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BIM and GIS Integration: A 'How-To' with FME


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Discover how you can combine the power of BIM and GIS with FME. Learn about FME's support for Autodesk Revit (NEW!), Esri ArcGIS, SketchUp, MapInfo, IFC and hundreds of other formats and applications. Plus, learn how FME enables intelligent data integration, for example: detect and load only a building's outer shell, calculate the volume of spaces, or extract the children of spaces and create a spreadsheet list – all of these possible as part of an automated workflow.

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BIM and GIS Integration: A 'How-To' with FME

  1. 1. BIM & GIS Integration: A ‘How-To’ with FME February 19, 2014
  2. 2. Meet the presenters. Dale Lutz Co-Founder & VP of Product Development @DaleAtSafe Dave Campanas Product Support Specialist Dmitri Bagh Scenario Creation & Testing Analyst
  3. 3. Agenda. Introduction Highlights & Demos Revit Sketchup PDF City GML Excel KML Q&A
  4. 4. Poll: Have you used FME with BIM data?
  5. 5. Ask us. n ea D Da Please submit using the GoToWebinar panel. n We will follow-up with unanswered questions.
  6. 6. Why we do what we do.  Data should be free to use wherever, whenever and however it’s needed.  Information shouldn’t be chained up inside systems, applications, or formats.  Time is better spent making decisions than fighting with data.
  7. 7. What we do.
  8. 8. New to FME?  Get your bearings from our Getting Started Page:  Learn from our crew in one of the weekly FME Overview webinars:
  9. 9. Poll: What software do you use for BIM creation?
  10. 10. 1 Why extract info from BIM? Visualization.
  11. 11. 2 Why extract info from BIM? Routing.
  12. 12. 3 Why extract info from BIM? Manage spaces.
  13. 13. University of Washington Workflows FM Systems Projects Data Updates Security Room Scheduling CMMS Record Documents Life Safety EH&S Space Inventory GIS Geometry Update CAD/BIM Misc. CAD/BIM Changes Aaron Cheuvront CAD/GIS Program Manager UW Capital Projects Office - Information Systems Automated Sync Linked System For Administration, Operations, and Maintenance Misc. GIS Changes
  14. 14. HOK Scenarios.  Model checking  Hierarchical DWG export  Intelligent PDF export  Enterprise wide sharing Greg Schleusner Director of BuildingSMART Innovation Christopher Zoog BuildingSMART team member
  15. 15. Poll: Where would you like to use your BIM data?
  16. 16. Demo 1: Sketchup to everything.
  17. 17. Demo 2: Revit to colour-coded PDF.
  18. 18. Demo 3: Revit to KML.
  19. 19. Demo 4: Revit to CityGML & ArcScene.
  20. 20. Demo 5: Revit floorplans directly into ArcGIS, PDF, & AutoCAD.
  21. 21. Demo 6: Revit to Databases.
  22. 22. What’s next.  IFC Reading Improvements  IFC Writing  FME support in RTV Tools Xporter Pro  Potential Integration with CTC’s Revit Express Tools http:// /products/revit-expresstools.html
  23. 23. Save the date.
  24. 24. Free and fun to learn. Online Courses - Live & Hands-On  March 18-19: FME Desktop Tutorials & Recorded Courses
  25. 25. Stay informed. @SafeSoftware Create harmony between data and applications Create harmony between data and applications
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. Thank you! @FMELizard  Sales   Support   (604) 501-9985 ext. 278  Dale Lutz   Dave Campanas   Dmitri Bagh 