European Award for Best Children's Online Content


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The European Award for Best Children's Online Content is a competition organised jointly by the Safer Internet Centres in 14 Member States and the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme. The competition is organised for the first time in 2010-2011 as a pilot.

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European Award for Best Children's Online Content

  1. 1. Safer Internet 2009-2013 Programme decision: “The programme should further support measures to encourage positive content for children.” Focus group on positive content • Guidelines for producers and providers • Competition to highlight existing content and encourage production How?
  2. 2. Competition: What is it? • A competition with two levels - national and European • To showcase quality content targeting 6-12 year olds which already exists online • To encourage the production of quality online content which aims to benefit children in some way (educate, inform, stretch and stimulate imagination, enable new possibilities etc) Why?
  3. 3. • Belgium • Czech Republic • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Italy • Latvia • Netherlands • Poland • Portugal • Slovenia • Spain 14 countries
  4. 4. Who can participate? • Adults: organisations, whether public, NGO or commercial, and private persons as individuals or as a group • Young persons aged 12-17 • Participants have to submit their entry to a national organizer
  5. 5. What kind of content? – Content published online which targets 6-12 year old children. – All kinds of content can be submitted: websites, games, educational content, videos, multi-media content, as long as it is made available online
  6. 6. When is the competition open and • 21 October: European launch • National competitions – national deadlines • 1 April: Submit 1st prize winners to European Commission • June 2011: Award ceremony - European Award for Best Children’s Online Content in adult and youth categories handed out More info: what are the deadlines?
  7. 7. Criteria for European Award • Benefit to the target audience • Attractiveness • Reliability • Usability • Commercial aspects  Producing and providing online content for children and young people - An inventory
  8. 8. The inventory • Authors – Luigi Petito, Business Solutions Europa – Lidia de Reese, FragFINN e.v. – Remco Pijpers, MijnKindOnline Foundation • Expert contributions from Veronika Kalmus (University of Tarttu, Estonia) Janos Blasszauer (European Schoolnet) Katinka Moonen (NEHEM International, Netherlands) Gry Hasselbalch (Danish Media Council) Jens Peter de Pedro (Littlefrogs, Sweden) Alexandre Makhloufi (Dailymotion, France) Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics, UK) Phil Archer (UK) Eva Petersson (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
  9. 9. What is it? Collection of advice – General – Attractiveness – User-friendliness – Reliability (safety and social networking) – Commercial communications and online shopping Download: