 HARM #1: You will lose commission easily  when the hackers just change your tracking  id (tagging-20 for Amazon.com). H...
 HARM #3: You will lose your list  easily, when the hackers just change your  auto responder code. HARM #4: If you have ...
Most websites were created with Wordpressbecause everyone knows that its easy to use,flexible and popular. But, I forgot t...
After my websites were hacked, I find free securityplugin to protect all sites. But, I found that the pluginremain outdate...
   Remove WP Version Notice To Close Channel    Access From Hackers   Clear Error Logs In One Click !   Protect Against...
   Blocking Your Content Folder That Contain Many Of    Assets From Hackers !!!   Most Significant Change For Protect Yo...
security risks to websites                    security issues with websites               wordpress login hack            ...
SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin
SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin
SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin
SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin
SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin
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SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin


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Do You Know Hackers Can Steal 100% Of Your Profit From Your Blog Anytime? Wanna Be A Victim?

Have you secured your WordPress blog from hackers who are out to use your site for unlawful purposes? If not, you risk losing your money, content and your rankings. In this presentation to offer how to protect your site from hacker.

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SafetyPress - Security WordPress Plugin

  1. 1.  HARM #1: You will lose commission easily when the hackers just change your tracking id (tagging-20 for Amazon.com). HARM #2: You will lose your earning easily when the hackers just change you publisher id (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
  2. 2.  HARM #3: You will lose your list easily, when the hackers just change your auto responder code. HARM #4: If you have E-Commerce sites and keep your customer’s payment information, What will you lose? What will your customers lose? I think that you can imagine.
  3. 3. Most websites were created with Wordpressbecause everyone knows that its easy to use,flexible and popular. But, I forgot to concernmyself with one of the important problems arehackers because I always think that it wonthappen to me. So, I didnt secure and protectmy websites from hackers.
  4. 4. After my websites were hacked, I find free securityplugin to protect all sites. But, I found that the pluginremain outdated after a few months and it is not secureenough. Due to these reasons:• When was the last plugin update? Last day, Last week,Last month or Last year?• Does it secures, protects and backups your wordpresssite?• When you have problems with the plugin, Who cansupport you?
  5. 5.  Remove WP Version Notice To Close Channel Access From Hackers Clear Error Logs In One Click ! Protect Against People From Coping Your Data And Other Content Hackers Will Not Know Your Really Admin Page And Cannot Access
  6. 6.  Blocking Your Content Folder That Contain Many Of Assets From Hackers !!! Most Significant Change For Protect Your Database Attack. It Means Everything ! Instant Backup In One Click ! Read more at: http://safetypressplugin.com/
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