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Creating an Automated Email Based Data Fulfillment System using FME Server


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Creating an Automated Email Based Data Fulfillment System using FME Server

  1. 1. Automated Email ServicesRobert White – President WhiteStar CorpKevin Weller – Software Architect, ASAP iSystems April 10, 2013
  2. 2. Project Background Business Environment  WhiteStar Delivers Vector Data to Customers  Public Land Survey (polygons).  Texas Land Survey (polygons).  Well Data (points).  Culture (vectors, polygons, points).
  3. 3. Project Background Old Way.  Manual Delivery.  DVD.  Desktop Installation.  Stressing Out Jeff and Mike.
  4. 4. Project Background New Way  Simple e-mail Interface.  Customers Self-Serve Data.  Common Process for Enterprise and Desktop.  Based on Cloud Technologies.  FME Server  PostgreSQL  ArcGIS Online?  Mike and Jeff are Happy
  5. 5. Benefits Automates Internal Manual Tasks. Automates Data Quoting. Tracks Data Usage. Repurposes Resources. Entitlements Managed by Google Docs Interface. Interfaces to Eliminates Need for Web.  Web Tools Development to Hide Complexity.
  6. 6. Features Leverage Strengths of FME:  Repeatable, Simple Ordering Process.  Leverage Predefined Output Formats.  Use of .JPG and .PDF for Quote Generation  Geodatabaseetc, for delivery.  Leverage Power of Workspaces.  Leverage Built-in Coordinate Systems / Transforms.  Store Data in Cloud.
  7. 7. Basic Data Flow
  8. 8. Email ExampleFrom: kweller@asapisoft.comTo: wsdata@fme.whitestar.comSubject: WhiteStarGrid OrderCOUNTY: CO:JeffersonLAYERS: PLSSCOORDSYS: EPSG:4267FMT: shapefile
  9. 9. Subsystem Decomposition
  10. 10. Cloud Deployment
  11. 11. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Robert White,  Kevin Weller,  ASAP iSystemsfor WhiteStar Corporation  Twitter: @doxotter (Kevin) and @k0rcw (Robert)