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Implementing OGC Web Services with FME Server


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Implementing OGC Web Services with FME Server

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. FME Server and OGC Web Services
  2. 2. FME – The Tool for OGC Services FME 2014! The most powerful tool for creating, transforming, distributing and using complex XML / GML over OGC services No coding! No XSLT!
  3. 3. What is a web service?
  4. 4. What is a Web Service?  HTML Request sent to web server via HTTP GET, POST, PUT or DELETE  URL may have parameters (GET)  Body of request can be anything but is commonly XML or JSON (POST)  Server takes request, grinds it, and sends back response (often XML or JSON)
  5. 5. FME Approach to Web Services Remove the mystery – no coding required  Web service - just another format  Consume web services with Inspector or workspace  Do value added transformations / processing  Workspaces which accept / generate XML* become web services once published to FME Server**
  6. 6. XML and JSON Transformers  XMLFlattener  XMLValidator  XMLFormatter  XMLUpdater  XMLTemplater  JSONFlattener  JSONTemplater Just type ‘XML’ or ‘JSON’
  7. 7. Web Transformers  HTTPFetcher / HTTPUploader / HTTP*  ImageFetcher  Twitter  GeoRSSFeatureExtractor  WebCharter  ArcGISOnline (FMEStore)  HTMLtoXHTMLconverter  …
  8. 8. Web Formats
  9. 9. Using Web Services ftp, http, ... ODATA OGC (WFS, WCS, WMS, ...) SOS ArcGIS Online any service...
  10. 10. Your Data to/from Complex GML  FME can read or write over 325 formats  FME has supported xsd based GML reading for some time  New in FME 2014: GML writer application schema mode  Complete support for complex schemas – xsd’s If you can read it – you can write it!
  11. 11. Consuming Complex GML data  FME takes the pain out of reading and leveraging complex GML and web services  Benefit from the diverse array of freely available published data sources  New Data Inspector makes it easy to visualize all types of data: 2D or 3D, vector or raster, non-spatial or complex geometries  See web services webinar, August 2013
  12. 12. FME 2014 GML Developments  Improvements to GML Reader to capture full schema model  New GML writer – write anything that GML reader can read  New generic web services  published workspace handles message brokering and data  publish virtually any web service and data stream (xml, json, …) see OGC Web Services lizard talk
  13. 13. Key points on the FME GML Writer  GML writing in schema mode uses destination model captured from the application schema (xsd)  map directly to destination feature type fields, like other formats  multiple, complex geometry support  geometry names and traits  voidable attributes in output GML / FME null support XMLTemplater no longer needed for GML writing, but still useful for other XML generation like metadata
  14. 14. Web Service Request Response Web Server url request via get, post, put, delete Response JSON, XML All web services follow the same pattern
  15. 15. Build any web service! Any service is now a workspace away. FME Data Streaming service delivers response. Power of FME is Transformation CodeNo Code!!
  16. 16. FME Workspace as Web Service Broker for WFS FME WFS Workspace GetCapabilities Request Response XML FME Server
  17. 17. FME Workspace as Web Service Broker for WFS FME WFS Workspace describeFeatureType Request Response XML FME Server
  18. 18. FME Workspace as Web Service Broker for WFS FME WFS Workspace getFeature Request Response XML FME Server
  19. 19. FME Workspace as Web Service Broker for WFS FME WFS Workspace GetCapabilities Request Response XML GetFeature Request Response GML FME Server
  20. 20. WFS Workspace Workflow 1. Extract parameters from request (GET / POST) 2. Determine request type 3. For GetCapabilities, DescribeFeatureType: return appropriate response xml 4. For GetFeature: i. Determine request feature type ii. Parse bbox and filter xml to geometry and fields iii. Apply bbox and where filter to FeatureReader iv. Apply schema transformation and output GML
  21. 21. Workspace Parameters INSPIRE/INSPIRE_WFS.fmw?SERVICE=WFS&VERSION=1.1.0 &REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAME=NamedPlace&MAXFEATURES=1111
  22. 22. WFS Service Broker Workspace
  23. 23. Cadastral Parcels Extraction and Transformation
  24. 24. Geographical Names Extraction and Transformation
  25. 25. XML Filter Processor
  26. 26. GetBBox
  27. 27. Inspector: WFS Reader - settings
  28. 28. INSPIRE WFS: Geographic Names
  29. 29. INSPIRE WFS: Cadastral Parcels
  30. 30. Parcels with XML Filter Query
  31. 31. Troubleshooting  Copy http request from inspector log to browser to test server responses  Download GML with browser to test if problem is with WFS client / server or GML reading  Try removing all constraints except for max features  Try specifying local schema file (.xsd)
  32. 32. Summary  FME makes it easy to use, leverage and produce web services  New GML writer, validation and web service support make publishing complex GML to services a breeze (INSPIRE etc)  FME Server workspace service broker approach provides a completely new way to build web services – no code!  Can be used to build all types of web services from WFS, WMS, WMTS, Odata, Junaio AR, SOS, etc. FME, a “No-code” approach to web services
  33. 33. Thank You More info: Safe’s Demo WFS Server: http://inspire-safe- S.fmw FMEpedia: