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Data in the Cloud


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Data in the Cloud

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Data in the Cloud
  2. 2. Everything is Moving to the Cloud
  3. 3. Data in the Cloud Blog Article: The Amazing Journey of Data to the Cloud by Tricia Gellman
  4. 4. Why? Blog Article: Top 10 reasons on why you should move your application into the cloud By: Kannan Parthasarathy
  5. 5. FME and Data in the Cloud FME sees everything as a data connection! Cloud Data is just data to FME!
  6. 6. FME 2014 and Cloud Amazon RDS Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Google Docs Google Fusion Tables Google Maps Engine … Google Cloud SQL Google BigQuery Socrata FTP: HTTP/HTTPS: HTML 5 Web Sockets REST API …
  7. 7. Use Cases – On Premise to Cloud Use FME either on Premise or FME in the Cloud
  8. 8. Use Cases – Cloud to On Premise Use FME either on Premise or FME in the Cloud
  9. 9. Use Cases – Cloud to Cloud FME Cloud is the best approach here! Cloud Sync Service?
  10. 10. Demo #1 – On Premise to Cloud
  11. 11. Demo #2 – Cloud to On Premise
  12. 12. Demo #3 – Cloud to Cloud Google Maps Engine -> ArcGIS Online
  13. 13. Summary Everything is Moving to the Cloud To FME the cloud is no different than any other data source. With FME, you can take advantage of the cloud today!
  14. 14. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  