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Managing Floorplans with AutoCAD and ArcGIS Using FME


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Managing Floorplans with AutoCAD and ArcGIS Using FME

  1. 1. Managing Floorplans withAutoCAD and ArcGIS UsingFMESteve Grisé – Vertex3 April 10, 2013
  2. 2. University of Washington (Seattle) 20+ million square feet of floor space Growth: 1400 to 1700 floors in the past 3 years Capital Projects Office contracts and manages construction After construction facilities are handed over to Facilities Management Use FME to stitch together 1700+ dwg files into a seamless Esri Geodatabase
  3. 3. The Campus
  4. 4. The Campus
  5. 5. Inside the Skin of the Buildings
  6. 6. Demo Load a few drawings  1125 02,B1,03
  7. 7. Data FlowFloorplan Autodesk ETL GeodatabaseDrawings Vault/Mirror
  8. 8. Challenges Large number of drawings Original Arcpy script never completed  Ran for as long as a day before … Need to make sure that incremental update process will never result in “missing” floors/rooms Processing somewhat simplified through ArcGIS for AutoCAD
  9. 9. Logic Windows process scans the vault mirror every hour and looks for new drawings Xml config file(s) drives most of the process GDB versions used for transactional update Main function is python without arcpy  Arcpysubprocesses  FME subprocesses Full run completes in ~28 hours
  10. 10. Processing Logic For each drawing  Create a version  Make a feature view  Delete existing records for layers/floor  Call FME as a subprocess to insert new data  If everything worked:  Rec and post version  Else:  Delete version
  11. 11. Later Additions Easier Xml config  Add layers and processes  Parallel processing Simplified script logic  Needed a lobotomy… Graphical challenges  Self-intersections  Catwalks  Arch multi-part lines for faster display  Floor polygons
  12. 12. Trends Simple approach for smaller campuses/new users  MSC feature classes/attributes  Geoprocessing/FME options More sophisticated tools for advanced users and non-MSC data/attributes  FME + Cloud  Tribal campus networks and associated performance
  13. 13. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Steve Grisé   226-444-0323