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Registering Public Domain

Presentation by Safe Creative about technological ideas and proposals to help foster public domain and public domain like contents thanks to online registries

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Registering Public Domain

  1. 1. Registering Public Domain Safe Creative’s Technical Solutions and Proposals
  2. 2. 1.- Ways to register • Single register • Bulk Register • Neutral API • API as the key to interact with registries and public domain databases
  3. 3. 2.- XHTML code and relevant API information with registry standards
  4. 4. a.- Semantic coding • Use the information on any web (ccREL) • For any user and project • Independent from software and hardware • Copy and paste, yes
  5. 5. b.- Foster Public Domain with standards • Now is hard to trace contents because of many independent PD projects • We need standards for information exchange • Standards give confidence to creators and protect registered contents • Registries to provide cross information with neutral-agnostic technology • Perdurance of registered PD contents
  6. 6. c.- The smallest piece of information • To provide most basic information such as registry company and work code ¿ccREL? • To improve searches: kind of work and license and country • XML semantic approach to give more information
  7. 7. 3.- Searching and providing information • Search engines to collaborate with registries • Provide relevant PD information • Special care: education and handicapped persons • Registries to offer cross results
  8. 8. Conclusion • Standarization • API automation • Cross information exchange • Relevant PD search results
  9. 9. Thanks Mario Pena (Community and Business Developer)