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Synchronizing AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise and ESRI ArcSDE


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Presented by Drew Burgasser, CAD Masters
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Synchronizing AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise and ESRI ArcSDE

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Synchronizing AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise and ESRI® ArcSDE® Drew Burgasser, P.E. Vice-President, CAD Masters, Inc.
  2. 2. Summary  Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) chose AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise as the front-end GIS application for creating and editing sewer assets.  However, SASD Enterprise GIS = ESRI® ArcSDE®.  FME Desktop®was chosen as the solution for synchronizing the two disparate systems.
  3. 3. Synchronization Option 1  Full Table Comparisons  UpdateDetector – Custom Transformer that extends ChangeDetector  Considerations  Can take a long time.  Geometry Comparison can be tricky.  Attribute precision can create false positives.  Establish a trigger or business rule that time stamps feature edits.  Used for other portions of the project but not here.
  4. 4. Synchronization Option 2  Use Long Transaction Functionality  Examples  AutoCAD® Map 3D Jobs  ESRI® ArcSDE® Versioning  Using long transaction tables, we can query inserts, deletes, and updates (IDU).  Very fast. We are only querying the IDU’s in the long transaction. No need to compare: we know what’s changed.  Solution presented here uses this option.
  5. 5. FME Desktop®Feature Usage  SQL Statements and Where clauses  User Parameters  Batch Processing and Command Files  FME_DB_OPERATION Attribute  Transformers  Joiner  TestFilter  TimeStamper  FeatureTypeFilter
  6. 6. SQL Statements and Where Clauses  Set long transaction current.  Query inserts, updates, and deletes based on long transaction tables.
  7. 7. User Parameters  Accommodate need to run workspaces in batch mode. Feed parameters at runtime.
  8. 8. Batch Processing and Command Files  User doesn’t need to open FME Workbench.  Feed parameters (credentials, server names, db names, job id, SDE version name) via command files.  Run workspaces in batch mode.
  9. 9. Finally, the Workspace!
  10. 10. Null Attributes  Prior to version 2014, FME Desktop® treated null attribute values as non-existent attributes.  This is problematic for synchronization. If a user sets an attribute value to null, that change will not be synchronized for an updated feature.  My favorite new feature in FME Desktop® 2014? Null Attribute Support!
  11. 11. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  Drew Burgasser, P.E. (  CAD Masters, Inc.  (web site)  (blog)
  12. 12. Q/A Support: What is AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise?  Product Name Evolution  Autodesk®TopobaseTM<2011  AutoCAD® Map 3D 2012 Enterprise  AutoCAD® Map 3D 2013/2014  Industry Model Functionality  Enterprise GIS  Uses FDO in AutoCAD®
  13. 13. Q/A Support: AutoCAD® Map 3D Job Query Examples  Query Inserted Features  Query Updated Features
  14. 14. Q/A Support: Key Attribute for Sync  Key Attribute required in both Systems