Nightmare on Elm Street” poster,dark red and has a sharp where the character is positioned inappearance. This poster and the centre, this character fadesthe “Friday the 13th” poster into the left and the mistuse a smaller font for “The” accentuates her weak nature. Shewhich allows for the main also seems very small when comparedemphasis to be on to the tree, further making her“Exorcism”. appear powerless. The WebsiteBy using extra marketingtechniques such as awebsite designed The Credits The Datespecifically for the film, There is information about the producers The poster is a teaser poster as thethe producers are able to and people involved in making the film. actual release date is not written.raise awareness of the The production logo makes loyal audience “Fall” is a popular time for horror filmsfilm and it can reach out members want to go and see the film to release and this film is likely to beto wider audiences. solely because they know that it is big one in a line of many other big budget budget and high quality. films.
  5. 5. The BannerThe white colour font stands thebanner out from the dark The Mastheadbackground and because it is The website is included for theplaced at the top of the page, it benefit of readers who can find outis clearly visible when displayed extra information via the shop shelves. The logo for “The The issue number, price and date ofDark Knight” stands out from the publication are positioned betweenbright light giving the “Dark the “M” which is a convention forKnight” fans an incentive to Empire magazine. The small font meanspurchase the magazine. that it is not very noticeable for readers as a result, it is the last thing the readers will look at. The Main Cover LineThe use of the bright green font The Plugserves to make the word stand out This is a feature of Empire magazineand it denotes that the person which highlights what special articlefeatured is the Joker. This is featured. The white fontedition of the magazine gives the compliments the bright greenaudience a chance to find out background paralleling the greenmore about the Joker thus colour scheme.heightening the „buzz‟ about thefilm. The purple and green font The Imagecolour coupled with the comic The Joker‟s makeup and sinister smilestyle font, correlates with the depict his evil intentions. TheCircus theme. It is ironic that a direct eye contact functions tofigure emblematic of laughter and attract the readers to the magazineamusement is in fact a “cold so they can be engrossed in theblooded, mass murdering clown”. content of the magazine. The long shot allows the readers to observeThe cover line‟s underneath the the Joker‟s posture, he seemsmain cover line are in white font confident and it seems if he isand the graffiti style font scheming something. His head coversreflects the serious message the masthead, a convention forbeing conveyed: this is no popular magazines whose title readersordinary clown but a mass are already aware of.murderer. The Barcode The Extra Cover LineThe barcode is positioned on the bottom The menu bar style cover lines inform the readers about theleft hand side in a vertical position. A other articles featured. This is useful for readers whobarcode is necessary for it to be just buy looking at the front cover are given a glimpse ofscanned in the shops. the content of the magazine. It is placed on the right hand third rather than the conventional left hand third .
  6. 6. The Banner The MastheadThe green font colour of the The issue number, price and datebanner blends it with the of publication are positionedgreen theme of the magazine. between the “M” which is aThe banner provides an convention for Empire magazine.incentive for readers who may The small font means that it iswish to collect the covers. It not very noticeable for readersis positioned at the top of as a result, it is the lastthe page making it visible for thing the readers will look at.readers. The “Empire” has a green outer glow which correlates with the green colour scheme. The Film TitleIt is clear as to what film The Imagethis edition will feature as The extreme close up shot of theit is shown on the front Joker instantly stands out fromcover. The juxtaposition in the other magazine covers on the“summer” and “scary” mirrors shelf. The readers are attractedthe juxtaposition of the “mass to the front cover through themurdering clown” which conveys direct eye contact. The redthat the film will be unique. paint on the lips and smeared across the face could be blood which highlights the sadistic The Cover Line nature of the clown. The whiteThe cover line invites the face gives him an almostreader to take a glimpse of ghostly, zombie and deathlikethe articles featured inside appearance which creates fearand a “12 page career special” for readers. The smile is creepyon Eastwood‟s career is likely and make his fans want topurchase the magazine. The The Barcodewhite font stands out against The barcode is positioned on thethe green background making it bottom right hand side in astand out on the cover. vertical position. A barcode is necessary for it to be scanned in the shops. The Extra Cover Line The cross is a conventional tool in Empire magazine covers and here it provides a neat ordering of the extra cover lines. Other films are featured on the front page with short descriptions to engage readers.
  7. 7. The Banner The Masthead The white and black font The “Empire” is in bold red which colours stand out from the sky makes it stand out from the sky clue background. The banner blue background. “Movies‟ biggest year ever” is likely to attract Empire The Puff readers who want to find out “Essential 2011 Preview” parallels the content and the big names with the yellow and black colour which will be releasing in the scheme making it stand out from year. As it is placed at the the cover lines. top of the page, it is clearly visible for when displayed in The Image shop shelves. The medium long shot of Captain Jack establishes his pirate The Plug costume. His attire and serious This is a feature of Empire facial expression juxtapose with magazine which highlights what the tranquil sunny background. His special article is featured. The head covers the masthead, a white font compliments the bright popular technique used by black background and the “First magazines. Look” feature is likely to attract attention.. The Extra Cover Line The menu bar style cover lines The Extra Cover Line inform the readers about the otherThe cross is a conventional tool articles featured. This is usefulin Empire magazine covers and for readers who just buy lookinghere it provides a neat ordering at the front cover are given aof the extra cover lines. Other glimpse of the content of thefilms are featured on the front magazine. It is placed on thepage with short descriptions to right hand third rather than theengage readers. The yellow and conventional left hand third .white bold font correlate withthe refreshing Caribbean look. The Barcode The barcode is positioned on the bottom left hand side in a vertical position. A barcode is necessary for it to be scanned in the shops.