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Presented by Vinoth Mohan, Alstom Grid

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. GRID FME and IDMS Vinoth Mohan
  2. 2. Integrated Distribution Management System
  3. 3. Network Operations Model • Network Operations model is the core model of the e- terradistribution Distribution Management System. • It maintains both the static and the dynamic data describing the distribution network. • The data is structured to support all the required functionality of DMS: real-time operations, network analysis functions, and user interface displays for the distribution network.
  4. 4. Alstom - Network Operations Model • Based on Common Information Model (CIM). • The CIM provides a standard way of representing power system resources as object classes and attributes along with their relationships. This is accomplished by defining a common language (i.e., semantics and syntax). It is a schema, not a database or a specific data file format. • IEC 61970/68 • The Circuits (Feeders) are grouped together into Substations.
  5. 5. FME tools used by Alstom 1. FME Data Inspector 2. FME Workbench
  6. 6. What are we trying to achieve? Any acceptable input format FME workbench Station externals in csv/xml format Substation Editor Station internals xml file Model Validator DMS model file Global file
  7. 7. Electrical and Non-Electrical layers Substation Transformer Bank Feeder Switch Cabinet Bus Vault Generator UI Container Line Manhole Composite Switch Duct Bank Switch Splice Box Fuse Breaker Recloser Sectionalizer Jumper Load Series Reactor Shunt Impedance Ground Transformer Time Overcurrent Relay Fault Detector Static VAR Compensator
  8. 8. Electrical data from features Construction Model Conductor Model Load Category Schedule Schedule Point Season Day Type Transformer Model Tap Changer Model Switch Model Shunt Impedance Model Series Reactor Model Generator Model Composite Switch Model
  9. 9. Electrical Connectivity – Node Based (Inline / Shunt) Distribution System Object Symbol Placement Label Placement Poly- Placemen t Point Placement Combinatio n Placement Substation Yes Yes Feeder Yes Bus Yes Yes Line Yes Yes Switching Device Yes Yes Transformer Bank Yes Yes Transformer Yes Yes Series Impedance Yes Yes Shunt Impedance Yes Yes Static VAR Compensator Yes Yes Load Yes Yes Ground/Earthing Device Yes Yes Generator Yes Yes Composite Switch Yes Yes Overcurrent Relay Yes Yes Fault Indicator Yes Yes Duct Bank Yes Yes Vault Yes Yes Switch Cabinet Yes Yes Yes Manhole Yes Splice Box Yes Yes UI Container Yes Yes
  10. 10. FME Data Inspector
  11. 11. FME Workbench
  12. 12. Full Process
  13. 13. Electrical station on IDMS
  14. 14.