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The Power of a Single Transformer


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Presented by Renato Salvaleon, Georgia Power Company
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The Power of a Single Transformer

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. The Power of One Renato Salvaleon GISP, CSM Sr. GIS Staff Land Department Georgia Power Company
  2. 2. SCOPE  Background  Use Cases  Data Mining  Data Migration  Workflow Solutions  Contract Negotiation  Conclusion
  3. 3. Company Background  GPC is an operating company under Southern Company  Land Department provides Land Engineering and Land Management support for the company.  Activities includes survey and mapping, locating and acquiring properties, protecting our shoreline properties and timber, recording properties in GIS and document management system in support of transmission, distribution and generation projects.  200+ GIS users with varying degrees of skills. Includes surveyors, researchers, mappers, engineers, environmentali sts, foresters, shoreline specialists, archaeologist, project coordinators.
  4. 4. Personal Background  Senior GIS Analyst, 11 years with SCS/GPC working in Transmission, IT and Land.  14 years in the active military service, last two years spent putting up & managing a GIS system.  CSM and GISP, taking a surveying certification at SPSU. GIS certificate and MSIS at KSU.  Introduced to FME in 2006  Love-Hate Relationship with FME until 2009
  5. 5. Case 1 – Data Mining NGS Control Points FTP to SDE NOAA NGS Survey data explorer Our Own GIS Viewer, with Onbase
  6. 6. FTP, Zipped shapefile to SDE…
  7. 7. …from SDE to web service. DO NOT DROP THE SDE Feature Class in the TRANSLATION!
  8. 8. Case 2- Data Migration – Geolocate documents  From Oracle non-spatial tables to Oracle SDE non-spatial tables
  9. 9.  Use existing GIS location datasets to locate each record of the three document tables  Use lat/long, addresses, city, county, or state as locators for each record Geocode – using ArcCatalog and any existing GIS data
  10. 10. Case 3a – Workflow Management Streamlining a manual workflow to a more automated workflow Vendor Submittal •Submits field collected data in GIS personal geodatabase format Environmental Specialist •Uses ArcMap •QCs the data •Weeds out unwanted data using Object IDs of each feature class •Loads data in to SDE GIS Analyst •Converts data from CAD to GIS from SDE Mapper • Adds Env data to the plan QA
  11. 11. Case 3a – Workflow Management FME enters into picture Vendor Submittal •Submits field collected data in GIS personal geodatabase format Environmental Specialist •QCs the data •Weeds out unwanted data using Object IDs of each feature class •Loads data in to SDE using FME. GIS Analyst •Converts data from CAD to GIS from SDE using FME Mapper • Adds Env data to the plan QA
  12. 12. Remove the GIS Analyst from the submittal process Vendor Submittal •Submits field collected data in GIS personal geodatabase format Environmental Specialist •QCs the data •Weeds out unwanted data using Object IDs of each feature class •Runs one FME workbench Mapper •Adds Env data to the plan GIS Analyst Supports the workbench
  13. 13. Case 3a Today – one workbench
  14. 14. New workbench request – pre-planning data export on a line buffer Learn published parameters
  15. 15. Case 3b – Data Conversion to Workflow Management solution  CAD to GIS from a data conversion task to a simple workflow solution  Tried everything – Feature service using ArcGIS for AutoCAD, CAD conversion in ArcMap, Python, Exporting CAD objects to SHP or SDE using FDO.  QA follows any conversion option  ESRI and AUTODESK always outdoing each other  FME to the rescue
  16. 16.  Manager wants the mappers to do it during the project and not at the end  Mappers want to use an Easy button  Stay within the context of AutoCAD Civil3D  GIS terms like SDE connection strings, versions, reconcile and post, gives CAD mappers the shiver. In Civil3D context, Parcel workflow includes QC, a SRS is set on the dwg, polylines are converted to closed polygons, feature attributes in CAD (parcel name and number) are included in the export.
  17. 17. Case 3b – SDF reader & Autodesk Civil3D
  18. 18. Case 4 – Contract Negotiation  Most unlikely use of a single transformer to save $300K  Need to acquire parcels for the state  Annual budget of $42,000 – capital and O/M dollars.  Very few providers of standard parcel data  Originally quoted $600K for a 3-year contract
  19. 19. Project’s parcel need turned into a Proof of Concept for bulk purchase  7,000+ acre land acquisition project in a single county badly needed parcel data  Regular data providers do not have the data.  National provider have data in text format and it would take a month to get it out of their production queue.  After research and getting with Safe support, a single transformer in FME came in handy for converting text data in WKT (well-known text) format to GIS.
  20. 20. GeometryReplacer Transformer & the CSV Reader Text file schema has 2 columns - FIPS and WKT - and separated by a ;. …and in addition KML, GML, Geohash
  21. 21. Case 4 - Negotiations  The FME translation is a similar process that the vendor uses. Our vendor does not do the translation from text to GIS, they pay their sister company to do it for them.  I offered our annual budget for a 42K/year, 3-year contract.  Land/vendor agreed to work a contract that would deliver text data for all available counties in Georgia.  A sister company of the vendor offered another GPC business unit a similar deal delivering geometry with less attributes for a lot more.  Negotiations ensued and because Land had a process in place to convert data from text to GIS, the cost of that process was removed from the final offer.  We ended up getting both boundaries and attribute from the vendor
  22. 22. Case 4 - Today  Contract was closed with a $105K/year for 3 years  We receive 4M records of parcels (polygons and points) for almost all counties in GA once a year and a monthly update of tax data.  We still use FME to load the data into SDE and run updates. Imagine doing this task using ESRI tools in three SDEs, 300+ feature classes, and half a dozen multiple web mapping services.
  23. 23. Tips for learning FME  1st programming lesson I learned - steal code or in FME’s case, workbench. Look at their samples.  Get trained, whenever available. Go attend FME’s webinars and study their demos  Seek help from Safe’s Support.  Be patient and remove the context of the tool you use everyday out of the equation.  Share it with your team mates.  Learn that one thing to achieve the business goal.
  24. 24. Looking Ahead!  Deploy 2014 so we could start using the Email notifier in our workflow translations.  Buying FME Server  Data synchronization system for our enterprise tools  Make it easier for our current users to run their translations  Pushing out often used translations
  25. 25. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  Renato Salvaleon –  Georgia Power Company  Land Department