Safetica Endpoint Security DatasheetEmployees pose a threat to your company – often unintentionally, yet sometimes they kn...
Activity monitoringAre you sure you know exactly what your employees aredoing on a computer during their working hours? Ha...
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Safetica Endpoint Security Datasheet by Safetica Benelux - EN


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La fiche technique de Safetica Endpoint Security

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Safetica Endpoint Security Datasheet by Safetica Benelux - EN

  1. 1. Safetica Endpoint Security DatasheetEmployees pose a threat to your company – often unintentionally, yet sometimes they know verywell what they’re doing. They’re pretending to be working while they’re slacking off, wastecompany resources, accidentally lose sensitive data or deliberately steal confident informa-tion to sell it off to competition. Safetica Endpoint Security is the world’s only software ableto protect your company from all major problems caused by insiders: sensitive data leaks,financial losses and damaged reputation. At the same time, Safetica Endpoint Securityreveals any suspicious behavior long before any harm is sustained.• Protect your company against the consequences of personnel error.• Detect your employees’ behavior damaging your company in good time.• Obtain an overview on the working activity and productivity of your staff.• Ensure that sensitive company data stays where it should - inside the company.• Protect your company‘s interests with regard to your employees’ privacy.• Ensure that staff access sensitive information only in the approved way.• Obtain security software that does not disrupt your current company processes.• Reach compliance with industrial standards, regulations and laws easily.Monitoring and EvaluateSafetica Endpoint Security automatically reveals any po- Endpoint Auditortentially harmful behavior of your personnel. It analyzestheir activities and warns the management of any imminentdanger. Safetica measures and records staff productivity,detects changes in their behavior and thus allows you toassess the level of risk they present. Significant changes inemployee behavior are often brought about by loss of mo-tivation or a better offer from the competition. If you have productivitydoubts about your employees’ loyalty or motivation, youcan simply browse through logs of every single operationthey made: which applications they launched, websites they new jobvisited, who they wrote to and what files they worked with.Intelligent employee profilingUnderstand who your employees are and what intentionsthey have. Are they considering leaving your company?Are they looking for a new job? Or have they simply losttheir motivation? Do they spend a lot of time on tasks un-related to their job? By means of well-ordered outputs andimmediate alerts, you will receive a quick summary of pos-sible personal and security threats in advance.• Productivity Monitoring• Employee Profiling• Alerts summary of who visits what pages, when and for how long, how many e-mails they send and how much time they spendInternet usage monitoring chatting.During their working hours, your employees often deal withtheir personal correspondence and visit social networks and • Websites Access Monitoringother websites which lower their productivity. You end up • Website Categorizationpaying them for work they did not perform. Reveal which • E-mail monitoringwebpages distract your staff the most and how much time • Webmail monitoringthey spend there. Internet Usage Monitoring provides a • Versatile IM monitoring
  2. 2. Activity monitoringAre you sure you know exactly what your employees aredoing on a computer during their working hours? Have you Endpoint Supervisor CEO Assistant Accountantever wondered if they are really pursuing what they aresupposed to? By monitoring employee activity you will get Interneta summary of how they spend their time at work. You will facebook.combe able to identify those who are not really trying to do their youtube.combest. What’s more, you will be informed of any activities times.comwhich could endanger your enterprise or jeopardize yourcompany data in time. Applications Freecell• Intelligent Screen Recording MS Word• KeyLogger• Search Monitoring Printing• File monitoring Office HallPrinter monitoringDo your employees have a free hand at printing? Haveyou ever wondered how many sensitive documents mightbe printed during one workday? Has it ever occurred toyou that some of your employees can easily use companyprinters for their personal use? Gain an insight into howyour company printers are used and who of your personnelconsumes most of printing resources. Uncover leaks of sensi-tive documents and save operating costs.Control and EnforceSafetica Endpoint Security restricts em-ployee privileges so that they are allowed to perform onlythe tasks related to their job. It assesses their activity, blocksundesirable operations and informs the management aboutincurred problems. So, with Safetica you will be able to pro- With Safetica you can block any undesirable webpages.actively reduce labor costs, save company resources and Therefore, your personnel will not be tempted to while awayeliminate problems resulting from your employees behaving their working hours by playing online games or visiting so-irresponsibly. cial networks.Control and Enforce • Website Blocking based on Categories and KeywordsSafetica Endpoint Security restricts employee privileges so • Detailed Website Categorizationthat they are allowed to perform only the tasks related to • Blocking of HTTPS connectiontheir job. It assesses their activity, blocks undesirable opera-tions and informs the management about incurred problems. Print controlSo, with Safetica you will be able to proactively reduce la- Disable printing of personal files and prevent unauthorizedbor costs, save company resources and eliminate problems printing of sensitive documents. Are your employees con-resulting from your employees behaving irresponsibly. vinced that they are free to print anything, even if it’s only for their personal use? Get your company printers underApplication control control. By seeing who prints what, you can reduce print-By installing illegal and often dangerous applications your ing costs and prevent unauthorized printing of confidentialemployees pose a threat to your company’s security. Get rid documents.of pirate programs, malware, games and other undesirableapplications that are not suitable for a company environ- • Printer Access Blockingment. Prevent your staff from endangering your company • Block printing of selected documentsand pick only those applications which are appropriate fortheir tasks. Data Loss PreventionSafetica Endpoint Security is the ulti- mate shield protecting your confident information. It keeps• Application Blocking your data safe not only from unauthorized access, but also• Extensive Application Database from people who have the privileges to access it and work with it. For, although your employees may have the rightsWeb control to use the data, their intentions may not always be as pureWould you be surprised, if you found out your employees as the driven snow. Safetica Endpoint DLP is here to protectspend a large part of their working hours visiting websites you. It helps you to prevent financial losses and damage tonot related to their work? Cut off unproductive activities. your company reputation.
  3. 3. Data Leak Prevention Endpoint DLPSafetica Endpoint Security is the ultimate shield protectingyour confident information. It keeps your data safe not onlyfrom unauthorized access, but also from people who havethe privileges to access it and work with it. For, although Creationyour employees may have the rights to use the data, their New data immediately secured.intentions may not always be as pure as the driven snow.Safetica Endpoint DLP is here to protect you. It helps you Deleting Transportto prevent financial losses and damage to your company Erase redundant data reliably. Keep information safe on the go.reputation. Storage UsageDevice control All data encrypted Prevent illegitimateStop sensitive information leaking from your company. Pre- securely. data usage.vent your staff from taking your confidential information andstoring them on unknown flash drives, mobile phones or anyother devices. You will not only avoid sensitive data leaks,but you will also prevent attacks of viruses and other dan-gerous applications. Devices often carry malicious softwareand usually, their owners are not even aware of this infec-tion. Restrict the use of unknown devices and select onlythose devices which are essential for your employees to dotheir work. Every attempt to connect an unauthorized deviceis blocked, logged and reported.• Access Control• Identification and Blocking of Specific USB and Blue- tooth DevicesData at rest protectionProtect your company from leaks of data stored on worksta-tions or servers. You decide who has access to company job. Prevent third party applications from spying on yourfiles and what they can do with them. Safetica also enables confidential information as it is being processed on clientyou to safely delete the data which is no longer needed so stations.that it cannot be recovered. • DLP Rules• Disk Encryption • Anti-KeyLogger• Data Shredder • Intelligent Data Classification • Application Data Access ControlData in motion protectionHow many of your employees take your sensitive informa- And much more…tion away on portable devices? And how many of themhave already lost such a portable disk or had a laptop sto- Time efficient securitylen? Protect your sensitive company information even if it is Forget all the slow and difficult processes of integrating se-miles away from you. With Safetica Endpoint Security, your curity software into company infrastructure. Safetica End-data is safe all the time and no third party can access it. point Security is designed specifically not to hinder you orMake sure that no one will ever find a flash drive with your your staff at work. Your security manager will save time he/company’s confidential data lying around on a street. she would otherwise have to spend on setting security poli- cies. Our software does not limit your employees in their• Portable Disk Encryption usual work at all. Your network administrators will almost• The Safest Encryption Algorithms immediately be able to set the security software so that it complies with local laws and relevant industrial standards.Data in use protectionYour sensitive information is most vulnerable while your em- • Easy-to-use Setting Templatesployees are working with it. If they have legitimate access • Task Schedulerto your data, there is nothing to stop them from copying it • Remote Client Administrationonto a flash drive or forwarding it via an e-mail. Do not • Automatic Alertsallow your personnel to misuse their access rights. Prevent • Detailed Access Control to Administration and Supervi-them from making unauthorized operations with your data sionand check if they really use it only for tasks related to their • Optimization for Large Networks Installation
  4. 4. Regulatory compliance • Easy adoption of industrial stan- License Policy dards and regulatory compliance Safetica Endpoint Security is licensed by theSafetica Endpoint Security will help you • Activation of individual product subscription model (per year). The licenseto meet legislative requirements and in- influences the number of stations which candustrial standards. The software can be components in order to meet the rel- use the Safetica software at the same time.easily adapted to specific regulations, evant standards Each client operating system using the Sa­directives and laws. It enables you to • Preset templates for particular stan- fetica software needs license (licensed perprotect your company interests and at dards and laws asset). For extension of a previously purcha- • Recommendations for easy achieve- sed license in its validity period there is anthe same time, stay in compliance with ment of conformity with standards extending license.local legislation governing employeeprivacy rights. • Import and export of templates for quick setting Technical requirements Safetica Endpoint Client Recommended requirements: t • 1,6 GHz dual-core processor 32-bit Manager Aler age M ess (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Local managers with Safetica • 1 GB of RAM memory Management console • 2 GB of free disk space • Installation on client • Hidden agent (also with GUI) • MS Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, Safetica Safetica 32-bit and 64-bit Management Management Service connected Console • MSI installation package to SQL database Safetica Management Service Recommended requirements: Normal operation • 2,4 GHz dual-core processor 32-bit Log monitoring and management (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Safetica Endpoint Client Laptop Transfers data after the connection • 2 GB of RAM memory on every workstation out of network • 10 GB of free disk space • Shared or dedicated server, more servers better load balancing availa­Safetica Endpoint Security is software based on client-server architecture. This archi- bilitytecture consists of a client (Safetica Endpoint Client), a server part (Safetica Endpoint • MS Windows Server 2003, 2003 R2,Service), a database (MS SQL with a large installation, SQLite with a small installa- 2008, 2008 R2, 32-bit and 64-bit • MS SQL or SQLite for smaller networkstion) and an administrator console (Safetica Management Console). • Support for Active Directory or wit­ out h AD alsoWithin one domain more services can run due to load distribution by means of anActive Directory tree division. An alternative for a smaller network is also the opti­on of installation to a network without a domain where this service can run on anordinary PC.The database is used for storing of monitoring settings and results. It also includescategoriza­ion database with application categories and web pages. t Intelligent Employee Print Control Profiling Activity Monitoring Application Internet Usage Control Monitoring Endpoint Endpoint Auditor Supervisor Web Control Endpoint Printer DLP Monitoring Regulatory Data in Use Compliance Protection Data at Rest Data in Motion Protection Endpoint Protection Security Tools Device Control Try Safetica today and get 30 days of protection for free Visit our website© Copyright 2012 Safetica Technologies s.r.o. All rights reserved. Safetica is a registered trademark of Safetica Technologies s.r.o. Alltrademarks are the property of their respective owners. Contact your reseller for Safetica Endpoint Security. Safetica Technologies s.r.o.reserves the right to change product specifications or other product information without notice. www.safetica.comPrague | Czech Republic | Europe | 1st of February 2012