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FMEWT13 Presentation ICIS


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Presented by Steve Mark, Paul van Nieuwkuyk & Barry Logan, ICIS at the FME World Tour 2013 event in Victoria, BC

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FMEWT13 Presentation ICIS

  1. 1. DGeoShare…UNCHAINEDSteve Mark, Paul van Nieuwkuyk, Barry LoganICIS Good Guys April 4, 2013
  2. 2. WHY?
  3. 3. VISION ICIS is a leader in the sharing of geospatial information; driving collaboration, integration, adoption and use of spatial data for the social and economic benefit of British Columbia
  4. 4. GOAL Get data from contributing members without muss or fuss
  5. 5. CHALLENGES… 189 jurisdictions no data model different sources Different capabilities Membership Buy in
  6. 6. …CHALLENGES “One to many” “Many to one” time to listen False starts Consistency Currency
  7. 7. WHAT?
  8. 8. DGeoShare, Defined(The „D‟ is silent… it stands for „Data‟) geoshare [jee-oh-shair] (noun) 1. An FME-powered data brokerage infrastructure connecting ICIS data providers and consumers. 2. Regular and automated services for data extraction, publication, standardization, quality control, and reporting. 3. Feature rich off-the-shelf, self-documenting customization, highly extensible, plays very well with others. (See also: „data-wizardry‟, „parcel-alchemy‟, „address-magic‟)
  9. 9. GeoShare, Geographically 146 conduits Weekly transmission > 1.3 million parcels over 136/188 jurisdictions > 1 million addresses over 138/188 jurisdictions
  10. 10. GeoShare, Schematically  Extract from 188 providers  Transform to standard  Load cadastre and address DBs
  11. 11. Publishing Parcels and Addresses  Open Data Catalogs  ModelBuilder > FTP for ESRI back-ends  FME > FTP for others  Once a week, please!  FME Server checks for updates  Initiates update processes for new data  Emails administrators for stale data
  12. 12. Integrating Parcels Inherit standardized attribution from GeoBC Otherwise, best-guess model mapping One jurisdiction, one custodian Individual records are never rejected
  13. 13. Integrating Addresses Best-guess model mapping  Conversion to point locations Parsing STREET NAME, NUMBER  Spatial jurisdiction check TYPE minimally
  14. 14. GeoShare QC FME mails you the results Link to failed features Link to process documentation At-a-glance statistics = data improvements over time!
  15. 15. HOW?
  16. 16. It all starts and ends withApple Pie!!
  17. 17. Creating a network/pipeline betweenMembers  Accommodate the diversity of our members  Larger urban municipalities/Smaller rural municipalities  Associate Members  Utilities/First Nations
  18. 18. Creating a social network betweenMembers Where do we start?  Social Transformers  Build & strengthen relationships  Technical – assessing each Members‟ GIS capabilities/resources  Discussing needs of member – Wear many hats…
  19. 19. Setting Priority Areas  Poll our members for desired areas  Rank areas of high importance  Low barrier of adoption  Geography – coordinated site visits  GeoBC/ICIS road trips
  20. 20. Detailed look at the SocialTransformers used in GeoShare
  21. 21. Overview of GeoShare Deliveryto ICIS Blair – Islands Trust Steve - ICIS Jesse - Sidney Shelley -City of Comox Ken - Focus Dan - Telus
  22. 22. Connecting Custodians &Consumers Mark - BC Assessment Steve - ICIS Ted - FortisBC Andrea - Teck Dale - GeoBC Hilary - CRD
  23. 23. Member feedback loop
  24. 24. ICIS GeoShare Comments “I like the data update frequency and that the data are improving all the time. You and Paul are super helpful too!” – Hilary, CRD Steve - ICIS “That‟s great – you guys are quick problem solvers! I‟ll let the others know. I enjoyed the entire process, learning plenty along the way.” - Marie, KBRD “Looks like a slick system.. No questions, just did a quick read through the help documentation and it‟s pretty clear what‟s up.” – Andrew, North Van DM
  25. 25. REWARD
  26. 26. DGeoShare Bounty
  27. 27. QUESTIONS
  28. 28. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Steve Mark  
  29. 29. THE END…sort of…thank you