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Deep Dive into FME Server 2012


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Learn more about what you can do with FME Server 2012. We'll dive into new functionality, highlight new resources available to users, explore FMEpedia, discuss FME Server in the cloud, show off the FME Store, mention what's coming up for Service Pack 1 and have a blast while doing it. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from three Safers who eat, breathe and dream FME Server.

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Deep Dive into FME Server 2012

  1. 1. Deep Dive into FME Server 2012Aaron Koning Don Murray Stewart HarperProduct Manager President Support Manager
  2. 2. Agenda AaronIntroduction to FME ServerNew capabilities for 2012Demonstrations DonMore ways to learnThe future Stewart
  3. 3. Key FeaturesPowering the flow of spatial dataSpatial data transformationFlexibility for strategic initiativesReal-time spatial data platform Overview Video
  4. 4. Enterprise FeaturesArchitecture – SOA and EDAHigh availabilitySecurityProgramming interfaces (API)Web servicesSchedulingHistoryEasy configuration
  5. 5. InstallationBlack box - no prerequisitesExpress install – 10 minutesAmazon Machine Instance (AMI)
  6. 6. SecurityActive Directory integrationRepository access control
  7. 7. AdministrationLog filesJob historyJob and log file cleanup
  8. 8. Data IntegrationCapabilities Return on Investment Load and validate data Save time Handle large data volumes Increase productivity Keep data up-to-date Gain more ROI from data Schedule transformations Reduce menial tasks Automate workflows
  9. 9. Authoring tasks Video
  10. 10. SchedulingPublished ParametersEnable/DisablePriorityDynamic RequestAssignment
  11. 11. Data Upload and Validation Video
  12. 12. Workflow ManagementChaining workspacesComplex workflowsLogging and testing state
  13. 13. Reading Web Datasets FME 2011 2. Upload Data to FME Server 3. Get Results
  14. 14. Reading Web Datasets FME 2012 1. Give URL to FME Server 3. Get Results
  15. 15. Reading Web Datasets Video
  16. 16. Creating Web ServicesCreate web services that process HTTP Post contentWorkspace invoked via HTTP Post HTTP Post body is used as source dataset. Data Streaming service used to stream data back.
  17. 17. Data SharingCapabilities Return on Investment Distribute data Save money Stream data Move data more easily Provide access to Improve decision making up-to-date information
  18. 18. Data Distribution Video
  19. 19. Data Streaming Video
  20. 20. Notifications and Alerts
  21. 21. Notification messageThe message consists of: topic to identify the type of message contents with specifics about the message
  22. 22. Sending NotificationsWeb Service call (e.g. HTTP Post, REST) Amazon SNS service Applications Sensor with HTTP post capabilityFME WorkspacesScheduled WorkspacesREST API
  23. 23. Event Driven ArchitectureEnables real-timePush and Pull/PollSend, Receive and Transform notifications
  24. 24. Sensors Video
  25. 25. Complex Event Processing
  26. 26. HTML5 Web SocketsHTML5 web sockets demo Edit web map: See updates: Video
  27. 27. FMEpediaDevelopers, workspace authors and administratorsSamples, demosHow toTroubleshooting
  28. 28. The FME Channel on YouTube use casesTutorialsTechnical spotlightsMarket commentaryHow to
  29. 29. FME StoreSell and share: Custom Transformers, Formats and Templates (Workspaces) Powered by FME Server
  30. 30. FutureUsabilityPerformanceUpgradeSensorsMobileHTML5Augmented RealityYour suggestions???!!!
  31. 31. TrainingFME Server Authoring – OnlineFeb 28/29, 20128:30am PST
  32. 32. Thank you Aaron Koning @AaronAtSafe Don Murray @DonAtSafe Stewart Harper @StewartAtSafe