The BC Spatial Project – Integrating BC’s Cadastre with FME Server


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BC Spatial is an initiative of the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) to establish integration services for and one-stop access to the best available cadastral data for the province. This presentation will demonstrate ICIS’ use of FME Server as the key technology at the center of the society’s data sharing framework. Data contributors will learn how ICIS is using FME to streamline data delivery, standardize data handling and provide quality assurance feedback to its members. Data consumers will learn how FME is powering data integration from many disparate sources, capturing data quality characteristics and reporting them in real time. FME developers will learn about the software customizations and scripting standards that are being deployed to achieve the greatest maintainability and flexibility of design. All attendees will hear how ICIS uses FME to facilitate collaborative success among its members – from all levels of government, utilities and the private sector – for the sharing of geospatial data.

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The BC Spatial Project – Integrating BC’s Cadastre with FME Server

  1. 1. The BC Spatial Project – Integrating BC’s Cadastre with FME Server Paul van Nieuwkuyk, CartoSmart GIS BC Spatial Project Coordinator, ICIS
  2. 2. ICIS ICIS’ Vision BC Spatial
  3. 3. BC Spatial ICIS’ Vision BC Spatial
  4. 4. Core Challenges Challenges Constraints Solutions Source Delivery / Integrated Datasets Sharing Products •  No uniform data •  Ad hoc •  Slow refresh model submission cycle •  Unknown / habits •  Manually anecdotal data •  Modest intensive quality operational process resources
  5. 5. Operational Constraints Challenges Constraints Solutions Integrated Source Delivery / Products Datasets Sharing •  Automate •  Existing •  Minimize integration models reflect impacts to •  Assess and report: business need data providers so that producers •  ICIS does not in sharing can enhance and alter member their data users can decide data*
  6. 6. Solutions Challenges Constraints Solutions Use the best ETL Tool! •  Transparent and repeatable data processes •  Eliminate the manual •  Deploy where needed •  Available to a distributed community… online •  Sensible standards •  Data standards based on integration needs •  Common processing pattern for all datasets
  7. 7. “Data Integration Engine” (DIE and Do!) Integrate Assess Statistics Report LG Integrated Data GeoBC QC Metadata BCA Utilities 1.  Extract/Publish 2.  Subscribe/Integrate 3.  Notify/Distribute
  8. 8. Data Provider: Extract & Publish
  9. 9. Delivering with Python   Publication Flavors   Web folder   FTP site   Python shutdown script   Automate zip and ship to ICIS   Scheduled Task   Delivery routine
  10. 10. ICIS: Scheduled Acquisition   Python Startup   Acquire FTP or web   Unzip   Archive   Standard processes   Load (not integrate)   Capture metadata   Log change
  11. 11. ICIS: Real-time reporting    Calls FME service   Refreshes statistics   KML data footprints as index to current statistics   On-the-fly thematic rendering   Color spectrum from newer to older vintage
  12. 12. Coordinating Product Refresh   Nightly scheduled service   Analyzes ETL Log (populated in acquisition script)   Determines which integrated layers to refresh   Invokes layer refresh scripts
  13. 13. Layer Integration   Changed sources are refreshed:   DELETE / INSERT   Localized integration QC performed   Jurisdictional overlaps   Correlation reports: LTSA BCA   Stats Updated   ETL log   QC metadata
  14. 14. The Program   Activities   Pilot conducted 2009   CRD Beta Jan – June 2010   All municipalities and regional district   GeoBC   BC Assessment   Utilities   Infrastructure   FME Workbench & Server 2009   ArcGIS Server 9.3 on SQL Server
  15. 15. Thank You!   Questions? Portal •   For more information:  • Project Charter  Docs • Pilot Program Report Chat • blog