Automatic Text Blog Registration and Tracking


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How to automatic register your text blogs in Safe Creative and to track the contents in the Web

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Automatic Text Blog Registration and Tracking

  1. 1. Automatic Blog Registration with Feed RSS and Text Tracking Feature in Safe Creative 1.- Log into your account at Safe Creative or create your user. 2.- Go to “My account” if you haven't created a registration profile already, create one suitable for the posts you want to register. A registration profile is a way to by default assign registration characteristics to the works you upload, such as type of work, license that applies, type of registration, tags, etc.
  2. 2. 3.- Once you are sure you have the right profile in your you can go to “Registration feeds” also in “My account”. Here you add a new work feed. 4.- Introduce the information requested for your feed, such as a name to identify it, the feed URL for the blog, profile that will apply by default to the posts, if the RSS is for text (this is what you have to select for text blogs) or attached files, such as RSS from Flickr, Zooomr, (to automatic register images) or some podcasts RSS feeds. You should state if the posts will be directly registered, will have a 24 hour pre- registration period or will only be registered when you say so. This two lasts ones help you to control not to register non original posts you might be publishing with permission of other authors.
  3. 3. NOTICE: IF YOU POST IMAGES IN YOUR BLOG POSTS: With this configuration images which accompany the posts are not registered in SafeCreative. Only the text you write gets registered for it goes together with the html that is sent to our platform. If you want to register images via feed use attachment enabled RSS such as the ones Zooomr or Flickr provide. 4.- When creating a new RSS feed in Safe Creative you will be prompted to demonstrate you own of the blog. You can either use an alphanumerical code, a text html or and image html Safe Creative provides. The html codes can embeded both for validation purposes and as a way for visitors to go to the page in Safe Creative with the information of what is registered and under which license. 5.- If you decide to use the html badge it might look similar to this: 6.- Once the verification code, either the plain text, the html text or the image text has been published in our blog, we can tell the system at Safe Creative to validate the feed.
  4. 4. 7.- Once validated and upon a regular basis, the system will check the feed to see if there's any new post published and if so will add it to your “My works” view. 8.- If you have selected that the posts will only be registered once you say so, you might choose all of those you want to be registered to skip the pre-registration and/or end it.
  5. 5. 9.- Additionally you can track copies of your registered texts in the Internet thanks to Safe Creative's partnership with Attributor. All you have to do is go to “My account” to “Work tracking” and activate the tracking of them. When the system detects copies of your work (up to two per work right now), there will appear information of where your contents have been copied. Also you might have the chance to create right there an incidence to send a cease and desist letter to allegedly infractors if that's the case. By Mario Pena for Safe Creative Rights info: