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Registries 2 0 Interoperability and Standardization


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Registered Commons, Creative Commons and Safe Creative address the challenger for copyright interoperability and the potential from our users point of view. OSCRI seems to be the right answer.

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Registries 2 0 Interoperability and Standardization

  1. 1. Copyright Registries 2.0 Standardization and Interoperability Mario Pena / Joe Benso / Mike Linksvayer
  2. 2. Our users understand the need of open licenses, UGC services and the value of copyright registries. However... ...they mostly ask for reliability and interoperability between all this services. This will grant a future for their contents and rights. quot;Bored Boysquot; by hfb CC by-nc
  3. 3. Registries, UGC services, licenses providers, etc... need to foster some rules to achieve: • Reliability • Scalability • Compliance • Standardization of protocols and technologies quot;Standardizationquot; by Xoan Porto CC by-nd-nc
  4. 4. There are many good initiatives and we need to: • Avoid a Babel Tower • Build sinergies • Avoid duplication of efforts • Find benefits from what is done quot;Towerquot; by Chidorian (cc) by-sa
  5. 5. If we work together we can: • Detect and anticipate problems • Provide better access to culture • Match new challenges: multi- authorship, new business models, data web, clearance services... • Deal with misuses and misclaims quot;Third shelf crash in one yearquot; by library_mistress CC by-sa
  6. 6. Can online registries be used as pointers that facilitate relevant information about contents? • RDFa - ccREL • Up to date authomatic resolution of licenses • Authors, their works and licenses involved • Improved advanced metadata • Cross information between systems
  7. 7. We need/want an open and independent group to get together all the different organizations of this new scenario. quot;Working Together Teamwokr Puzzle Conceptquot; by Lumaxart CC by-sa
  8. 8. Now is the time to add and promote standards for everybody. OSCRI is our proposal (Open Standards for Copyright Registry Interoperability).
  9. 9. OSCRI aims to help to foster online registries interoperability and standardization. quot;Interopérabilité @ J&Bisc familyquot; by Môsieur J. CC by
  10. 10. Goals: • Analize possibilities and synergies • Achieve a same language when dealing with online registries • Optimize the already proposed solutions • Propose and perform solutions when needed quot;PICT0007quot; by Fedot Praslov CC by-nd-nc
  11. 11. In we want to: • Invite organizations • Analyze the best way to build this organization • Create a solid infrastructure to work with • Create protocols and good agile governance practiques WTF! by dziner CC by-nc-nd
  12. 12. This is a possible plan: • A period until March 2009 to gather groups and decide the best way to work OSCRI out depending on the goals we set. • Raise funds if needed. • March/April 2009 formal meeting and presentation of the working group/entity. • April 2009 start working (and start discussions) quot;My iCal synced with Google Calendarquot; by China Guccio CC by-nc
  13. 13. Copyright Registries 2.0 Standardization and Interoperability Part II
  14. 14. Challenges • Establishing policies for registries • Determining best use practices • Registry Authority and standardization • Add value to the VALUE CHAIN As new registries emerge, clear standards for trust and security should emerge.
  15. 15. Registered Commons Features • Registering digital works of any type since 2006 • Using CC API to pre-select license • Time-Stamp Service (provided by A-Cert) trusted 3rd party • Timestamp allows proof of publication date & time • Unique certificate as an enhanced Commons Deed • Author may define Moral Rights • Each work can be commented or WIKId • Verification of authors identity - email and CaCert trust levels • Rich Metadata Set - RDF A registration service offers added value to the open content community. Both creators and users may benefit, if reliable licensing is required.
  16. 16. Moving Forward adding value • Limited free and paid registrations • New Business Models - vouchers for universities and chambers of commerce • Branded versions of RC - CreativDepot • CCplus and 3rd party content clearing service with Buy4Commons option
  17. 17. Moving Forward
  18. 18. Moving Forward R
  19. 19. Standardisation of Registries • RC has integrated IFPIs GRid (Global Release Identifier) concept • We could use Globally Unique Identifiers for each (independent) registry • A Registration Authority is needed for standardization amongst other registries • DMP approach - Worth looking at Registries already have standards in library, music and film industry.
  20. 20. Digital Media Project (DMP) Approach • Digital technologies are an asset • Creators, intermediaries and end-users should all benefit from them • Goal can be achieved through standardisation of protocols between value-chain users and formats of data exchanged The Digital Media Project was established in 2003 by Leonardo Chariglione, the MPEG founder. See
  21. 21. Objective for Content Identification Value-Chains rely on the guaranteed • Integrity of Entities, e.g. Devices • Identity of Entities, e.g. Content, Metadata Process: • Registry mechanism (like DMP) selects and appoints Authorities • Authorities appoint Agencies • Agencies Certify or Identify Entities DMP has developed and established a scalable registry mechanism.
  22. 22. Authorities and Agencies Authorities assign agencies to issue unique identifiers.
  23. 23. Requirements for Content Identification • The Registration Agency shall provide unique Identifiers • The Registration Agency shall Assign the Identifiers unambiguously • The Registration Agency shall be able to Authenticate a Content Item without the need to Access the entire Content Item • A Registration Authority shall perform the functions of a Registration Agency that has been revoked or ceased to operate See DMP Approved Document No. 1 - and DMP Approved Document No. 5 -
  24. 24. quot;Thank Youquot; by jaredchapman CC by-nc-nd
  25. 25. quot;Thank Youquot; by jaredchapman CC by-nc-nd