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Ask Me Anything: Transforming Data for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we visualize data. Data that was was once limited to a desktop screen, is now in the palm of our hands, in 3D, and in any location we desire.

AR has huge potential in transforming the way businesses interact with data, share data, and interpret data. Because of this, the demand for AR-compatible data has grown exponentially – but many users don’t know where to begin.

In this “Ask Me Anything” webinar, we’re here to help you overcome your AR roadblocks and to inspire you on the use cases for this technology.

Tip: If you haven’t downloaded FME AR yet, get it here, then ask us anything about it in the webinar!

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Ask Me Anything: Transforming Data for Augmented Reality

  1. 1. “Ask Me Anything” Transforming Data for AR Get links to all our AR resources on Page 4
  2. 2. How to Ask Questions In person, over the air: 1. Click “Raise Hand” 2. We will promote you to panelist 3. Unmute & share webcam 4. Ask your question on the air! Through text: 1. Type your question into the questions panel. 2. Hit Send Note: this is a one-way chat and you will only be able to see your questions and our typed responses.
  3. 3. One more page until the resources…. This slide is intentionally blank as SlideShare only allows links after three pages. Keep going, you are almost there and it will be worth it!
  4. 4. AR & FME Resources Blogs and Articles: ● Getting started with FME AR tutorial ● FME AR wins the costume contest ● 5 Ways to View Your Data in AR ● Visualizing Data with Location-Based AR Recent Webinar: ● AR Use Cases for Cities and Organizations Go here to Download FME AR Videos: ● Web series (oldie but a goodie) ● Seeing through the ground ● Hole in the ground ● Video objects underground ● Seeing through walls ● AR air quality service ● Working with attributes ● Animated train ● Educating about Amanche ● No LiDAR vs. LiDAR