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How Local Governments Improve Operations with Data Integration Workflows


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Automated integration workflows are critical. Whether you’re sharing data between agencies, delivering open data, receiving information from citizens and local businesses, or creating work orders & billing in financial systems, data needs to flow freely to get the job done.

When local governments implement data integration, they can achieve results like:

- Enabling city staff to access and share data using the best fit-for-purpose applications
- Better decision-making using geospatial data
- Easily maintained and budget-friendly workflows
- Increased efforts on innovation, rather than repetitive integration tasks
- Improved quality of life for citizens

Join this webinar to see how your organization can better use its data and achieve similar results!

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How Local Governments Improve Operations with Data Integration Workflows

  1. 1. How Local Governments Improve Operations with Data Integration Workflows
  2. 2. Welcome to the Webinar! Erin Lemky Senior Product Marketing Manager Tiana Warner Product Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Local governments everywhere are operating more efficiently with the help of data integration workflows.
  4. 4. What is Data Integration? Bringing disparate data together and turning it into something useful! This involves: ● Data Conversion ● Data Transformation ● Data Validation
  5. 5. Data Integration the FME way
  6. 6. Connect Your Data Sources Integrate and convert information across 400+ applications. Transform Your Data 450+ powerful transformers on | Automate Your Workflows Build event-based workflows in a visual interface.
  7. 7. Agenda: Top Scenarios 1. Integrating datasets for “One Call” 2. Smart Cities 3. Business Intelligence 4. GIS data integration 5. Multi-Jurisdiction data sharing 6. Open Data portals 7. Digital Plan Submissions (CAD-GIS) 8. Application Integration
  8. 8. One Call Implement a connected system with minimal effort
  9. 9. CUSTOMER STORY PROJECT Automated “One Call” system SOLUTION FME automatically extracts information from GIS and asset management systems to fulfill underground information packages. RESULTS ● Reduced package turnaround time from 3 days to 3 minutes. ● Re-allocated dedicated staff resource to other high-value services. ● Removed the risk of manual errors. CITY OF BURNABY “Because of FME we were able to process tickets 24/7 - anytime, anywhere.” - Herman Louie, City of Burnaby
  10. 10. How to integrate data across multiple spatial layers D E M O
  11. 11. Become a Smart City Embrace IoT, sensor data, and AVL
  12. 12. CUSTOMER STORY “FME is the cherry on top the ice cream sundae that helps bring data together and customize it for your needs.” - David Runneals, Iowa DOT PROJECT Provide road conditions and plow information to the public. SOLUTION Use FME to integrate plow locations, plow cams, and road conditions. RESULTS ● Data is retrieved 1x/min from AWS to populate Oracle database. ● FME automatically delivers a KML file to Windows Azure for AGOL. ● API delivers the data to local TV stations for their on-air software. IOWA DOT Read more >
  13. 13. CUSTOMER STORY “Renault Trucks’ Urban Freight Software is a good illustration of the win-win principle that we want to implement. The delivery will be able to improve the profitability of their tours and reduce their fuel consumption. For citizens it means less traffic and less pollution.” -- Gregory Blanc-Bernard, Grand Lyon PROJECT The city wanted to make their data available to the public. SOLUTION Public data portal empowers valuable services for citizens and businesses. RESULTS ● Gather & deliver real-time data from sensors, accident reports, data managers, web services, etc. ● Innovative companies are able to deliver new services that benefit citizens and tourists. Grand Lyon Read more >
  14. 14. Business Intelligence Analyze your data and gather intel
  15. 15. CUSTOMER STORY OBJECTIVES Perform analysis in Qlik on data from multiple sources, including geospatial. “FME Rocks.” -- Luc Janssens, City of Lier PROJECT The city wanted to analyze a wide range of data in QlikView using efficient techniques. SOLUTION Integrated data from 18 suppliers, 46 applications, and < 2,500 datasets. RESULTS ● FME provides clear, documented, and expandable integration workflows. ● Scheduled processes ensure they can analyze and visualize all of the data they need in Qlik. CITY OF LIER Read more >
  16. 16. More BI Examples Scenario: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) runs FME workflows nightly to automatically bring together data from diverse datasets across the country, identify errors, and bring databases into BI software. Read more > ● Webinar: Integrating Geospatial Data into the BI Picture (includes Qlik demo) ● Webinar: Tips & Tricks for using FME for BI ● Blog: 6 Data Integration Tasks for Tableau ● eBook: Tips for BI Data Prep
  17. 17. Using Automations to keep datasets up to date D E M O
  18. 18. GIS Data Integration Get more value out of GIS data
  19. 19. CUSTOMER STORY PROJECT Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Leads Tracker SOLUTION Integrate spatial data mapping from Leads Tracker application into ArcGIS Online (AGOL) via a webhook. RESULTS ● Eliminated manual mapping of spatial data from incoming lead reports. ● Lat/long markers automatically loaded into AGOL within seconds. ● CART and incident command leaders can now make real time decisions and deploy rapid search and rescue resources. CITY OF OSHKOSH “FME automatically updates spatial data within seconds versus manual updates that were very time consuming. This was the missing component.” - Matthew Lenox, City of Oshkosh
  20. 20. Multi-Jurisdiction Data Sharing Connect regions and improve data quality
  21. 21. CUSTOMER STORY “FME allowed me to make fast iterative changes to workflows as each city’s data turned out to be a discovery process where something unexpected always occurred. This flexibility better prepares me for upcoming changes that may be necessary for Next Generation 911.” - Steven Hong, Santa Clara County PROJECT Improve 911 dispatch system with a map of city-sourced address points SOLUTION Integrated 15 city datasets, performed QA, and generated multiple output formats. RESULTS ● Regional address maps that cities contribute addresses to on a quarterly basis. ● 50% increase in the number of known addresses. ● Improved emergency response time and location accuracy. SANTA CLARA COUNTY Read more >
  22. 22. CUSTOMER STORY “FME has allowed hundreds of hours of work to be automated.” - Joe Ellerington, Warwickshire County Council Read more > PROJECT Automatically retrieve public health data from online sources for analysis and to enable better decision making. SOLUTION Download new data from APIs, analyze it, and send it to a database at regular intervals. RESULTS ● Automatic extraction of info from massive text files of health data. ● Multiple sources of health data are integrated in one place. ● Replaced hundreds of hours of manual effort with automation. WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL
  23. 23. More Stories ● NG911 and GIS at St. Louis County, MO ● Maximizing Data Accuracy for Reverse 911 in California ● Regional Inter-Agency Data Sharing in Colorado ● Providing Data to Europe’s INSPIRE SDI
  24. 24. Open Data Build an innovative, dynamic open data portal
  25. 25. CUSTOMER STORY “We use FME daily and evangelized its use throughout the city to automate, extend and homogenize data workflows which once were impossible” - Mike Brown, City of San Jose PROJECT Self-serve data delivery for staff and citizens SOLUTION Integrated data from silos by designing automated workflows RESULTS ● A lightweight, mobile-friendly interactive map gallery. ● Workflows are easily updated to meet changing requirements. ● Back-end updates go unnoticed by end users of the data. CITY OF SAN JOSE Read more >
  26. 26. CUSTOMER STORY “Our vision is that the City’s data is understood, documented, and high quality.” PROJECT City’s official open data portal is SF OpenData. Goal to increase number and timeliness of datasets. SOLUTION FME workspaces that include the consumption of data from additional departments and agencies, generalized notification services, and automation of daily updates to key datasets. RESULTS Enhanced ETL Job Platform improves the availability and timeliness of data that are available on the portal, providing better service to citizens while allowing staff to focus on more complex activities. CITY & COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO Learn more >
  27. 27. ● [eBook] Beginner’s Guide to Open Data ● [Webinar] Open Data Portals: 9 Solutions and How They Compare ● [Article] 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Open Data Portal Open Data Resources
  28. 28. Digital Plan Submissions Handle CAD-GIS conversions with ease
  29. 29. CUSTOMER STORY “We chose FME for this project because the interface is easy to use and allows us to provide an adaptable solution to enhance interaction with the City’s partners.” – Erika Provost, City of Henderson Read more > PROJECT Digital Plan Submission Project SOLUTION FME provides self-serve CAD data upload, validation, and integration into GIS. RESULTS ● Reduced data integration time by 75%. ● Eliminated the risk of manual error. ● Removed duplicate work. ● Faster processing of submissions. ● Ensured CAD data validation. CITY OF HENDERSON
  30. 30. Self-serve data upload and more via FME Cloud H A N D S - O N D E M O S
  31. 31. Application Integration Connect data across the organization
  32. 32. CUSTOMER STORY “FME provides a flexible and powerful toolkit to coordinate information integration between applications. This dramatically simplifies service delivery to citizens and businesses.” - Roger Wong-Moon, City of Surrey Read more > PROJECT Water Meter Improvement SOLUTION FME provides real-time, API-driven workflows to integrate data between systems. RESULTS ● Live communications are orchestrated between Amanda, Cityworks, and ArcGIS. ● Meter status is now available immediately, rather than weeks to months delay. CITY OF SURREY
  33. 33. PROJECT Optimize the data sharing and delivery process for managing pothole repair requests. SOLUTION Use FME to automate manual processes and keep systems updated and synchronized. RESULTS ● Reduced call reports by 80%. ● Time savings equivalent to 23 days of work. ● Delivered updates and actionable insight to on-site crews, the public, and city stakeholders with little to no intervention. CITY OF LÉVIS “FME allowed us to communicate between several unrelated platforms, which would have otherwise been unthinkable.” - Martin Labrecque, City of Lévis Read more > CUSTOMER STORY
  34. 34. Recap 1. Integrating datasets for “One Call” 2. Smart Cities 3. Business Intelligence 4. GIS data integration 5. Multi-Jurisdiction data sharing 6. Open Data portals 7. Digital Plan Submissions (CAD-GIS) 8. Application Integration
  35. 35. FME Subscription Model Use unlimited amounts of the FME Platform for a single annual price based on the size of the population being served. Learn more at Contact us at
  36. 36. Resources Blog: 8 Ways Local Governments Can Improve Operations Using Data Integration Find tutorials on The slides and recording will be emailed to you. You can also find the replay at
  37. 37. Registration is now open for a city near you!
  38. 38. Registration is now open FME User Conference 2020 June 16-19, 2020 | Vancouver, Canada
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