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Privacy pictograms (Gabriela Bodea)

  1. 1. Gabriela Bodea Privacy pictograms A graphic rendition of online privacy policies Safer Internet Forum 2010 Parallel session 1: Youngsters and social networking sites 21 October 2010 EU, DG Information Society, Luxembourg
  2. 2. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms2 A pictogram is worth (…) words - i Safer Internet Forum 2010 Parallel session 1 panelists PRIVACY STATEMENTS WORD COUNT 165 479 596 4516 419 5830 Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (OIAT) EC DG Information Society TNO Microsoft Microsoft (2) Facebook
  3. 3. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms3 A pictogram is worth (…) words - ii • Privacy statement websites TNO • As soon as you visit this website you enable TNO to collect personal data about you, both directly (via the personal data provided at our request) and indirectly. TNO considers it of great importance that the personal data pro-vided by you will be safeguarded and handled with the utmost care. • TNO will therefore use these personal data exclusively in accordance with the objectives described in this privacy statement and the other described ways of data processing. • The responsible party for the data processing is the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO, with registered office at the Schoemakerstraat 97 in Delft. • Objectives of data processing • TNO will use your personal data for the performance of the various agreements which TNO may conclude with you. We will for instance ask your address data in order to send you your subscription to the TNO Magazine. TNO will also save the data provi-ded by you when you for instance apply for a brochure or annual report. • In addition TNO will process your personal data for sending the online news letter and digital press releases. • Within the part “My TNO” you may, if desired, make your own profile. By doing so the information shown may be filtered so that you will only see information which is relevant to you. Only if you have indicated this, TNO may use these data to draw your attention by e-mail to new information on TNO’s website which is relevant to you. • The data which you have entered into “My TNO” will not be coupled to other data files existing within TNO. • No use of data by third parties • TNO will under no circumstances make your data available to third parties. Nor will your data be sold. • Cookies • Some of our websites will send a ‘cookie’, a small text file which will be saved on the hard disk of your computer. By means of a cookie our website can recognize you when you visit our website again and the site may be specially adjusted in accordance with your needs. • Click behavior • TNO will collect and analyze information related to the use of this website, such as the number of hits, the most requested pages, the sites visited previously/next and the duration of the user session. The purpose of these general visiting data is to optimize the organization of the website. • Technical security • To optimally protect your personal data against unauthorized access or use, the newest security technology will always be used within TNO. • Privacy policy of third parties • This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties which are connec-ted via links to this website. TNO does not accept any responsibility or liability in res-pect of the way in which these third parties handle personal data. We therefore advise you to always make yourself familiar with the privacy policy on these websites. • Objection against further use of personal data • If you have earlier put your name forward for news letters or press releases by e-mail and you no longer wish to receive them, you must separately cancel them. • If you do not wish to receive any marketing information from TNO, you can make this known by contacting us online via or by telephone: +31 15 269 69 69.Privacy statement websites TNO • TNO Infodesk • Questions • For questions about this privacy statement, our activities in the field of data processing or the use of this website, you may contact us online via or by telep-hone: +31 15 269 69 69 • Amendments • TNO may at any time amend this privacy statement, without any prior warning. Amendments will be effective upon posting on this website. • Users of “My TNO” may themselves manage the personal data they have entered, i.e. modify and/or remove them. For this the user should be logged in.P.O. Box 6050NL-2600 JA DelftT +31 15 269 69 69E • • • Version April 5, 2007
  4. 4. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms4 TNO Privacy Pictograms - background • Privacy pictograms: • = a graphic rendition of the contents of privacy policies/statements & • = an easy and direct means to communicate the contents of a privacy policy/statement; promotes transparency, accountability and accessibility. • = easy and direct information and awareness tool for the user, promotes awareness, digital literacy and empowerment. • Original premise for defining the set of pictograms: the European Data Protection Directive (EDPD) • Final premise for defining the set of privacy pictograms (after focus group) = the user’s perspective: What happens with my data online? (and directly linked to the EDPD)
  5. 5. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms5 TNO Privacy Pictograms – beta version What happens with my data online? • Pictogram 1: We retain your personal data x months/years • Pictogram 2: We use your personal data to improve our services • Pictogram 3: We use your personal data for direct marketing and customized advertisements • Pictogram 4: We may sell your data to other organizations • Pictogram 5: You can see online your personal data we retain • Pictogram 6: We do not collect personal data • Optional Pictogram: This site is suitable for users age x and older • * additional feature: accompanying text above becomes visible by rolling the mouse cursor over the corresponding pictogram.Design pictos: credo.creatie Subsidy: ECP EPN
  6. 6. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms6 TNO Privacy Pictograms – next steps • Recommendations re implementation: • - the use of privacy pictograms in conjunction with a standardized privacy policy (generator); • - use on homepage of websites (ideally on each page); • - distribution and management through Creative Commons or similar; • - accent on the self-regulatory character of the tool & independent supervising authority; • - a pan-European approach re promotion/adoption of the privacy pictograms. • Next step: online pilot. • Volunteers welcome, please, contact us! •
  7. 7. TNO-ICT, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 October 2010 Privacy pictograms7 Thank youThank you Gabriela BodeaGabriela Bodea TNO ICT, Delft, the NetherlandsTNO ICT, Delft, the Netherlands Idea:Idea: Johanneke SiljeeJohanneke Siljee Project team: Jenny de Boer, Dick Welfing,Project team: Jenny de Boer, Dick Welfing, GerbenGerben BroeninkBroenink •